Film cameras, they are all the rage right now. Not a lot of people I know have them, but I know they are big amongst the "hipsters" of Instagram & other areas of the internet. I've been seeing film on Instagram for the past year and about a month ago, finally decided to give it a go. I went to Walgreens, picked up the cheapest disposables I could find and committed to the 28 (which ended up only being 25) shots.

The main reason why I wanted to start taking film pictures was because I've always been a fan of having pictures in physical form. Every semester in college I would go get my favorite pictures that I had taken on my iPhone printed out then I would make collages to cover my notebooks with. Seeing pictures makes me happy. I understand that I can print pictures off from my iPhone but there's something so candid and special about an actual film photo. You really get one shot, you get the authenticity of that one shot in the film camera, you're not taking 50 shots of the same thing trying to get the *perfect* picture. I loved that about it. 

The aesthetic of a film camera photo is nice too. A film camera will give your photos a grain, but it will also f*ck up some shots to be honest. Luck of the draw. Definitely not something I'd do just for an aesthetic.

Since developing my disposable I decided that I wanted to commit to this fun hobby and invest in an actual film camera. I went online, did some research, compared the final two cameras and finally ordered the (what I hope to be) perfect camera. I wanted one that had the option of flash for festivals and nights out so I went with a cult favorite linked here.

Since I also love thrifting I have been keeping my eyes peeled for old photo books to collect all the pictures in. Growing up my Grandma had 3 photo albums on a console table in her living room. Every Tuesday when I would go over her house I would flip through the albums filled with pictures of the family, weddings, baby pictures and just remember how much happiness that brought me. Cody and I can't wait to have photo albums like that of our own. We want to fill these albums up with those candid, in the moment shots and be able to look back on those special moments. 

I get that this "trend" isn't for everyone. It's expensive. Film isn't cheap to get developed like it was 15 years ago. It takes time, days to weeks, to get developed. You have to decide if the cost is worth it to you. For us, it definitely is. 

So have I convinced you to dabble in the film camera life? Well if my words haven't convinced you yet, I figured I'd share all the shots (atleast the ones worth sharing) from the film we got developed recently from our NYC trip. All links for the outfits will be posted below the groupings of the pictures!

Outfit pictured above: LPA blouse || House of Harlow skirt (size up) || B-low the Belt || Vintage Dior Saddle || Chloe Susanna Boots

ManCity trip to New York City for the FA Cup (we won!) Also damn you blue eyes for making me red eyes in pictures since I was born. Guess that's my Gemini side...

Shooting day around our neighborhood!
Thrifted top (similar on amazon) || grlfrnd denim || B-low the Belt || Chloe C bag || & Other Stories heels

How cute is little Milly!? I die for him. 

So those are my recent pictures we've got developed. Should I continue to do dedicated film posts?! Let me know in the comments below. Much love, y'all!

So by now I've been to 8 festivals in the past 2 years so you could say I know a thing or two about what to pack and not to pack for the festival season. I want you to keep in mind though this is definitely not the guide for someone who is at a camping type festival, I've never camped out at one, this is more for the girls who go home to a charger and AC at the end of the night. (I praise those who can camp it out though, I could never simply because I am not a nature girl and love my beds too much. No shade to those who choose to go the camping route, I'm just saying this isn't the guide for you!)

I kind of hate myself for deeming myself an "Instagram girl" but here I am, doing a guide for those who are definitely looking to listen to some good music while also getting a few good IG's along the way. Love me, okay?

Waterproof Travel Blanket

I cannot stress this enough. If you're going to a festival from day till night, you'll probably want to sit down and relax at some point. You're probably not wanting to carry around a big backpack filled with a normal sized blanket to sit on. I repeat I cannot stress this one enough. Get a outdoor, waterproof blanket. You can buy them on Amazon for under $20 and they fold to a tiny travel sized pouch, literally the handiest thing money can buy!

Here is the exact one I own for the upcoming festival season. 

Powerful External Charger

Don't get one of those cutesy iPhone portable chargers you see at the checkout of Urban Outfitters, get the powerful, lightweight ones on Amazon. You want one that will charge it more than once, especially if it's a weekend long festival. Here is one I recommend!

Clear Backpack

Some festivals are implementing the clear bag policy, so if you're headed to a festival with a clear bag policy this is for you. Yay for safety, nay for fashion. Aside from that, you can get a cheap $10 stadium approved backpack that you can reuse for your next concert on Amazon.

Cute Belt Bag

Some festivals are allowing smaller bags through, therefore a cute belt bag might be a good option for your festival outfit. I bought this one from Amazon last year and it's super cute! Looks like a Gucci bag too (minus the logo of course!)

Perfect Summer Sneaker

Sneakers are always a good move for the festival season, comfort is key and thankfully sneakers are cute and comfy! The ones I am currently lusting over (key word is lusting because not trying to drop the cash on them) are by Golden Goose. The only pair of Golden Goose I have ever liked truthfully, check them out here.

Let's be real though, we don't have money to throw around on sneakers like that so personally I think you can never go wrong with a pair of Chucks. Here are the ones I think will be so practical but also hit on the tie dye trend this season.

Cowboy Boots

Personally I recommend going to your local vintage store or thrift shop and picking out a pair. If that's not an option, there are a few pairs I think are perfect and flat enough for being on your feet all day. I personally just purchased this pair from Ganni on sale and I am obsessed with them! Can't wait to rock them at Bonnaroo this year.

Post-Festival Face Mask

Okay I sound dramatic with this one but trust me, nothing beats taking off your makeup after being in the sun all day and then putting a cooling face mask on. My skin gets so dehydrated during the festival weekend so you bet I'm packing a mask or two. These ones from Revolve are my favorite, you get 5 in the pack and nothing moisturizes my face better. I even pack them on planes!

Collapsible Water Bottle

I got one of these a few months ago and I love it. You can finesse it into your smaller bag and fill it up at the water stations that the festival has around the area, reducing the amount of plastic water bottles at the festival! Get it here!

(similar sandals on sale now here)

It's time to break the piggy banks and cash them in for some good ole splurges this season! I love designer goods but I love a discounted designer good even more. I have never bought anything full priced from my designer collection. Never. (Unless you count going to Europe and buying something there because the VAT discount but I wouldn't count that because that's a big discount compared to buying in the US.)

I am rounding up my favorite things from the FarFetch sale that just started. You can get everything from Cult Gaia to Chloe on this sale and I am LOVING it. Right now I have a few things in my cart... but I'll be honest, I'm pretty cheap so I'll probably be narrowing down that cart to one thing. Here are my picks from the sale this season!

(sorry this pic has nothing to do with this post but I figured I'd get comments or DMs about the manicure so heres a picture of it LOL)

if I hadn't just bought a new bag I would be buying these Ganni western boots right now that I can't stop seeing everywhere, so my style 30% off making it $373

and finally... what I'm actually purchasing...

Heard y'all missed my Amazon posts so I am so happy to say I am back & as addicted to Amazon as ever. This week I'm rounding up everything I've purchased off Amazon in the last 4 months of 2019 and bear with me because it's a lot. Since it's a lot of things, I'll go into detail on my favorite things and just list the little things in between. Make all our lives easier. 

Let's talk Amazon.

Okay this is definitely one of my favorite purchases from 2019 thus far on Amazon. For $15 you get this dupe for a LPA bag from Amazon.

Super cheap, under $20 pullover that reminded me of an LPA Revolve sweatshirt that was $220. I do recommend sizing up a size or two in this. I ordered a large and wish I would've gotten an XL honestly.

I mean, if you like houseplants this stuff is the shit. I feel like in the Spring it's easier for plants that you bring home from the nurseries to have pests so this will help get rid of those annoying SOBs.

I can't get enough Ray-Ban's honestly. I am definitely addicted. I had a dupe of this pair from Princess Polly but wanted a Ray-Ban pair simply because I love them. I feel like a pimp in these. I don't know what a pimp feels like but yeah.

Okay my favorite dress by For Love & Lemons ever. I love the print, I love the neckline. I love how one shoulder is off the shoulder while the other one is a sleeve. I love that it's black & white. I love that it's not too short. Overall 10/10 dress. I got a medium.

$7 for a pack of 4 different starfish hair clips, I wore them in Miami and they completed my outfit perfectly. Amazon is my favorite place for hair clips 100%. They are so overpriced everywhere else. If you're going anywhere tropical, you need these!

I love this thing so much! The crimped wave look is so in right now and my hair holds the wave for days after I wave it with my Bed Head Waver. Plus it's cheaper to get it on Amazon as opposed to Target. I don't think its necessary to spend a ton of money on a trendy hair tool like this!

I mean... who doesn't want 20 scrunchies for $12. I wear them daily pretty much. Going to order the velvet set next.

My favorite trendy bag I've purchased in 2019 so far. I love the heart acrylic one but this one is just so fancy! I love the Cult Gaia original tassel silk bag but I couldn't get myself to pay $250 for one. This one was a little over $50 and pretty much the same look as the more expensive one. I recommend the small or large. I got the mini size because it was the only one in stock at the time but wish I had more room!

Wore these all Coachella weekend, too lazy to make my own so I bought a set of 12 for around $12. Can't beat that. Who needs Dior when you've got Amazon?

The most perfect summer tangerine color. This shade of orange is very on trend this year, it's got a little yellow in it and less Tony the Tiger than most orange polishes.

Wore these all Coachella with a lot of my outfits, so cute! Felt so girly in them.

Always check out my Amazon shop page for all the latest Lack of Color hats in stock on Amazon because they always go in and out of stock real quick! My favorite ones are the Rancher hats (along with all the rest of Instagram... *rolls eyes*) but they are the best hats ever! 

My favorite hair clips I've purchased thus far on Amazon. They are so high quality and so much cheaper the ones I saw similar to this on Revolve and Urban Outfitters. 

That's the roundup of literally every purchase I've made on Amazon these past 4 months. Please don't add up the total, I don't wanna know the reality of my addiction. Thank you.

Atleast 5 times a day I get a comment/IG DM/tweet saying the same thing and it usually goes along the lines of "Hey I'm visiting Nashville soon, where should I go?" Literally wish I was exaggerating, I get so many questions about this and I always say, "go check out my blog." So here's to hoping someone actually reads this because this has been 2 years in the making.

Now one thing I should note before getting started, Nashville isn't known for their salads. Nashville is known for their southern food, so you'll see a lot of it here in this list. There are a lot of vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants, I am neither of those so these are just my personal favorite places to eat when I want some damn good food. Let's talk about my favorite restaurants in Nashville because eating is my favorite pastime. Good food is my love language and we have a lot of it here.

Also is it weird that Jack's BBQ is in my picture for this blogpost but not actually a featured restaurant? I've never been... Oops. Guess I should try it sometime.


Sky Blue Cafe- East Nashville

Located in the cutest little neighborhood in East Nashville, this restaurant gets pretty popping on the weekends and for good reason! I have 0 complaints about this restaurant... actually I wish it was larger so I could eat there all the time and wouldn't have to worry about a wait. The wait is nothing close to what you'll experience at the tourist trap places that I refuse to mention in this post!

What do I get? The peanut butter and jelly stuffed French toast and a side of breakfast potatoes because as you'll learn, I am a huge potato fan. Love me some potatoes. The PB&J stuffed French toast is life changing though and very filling. Now I am craving it as I type this. Great.

Pinewood Social- Downtown(ish)

Honestly probably the best place to go if you're from out of town because tourists love this place. It's photogenic and the food is delicious. In the summertime they have a frose that's available outside & it's delicious. Nothing is as good as a frose in the summertime.

What do I get? Avocado toast and a side of breakfast potatoes or fries. Depends on the mood. Probably my favorite avocado toast in Nashville honestly.

The Diner- Downtown

Are you staying downtown and want somewhere in walking distance that can accommodate a lot of people? Want to be walking distance to Broadway? Go to The Diner. The Diner is 6 levels and each level has a different menu. I've only tried the main Diner menu so don't hold me to the other ones!

What do I get? Hot chicken waffles. Duh. But my dad said he had one of the best omelets there so if you're into those, definitely try those out. I just personally love the flavor of the waffles here, they have such an interesting batter. 10/10 would recommend. Don't recommend for dinner though.

Tenn 16- East Nashville

I'm going to let you in on a little Nashville-resident secret by telling you all about this place. I've only ever been for brunch (but I've definitely been dying to try it for dinner too) and you can go there for Sunday brunch without any ridiculous wait. Now in Nashville that is nearly impossible to find. The only downfalls are they only serve brunch on Sundays and also you have to be 21+ to go. 

What do I get? I've sampled a few things on the menu but my favorites are the Hot Chicken Biscuits or the Chicken & Waffles. I almost always get the hot chicken biscuits when I go because it is some damn good spicy hot chicken with honey. As I type this my mouth is watering... For those who don't like spicy foods, the chicken & waffles are not served with hot chicken, just regular fried chicken. Also as a side definitely substitute the hashbrown casserole for the fries because it is as good as Cracker Barrel's hashbrown casserole. Y'all know how much I love Cracker Barrel so I don't say that lightly.

Rush Bowls- Gulch

The best acai bowls in Nashville. Now I am not going to say it's better than the acai bowls I ate during my time of living in Los Angeles, but it's pretty damn good. I usually just do a pickup order or get it delivered via Postmates or UberEats (yeah in this town, we have both... nbd.)

What do I get? I get a summit bowl with soy milk (lactose intolerant, yay) topped with bananas, granola and my favorite thing, their homemade peanut butter. If they sold their peanut butter, I would be the first to buy it. It's so refreshing, I don't know how peanut butter can be refreshing but it just is.

Lunch & Dinner

The Stillery- Downtown/Broadway + Midtown

Oh my heavens, this restaurant is amazing. Not only is this one of my all time favorite restaurants in Nashville, but it's also located right off Broadway, the street that has all the honky tonk bars, so if you're visiting Broadway this place is a must! The wait can get pretty long on the weekends (just like every restaurant in Nashville) but you can often snag a seat for 2 or 3 at the bar. It's a pretty traditional bar food menu but they also have pizza that is apparently very good!

What do I get? always get the hot chicken mac & cheese. The hot chicken isn't very spicy if you don't like anything too hot. My boyfriend isn't a big spicy food person but even he can handle it. If you are a fan of the spice, be sure to ask for it extra hot! Once they bring it out to you, let the mac and cheese cool off a little so the cheese gets all settled and creamy! It's literally heaven.

The Pharmacy- East Nashville

Honestly, probably my favorite restaurant in Nashville and anytime I have visitors it is the first place I take them. Hands down the best cheeseburger (or veggie burger for all you vegetarians) you will ever eat because the bun is a cloud of dough sent down for Jesus himself.

What do I get? I'm partial to just a basic cheeseburger with ketchup, beer mustard, *drolls on laptop* and hot sauce. I know, a very odd combination but I just really freaking love beer mustard so any opportunity I have to put that on something, I utilize it. Order with sweet potato fries or tater tots and your meal will not disappoint.

M.L.Rose- Berry Hill + West End + North Gulch

I clearly love cheeseburgers and their cheeseburgers here are no freakin joke. These cheeseburgers are not comparable to The Pharmacy, to me they are total opposites. M.L.Rose is such a bar, almost Applebee's vibe, restaurant that turns into a 21+ restaurant on the weekends after 5pm. Plus they have  sweet potato waffle fries. Need I say more?

What do I get?  Nashvegas Burger. I hate myself for saying that when I order it because I hate when people refer to Nashville as Nashvegas but nevertheless, this cheeseburger has pimento cheese and BBQ sauce on it so I get lost in the sauce and pimento cheese.

Hattie B's- Midtown + West End + Melrose

You can't come to Nashville and not get hot chicken. My personal favorite place is Hattie B's (but Pepperfire is a runner up in East Nashville) but you will almost always have a wait. Pro tip: skip the super long line by going to the other locations and not the Midtown one. I haven't been to Midtown since the Melrose location opened. Even if you don't like spicy food theres still something on the menu for you, they serve southern chicken which has 0 spice! I know plenty of people who have gotten that before and love it. Also if you go on Sunday's, they do a chicken and waffles option which I have yet to try in my 2 years of living here. We tend to avoid Hattie B's on the weekends simply because the lines can get a little crazy. Cody and I literally eat here once a week, please don't judge me for that information.

What do I get? I get level hot, hot chicken tenders with a side of fries and a side of their banana pudding. Their mac & cheese is also very delicious but ever since Cody got to banana pudding one day, we haven't looked back.

Taco Mamacita- Edgehill

Definitely Americanized Mexican food but so damn good. Located in Edgehill Village close to Midtown and Belmont, it's such a cute area and a great place to sit outside for a margarita in the warmer months.

What do I get? I switch it up between the Sloppy Jose tacos, which are like a Sloppy Joe with jalapeños and Fritos and the Hot Chicken tacos. Word of advice though, if you don't like spicer things, don't get the Hot Chicken tacos because they are actually spicy (sometimes, depends on the day I suppose.) Always get the street corn off the cob and queso because duh.

Barcelona Wine Bar- Edgehill Village

Located right next to Taco Mamacita is another amazing restaurant that my friends recently introduced me to. It's a tapas type restaurant and honestly is such a vibe for a girls night out. They have an amazing drink menu and plenty of options for food for all types of eaters.

What do I get? I don't remember exactly what I got but I do know I got the green beans (yum) and this meatball type tapas. They were delicious. I've only been once so I don't have the biggest knowledge of their menu but I've heard nothing but great things about pretty much everything.

Martin's BBQ- Downtown + Belmont Area

My favorite BBQ place in Nashville! Oh my goodness, it's so hyped up and for good reason. We take anyone visiting from out of town here because I feel like it's essential to get BBQ in the South. Pro tip if you're coming on the weekend, check the bar for seating and skip the forever long line. There's even bars upstairs so check those too!

What do I get? They took my favorite thing off the menu, they once had a burger with jalapeños but they've since gotten rid of it... RIP. But now I get just the basic pulled pork sandwich and their fries. Then I get a side of the Devils Nectar (yes, I am insane) BBQ sauce (and yes it's actually spicy) and dip my fries in that and pour half of it on my BBQ sandwich. By the end of the meal my mouth is on fire but it's chill.

Henley- Midtown

Definitely one of the more classy establishments on my list of favorite restaurants and definitely pricier than the others on this list. It's so good though, if you have a special occasion you're celebrating, this place is a must!

What do I get? Get one of their fancy cocktails, I never remember what I get honestly. For an appetizer get the hushpuppies because wow, they are amazing. Spicy but amazing. And their fries literally brought me back to life at one point. They have the best seasoning on their fries, wow I can't even type right now because my mouth is salivating thinking about the fries. Truthfully I can't remember what entrees I've had but everything I had was amazing so I feel like you can't make a wrong choice here. Finally end the night with some banana pudding. It's damn good.

Slim & Husky's- Germantown

So I don't like pizza. Yeah, I'm one of those weird freaks in this world who don't really eat pizza. The pizza I like is few and far between and this is a pizza place I actually like. You make your own pizza, sizes are slim and husky. Pretty self explanatory.

What do I get? A slim pizza with their spicy red sauce and jalapeños!

Pastaria- West End/Midtown

My favorite Italian restaurant in Nashville, hands down. This place is amazing. From their bread, to appetizers, to wine, pasta and desserts, everything is impeccable!

What do I get? You have got to try the risotto balls for an appetizer, they will change the game for you and your view on appetizers at an Italian restaurant. I'm such a traditional girl though and for my main entree I always get bolognese. Their bolognese is so good!

2 years of eating and this is what I have to show for my years in Nashville. I hope this was useful to my out-of-towners who are visiting Nashville this tourist season. My biggest advice for you is to not fall victim of the tourist traps, there are so much better restaurants than what the basic people will tell you to go visit. Biscuit Love? Heck no. Go to Tenn16 instead! 

What Nashville guide would you all want to see next? Let me know in the comments below and also be sure to leave your favorite Nashville restaurants below as well!