So we meet again. It's that time of year, it's freaking CYBER WEEK, let's freaking go. I'll be updating this as sales change and new things pop up on the websites. Things are always changing so always stop by here to navigate all the cyber week sales this season, I've gotchu fam.

Amazon: many great deals happening

Jonathan Adler: 25% off everything

Key pieces: The Vice collection canisters! Cant explain the love I have for them, I collect these, I love them so much.

H&M: 30% off everything  

Key pieces: I love shopping at H&M men's section for Cody. I pretty much only buy clothes for Cody from 3 places: ASOS, H&M and thrift stores. Another thing I cannot recommend enough from H&M are the jeans. I have never gotten a pair of H&M jeans and been disappointed. Very comparable to Zara but a lot cheaper usually!

Boohoo: 60% off everything 

Key pieces: I personally love Boohoo basics like bodysuits and cute trendy coats. I find that they make the best bodysuits for layering because they are inexpensive but get the job done.

Urban Outfitters: bogo 50% off!

Key pieces: I find the best gifts for friends and younger people at Urban Outfitters. They have the trendiest home decor, the things that everyone wants and has saved on their Instagram, they have it. Trendy candles? Yep. Lamps? Of course.

& Other Stories: 25% off everything 

Key pieces: I feel like the button cardigans that come in a variety of shapes like dinosaurs, hearts and bees would be a key piece to purchase for someone this holiday season. I bought the dinosaur cardigan last year and I have gotten so many questions about it since I purchased it. A cute twist on a classic.

SSENSE: Up to 50% off sale section

Key pieces: SSENSE is one of my favorite luxury sales of the year, they always have the best stuff for gifts for myself (lol) and for Cody! If theres someone in your life that loves luxury, check out the SSENSE sale.

My favorite pair of Dr. Martens is on sale so check it out, size down!

Farfetch: Additional 20% off sale

Key pieces: I find that farfetch Black Friday sale is always a winner, I bought my Chloe C bag on Black Friday last year because the prices are already low that we love to see the additional 20% off.

Free People: 50% off select items!

Personally I purchased this set because I've been eyeing it forever and have been dying over it. It just got sent to the sale, so I assume on Cyber Monday it will have an additional % off :) 

Anthropologie: 30% off everything 

Key pieces: Tis the season to stock up on the Capri Blue candles. Or if you want the basic blogger mirror, that's included in the 30% off sale.

Kardiel: 20% off everything with code "event 20"

Key pieces: Umm everything? Y'all know my couch and chair in my office are all from Kardiel. I am obsessed with them. They have their own version of the Togo sofa, we have no choice but to stan.

Missoma Jewelry: 25% off everything

Key pieces: I love my Missoma pieces that I own. I personally own a few from the Lucy Williams collection because I adore Lucy Williams. I highly recommend the signet rings. The green one im always wearing is inspired by this one and under $100. I shower with my Missoma pieces on because im a badass.

Mango: up to 50% off items

Key pieces: I love shopping the Mango boots and accessories. Also they make the best shirts with the shoulder pads in them, so if you're looking to try that trend out, highly recommend mango.

ASOS: up to 70% off items

Key pieces: I always find that they have the best boot and coat selection for both men and women! 

Wayfair: markdowns site wide 

Truthfully I just wanted yall to know that my giant mirror is back in stock that's in my office.

Miranda Frye: 20% off everything

Key pieces: You need the Drew Huggies or Julia Necklace in your life this holiday season, would make great gifts too :)

 Hello friends! I am back home from my weekend trip to Asheville, NC & I am ready to spill the tea on everything and anything I did in those 48 hours. When I first booked this trip I asked for your recommendations on Instagram, I received up to 1000 (wtf!!!) recommendations so I compiled a list of the things I got recommended the most and found the most interesting & helpful at the end of the post for anyone who wanted more recommendations than just what I did in my 48 hours.

Asheville is about a 4.5 hour car ride from Nashville so we left first thing in the morning and got in just in time to check into our Airbnb. From what I've seen Airbnb is the way to go when you stay in Asheville because the prices for the hotels remind me of something you'd see in a very touristy city similar to Nashville. Here's the exact Airbnb I stayed in, it was fine, did the job! I would love to stay in one of the cute hotels downtown sometime but I loved the location we were in about 10 minutes north of downtown. Great if you have a car.

BTW my invite code on Airbnb is here if you want up to $50 off your first Airbnb booking!

After getting settled in we decided to go scout photo locations before heading to some breweries downtown. I had gotten a bunch of recommendations to drive along Blue Ridge Parkway so we just started driving to see the beautiful colors of fall. I knew when I booked the trip that it would be prime fall colors because I had looked up on this site when the best weeks were. It gives an estimate of the areas and the progression of the leaves. so be sure to check that out if you're traveling in the fall. It was a stunning drive. One that we made multiple times during our short stay.

  Cody is a big brewery guy so obviously checking out breweries was a must when we were visiting and most of them are dog friendly so it was a win-win. On Thursday we went to Burial and Cody had a beer or two there, I naturally had a frose (winning.) We knew we would be visiting more breweries the next day so we only stopped at this one before dropping Miller off at the airbnb and heading to dinner.

Now let me tell you about this dinner... it was, life changing. I have to be honest I didn't refer to the recommendations I received often because there were just too many places recommended, so I looked up on yelp whatever we were craving and hoped for the best. We ate at Sonora Cocina. We got the salsa tray and each got our own entree, mine being 2 chicken tacos. MY GOD IT WAS SO MUCH FOOD, BUT SO GOOD! I could not recommend this place enough. We thought we got our money's worth from the meal and you never know with touristy cities how it's going to go. Afterwards we just went home to watch the debate and sleep because we were stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

The next day we woke up and headed to brunch at Moose Cafe Asheville on the west side. It was about a 15 minute drive from our Airbnb and if you go, I recommend going before it gets really busy at 9am! It kind of reminded me of a Loveless Cafe or even a Cracker Barrel on steroids. The biscuits and apple butter (that tasted like fall in a butter) were amazing and I am always a happy girl when I can get some country ham with my pancakes. We were happy with our decision to eat brunch here! To be fair I've never met a biscuit I don't like.

We then were off to shoot some more content along Blue Ridge Parkway before the sun got too high up in the sky. Typical blogging trip. But thankfully when the location is as scenic as Asheville is in fall, shooting took less than 30 minutes so we really had all day to do whatever.

As I said before Cody really loves a good brewery so my friend Taylor, check her out here, gave me some recommendations for a beer lover and since we had our car, we drove right out of town to the breweries up north. Zebulon Brewing (only open on Friday and Saturday but came highly recommended) and right next to it was Eluvium. Then before dinner when we were downtown, we checked out DSSOLVR because there wasn't an outrageous line and it was so good. They had a cheesecake sour beer which I drank and surprisingly loved.

For dinner we met up with my best friend from college who was also in town visiting, a blessing truly. We ate at Tupelo Honey, which was recommended a whole bunch, rightfully so. We made reservations for dinner about a week in advanced so if you're going, I definitely recommend doing the same. They serve brunch all day which is my kind of place, but ultimately I went with the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Sandwich which was amazing. The rest of the night we just went to whatever brewery wasn't super packed with a line because COVID. Wasn't anything spectacular so I genuinely can't even remember the name.

So now for your recommendations I promised!

The Typical Touristy Things (no offense just typical answers)

Sierra Nevada


Tupelo Honey (guilty)


Wicked Weed

More Recommended

Battery Park Book Exchange

Sunny Point Cafe


Vortex Donuts

Burnsville, NC (for a small town vibe)

Rocky's Hot Chicken

Tamarind Thai

 Can't believe it's already that time of year for the anticipated Prime Day by Amazon. Every single year I wonder to myself if the sales are even worth checking out and I swear I wont buy anything. Every year I lie to myself because I buy plenty. I'm pretty sure toilet bowl cleaner was my favorite thing I purchased last year so this is going to be the most real list you'll probably find about Prime Day. I like the practical things. That being said, let's get into it and start looking at what Prime Day has to offer!!

Might I add that this picture on this blog post has nothing to do with anything I am talking about today, I just wanted a cute picture for the blog post... Lol. SOOOOO ANYWAY...

Also if you haven't already, please check out my new YouTube video all about my favorite Amazon Prime purchases in 2020. It will be very useful today, I promise! Check it out here.

Same as last year I am breaking it down into 3 categories: what I'm buying, what I already own and recommend and finally, what I recommend but don't own just yet!

What I am Buying

Ninja Air Fryer (save $40)

I am the last one in this world to purchase an air fryer I know but I really, really want one because I've heard they make your life so much easier and I am ready to make that commitment. I debated purchasing a $50 basic one from Target yesterday then I remembered it was Prime Day and that there would be a great one on sale. Sure enough, Ninja is one of the best brands when it comes to small appliances so this has been added to my cart.

Sandisk 64gb Memory Card (save $8.50)

It's no news to you guys that I am a content creator and your girl can never have too many memory cards because mine break, go missing, etc. Swooping 2 of these for sure!

Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs (save $23)

Okay hey guys guess what I am buying?! My fiancé underwear, he's so lucky I know. But real talk, Calvin Klein makes the best boxer briefs and they are on an amazing sale. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to stock up for Christmas.

Cordless Hair Straightener Brush (save $8)

Every year I fall victim to one of those deals where it's like, "wow I've never heard of such a thing" because it seems interesting and I want to try it. Well while I was looking at straighteners in the Prime Day sale, I found this device. I don't know much about it but I am SOLD. The reviews seem legit so I am buying it. No turning back now.

Calvin Klein Comfort Bralette (save $17)

Oh my goodness, my favorite bra is on sale. Alert the police! I am obsessed with this bra. I can't recommend it enough, its the most comfortable thing that I've ever put around my boobs. It's soft, it keeps the girls in place. I love it. 10/10. You have to try it. I am such an old lady I buy these bras now and not a single bra from VS.

Love Wellness Things (save 30% off)

I listened to a podcast recently with Lo from The Hills on it where she talked about her new brand, Love Wellness. I instantly purchased from her website because she was really knowledgable about the women's body. I take the probiotic everyday! Definitely going to try something else out because 30% is impressive.

iPhone Charger Cables (save $9)

Purchasing for the better of my relationship so my fiancé doesn't want to kill me when I ask him if he has an extra charging cable. Hehe.

Power Strip Charger (save $15)

I literally fall victim so hard to Prime Day deals, I find something that intrigues me and I read about it, then instantly need to add it to my cart. This is a power strip for all your apple products that actually charges your phone faster which your girl needs because I am using crap products to charge my phone and it charges very very very slow.

Ring Floodlight (save $60)

Yall know I love ring products well I wanted one with a floodlight on it to install right next to our driveway to help stop car break-ins. Ahh the joys of East Nashville.

What I Own & Recommend

AirPods (save $44)

Okay I wasn't expecting to see AirPods on sale but I feel like this is a deal you can't pass up. I use my AirPods all the time and yes they are worth every penny.

Core 10 Leggings (save $11)

My favorite freaking leggings to workout in! I cannot stress this deal enough. I love my Core10 leggings because they do not give you a camel toe when you're working out. This is a very important thing to me because I feel like no one talks about that when it comes to recommending workout leggings. These leggings you won't constantly have riding up. 10/10.

Revlon Brush Blow Dryer (save $30.50)

I talked about this in my favorites video so I won't go into it too deep. But this deal if 50% off so if you've been eyeing it, I say now is the time to try it!

Bondi Self Tanner (save $7.20)

A great alternative to Loving Tan with a great coconut smell. It costs you around $30 at Walgreens so this is a great deal right now!

St. Tropez Self Tanner (save $12.50)

I am pretty sure I have never seen St. Tropez on sale before so this is a sale you probably don't want to miss. St. Tropez was the first self tanner I ever used and yes it's exactly what it's cracked up to be... Amazing.

Ray-Bans (save 20%)

All Ray-Ban styles are on sale once added to cart. Check out all the styles on sale here.

The Ring Doorbell (save $60)

Okay last black Friday my mom went wild trying to find the Ring doorbell to gift my dad for Christmas (so romantic I know) and why go through that hassle when you can get it during Prime Day? It sold out during Black Friday so if it's someones list, maybe purchase it now! Y'all know I love mine!

Mini Gold Huggies (save $7)

I also already talked about my love for these earrings so I won't talk about them too much here but these are the cutest earrings for a 2nd or 3rd hole!

iPhone Tripod with Remote (save $7.40)

I actually own this one and I love it so much. A lot of the time when you purchase an iPhone tripod it will blow over with something as small as a fart. This one, while it's not as heavy duty as a normal tripod, is still a little stronger, taller and better than all the others I have wasted my money on.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (save $7)

I mean this stuff is a classic. You put it on your zits overnight and it helps making them smaller and disappear. It's such a great deal!

My Initial Necklace (save $3)

I literally wear mine like everyday. It's my favorite necklace and for $10 I swear it's amazing. I've had mine for years and it doesn't look like it, I don't understand what it's made out of but I wont ask any questions. 

What I Recommend but Don't Own

50 Face Masks (save $11)

Surgical face masks are always good to have in your car incase you forget your reusable face mask at home. I have yet to see them this cheap. What a steal!

These Square Ray-Bans (save 20% off)

All Ray-Bans are 20% off right now but this pair in particular is a pair I have been eyeing as my next purchase from RayBan. Caitlin has them and I think they are so chic looking because of the square lens. I am obsessed.

Powerbank (save $14)

Usually every prime day or Cyber Monday I try to purchase a new powerbank for traveling because I literally always misplace them. They just get so cheap around this time and I can't pass it up. I always need one!

Living Proof Shampoo (save $9)

I like to ball out on expensive shampoo sometimes, usually when I am at TJ Maxx tbh. But I have never seen the Living Proof shampoo there and this is the kind of price I'm willing to pay for a great shampoo! I've heard great things! 

Facial Steamer (save $6)

I've always wanted a facial steamer and when I was looking at this one, I didn't realize there were SO many benefits to using one. 

Heavy Duty Steamer (save $12)

God I want one of these steamers so bad. I love steaming my clothes and I lost my tiny steamer in the move. For Christmas I'm asking my mom for a new steamer but like the ones they use in stores because when I worked at Free People it was my favorite task todo. GIMME.

 I'm backkkkkkk! After a much needed hiatus from the blog I am so excited to announce that I am back to deliver more content over here on 

I am even more excited to announce today I am partnering with one of my favorite brands ever and one that I have been manifesting all year long since we purchased our home, BEHR® Paint to talk to you guys about the new BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette. There are 21 different colors in the 2021 Palette and 21 influencers are teaming up to show you each color in a DIY project. You can read more about that here!

So you're probably wondering what color I went with and what I am DIYing? Well I've had a plain white bathroom that's been missing the opportunity to be a statement like the rest of my rooms in the house, so I knew that this was the perfect time to transform that space. Upon seeing all the fabulous options in the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette, I decided that the perfect choice for the bathroom was the color Caribe PPU13-01, a beautiful and engaging blue-green. I chose Caribe because it fits well within the Optimistic View theme in the new palette and that’s exactly the vibe and feeling I wanted to create in this bathroom space. The color is energetic and makes me smile!

I think bathrooms are the perfect place to paint a bold color to truly make a positive statement in your home. I ended up deciding to go with BEHR MARQUEEⓇ Interior Semi-Gloss Paint & Primer, which you can purchase at your local The Home Depot store. Semi-gloss is perfect for bathrooms because it’s easier to wipe down when humidity and water may end up on the wall. 
Whenever I paint a room, I always get a painting kit from The Home Depot. I find that it has everything I need for the project, minus the painter’s tape and makes shopping for projects less of a hassle. Painter’s tape exists for a reason, use it people, especially when working with a bold color like Caribe PPU13-01!

Once everything was taped up and the drop cloth was covering all the tile, it was time to paint. After one coat I was already completely obsessed with the color. I wanted bold, I got bold. I can't stress enough how much I love the BEHR MARQUEE Paint guys. It's amazing. 

One thing that I knew I needed to do was replace the knobs on the cabinet, the ones that were there previously were just old and didn't match anything else in the bathroom (see first pic.) I ended up selecting these black simple knobs from The Home Depot, and they were super affordable and exactly what I was looking for. The Home Depot offers a convenient online shopping experience that makes DIY projects and room refreshes a breeze.

So the bathroom was completely transformed with something as simple as painting it a bold color, what are your thoughts on it? Would you ever choose a bold color of a small room or bathroom? I love how it turned out. It's exactly what I wanted. I can't wait to continue decorating this space. Eventually we will redo the tile but until then, Caribe wins.

Check out the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette here or go to your local Home Depot to shop BEHR Paint. 

Thank you BEHR Paint for sponsoring today's post. All opinions are my own, I am a big fan of the brand so this couldn't be a more authentic collaboration. :)


I know y'all love this post every year and so this year I wanted to make it extra good. With only 10 days left, the holiday panic is starting to set in, which is why I decided to post this today. Amazon Prime to the rescue. You have about a week to order any of these amazing gifts I talk about in the guides to get it before Christmas. There are so many great things out this season and I am excited to show you all them. Enjoy!!!

Oh and just an FYI, if anyone you're buying for loves activewear, I have an entire blog post reviewing my experience with the Amazon activewear that I wore for an entire month to the gym. Check it out here!

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Women

Aerating Wine Glasses
These glasses are such a great gift for the wine-o in your life. They come in stemless and stemmed. Get them here.

Wine Cork Holder
Okay how cute is this for the wine-o in your life? I want to get my mom one because she is a big wine fan and I think this would be cute to have in my parents house. Get one here for under $20.

Hopsulator Slim
The person you're buying for, are they a basic bitch obsessed with White Claws? No rules right. Well I have these and I love them, Cody loves them, my friends love them. They are the best. Get it here.

Bru-Mate Champagne Flute
Similar to the hopsulator but for the gal who prefers the champagne as opposed to the champagne of beers. Check it out here.

Literally one of my favorite gifts I've ever been given. Chambongs are SO fun and such a party flex. Also a great option for the girl who loves champagne. Want to get crazy? Give with champagne gummy candy for an extra gift. This is under $35 and she probably doesn't own this. Get it here.

Wine Glass Holder
Okay this is such a funny and cute idea for someone who loves wine this holiday. Beer shower? Nah. We classy. We have wine in the shower. Get it for under $15!

Makeup Remover Packs
I love how these are individually packed making it great to just throw in an overnight bag, your purse, keep in your car, whatever. You never know when your makeup smears and you gotta touch up, these are so handy! Every girl who wears makeup will truly appreciate these! Get them here.

Hair Waver
The hair waver is the big thing of the year. I have this one, it's great. Everyone loves it. Get it here.

Revlon Air Brush
I've heard about this tool endlessly. Everyone loves it, I want to try it. I want to get one, I probably will. If it's on my list, it's probably on the girl you're buying for list. Get it here.

The Cutest UGG Slippers
Love these, they are trendy but still classic and cute. Everyone loves a great pair of UGG Slippers, honestly men and women. These are woman's and worth every penny. Check them out here.

The Amazon Coat
This thing is iconic. Does the girl on your list have a new coat on their list? This one apparently is the shit. I've heard nothing but great things about it. Read the reviews, they are great! Check it out here.

Barefoot Dreams Robe
All I ever hear about around Christmastime is Barefoot Dreams this, and Barefoot Dreams that. Well if it's that good, get the woman in your life the Barefoot Dreams robe. It's apparently iconic and life changing. A splurge but worth every penny. Get it here!

Barefoot Dreams Socks
On a budget but still want to gift Barefoot Dreams this season? They sell socks! Yep, that's right. Barefoot Dreams socks. Iconic. Check them out here.

Real Housewives Expansion Pack 
My favorite show has an expansion pack for the game I am not crazy about. Will it help the game be more fun for me? 1000%. I love the Real Housewives and if the girl you're buying for this season loves RH franchise, odds are she will love this. Get the expansion pack here.

Dr Marten Platform Boots
I love these boots. I have them in black and they are my favorite. They are so comfortable but such a statement. They are so trendy right now too! Size down though :) The girl will love them. Get them here.

High Rise Platform Boots
These are such a vibe! I love them so much, if I didn't own the ones above, I'd probably have these on my Christmas wishlist this year. Such a statement as well. Check them out here.

Heart Earrings
I love the idea of these earrings, I actually ordered a pair for myself. What a fun stocking stuffer and only $10. I love them, they remind me of something I saw on Lucy Williams Instagram. Get them here!

Gucci Sunglasses
I have this exact pair and they are a fashion moment. A splurge but so great for any season. Get them here.

Amazon Essentials Ring
I have this ring and it's amazing. Great quality for a ring under $20. Another great stocking stuffer! Check it out here.

Tiger Clutch
This clutch is a MOMENT. While yes it doesn't remind me of the clutch that Big gives Carrie in SATC, I think it's super cute. Why are exotic animals so in right now? Love that. What a cute statement for the fashionista in your life. Check it out here.

Shrimps Beaded Bag Dupe
I love these bags, the original designer comes at a hefty price. These dupes that Amazon sells are so cute and they just released a green version that I think is such a pop. Green is big color this year and I think the gal in your life would love this. Get it here!

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him

Hopsulator Trio
You can use this Bru-Mate for 12oz, 16oz and pint glasses so I feel like this would be great for anyone but I decided to put it in the mens gift guide. Get it here even though everyone needs it.

Beer Belt
Got a frat start in your life? A beer lover? Odds are this is a fun stocking stuffer for that guy in your life. Only $25! Get it here!

Beer Shower Holder
The funniest stocking stuffer. Beer showers are great, guys love them. Even better to get a holder to hold the beer while someones hands are busy cleaning. Get it here!

Harry Potter Tumbler Cup
We love our Tumbler cups here in our house and also my parents house. They are so great. Now if you have a guy that loves Harry Potter as much as my guy, he's gonna love this. Check it out here.

35mm Camera
I love my point and shoot camera and so does Cody. He approves of this gift idea. Check it out here.

What Do You Meme?
What is it with men and this game? They all love it and all want to play it. I personally don't love this game but all the guys I know do. Get it for them this holiday season. Get it here.

Who doesn't want Airpods this year? This year Cody and I got my dad a pair of Airpods and my brother got my dad the thing below this. So practical and well... everyone wants one. Get them here.

Black Airpods Case
Does the man in your life loose small things easily but never loses his keys? Great idea on my behalf and such a budget friendly gift, get him an AirPods shockproof case. Check them out here.

Air Fryer
This seems to be a popular gift this year for anyone on anyones list. Not sure what the best one is, so do your research but I will link them here.

Such a classic for most men. I love the scent! Linking it here.

Pendleton Blanket
I love this blanket so much, it's so pleasing to look at, so vintage looking. I personally want it but I know it would be a great gift for a man in your life. Pendleton makes the best stuff. Check them out here.

Amazon Essentials Slippers
Only $22 and a great rated slippers on Amazon. Great if you're on a budget. Not sure if the man will wear slippers so you don't want to drop a serious $$ on this item. Can't believe the price of these. Check them out here.

Ugg Slippers
My mom got Cody these slippers a few years ago and he still wears them to this day. Worth every penny and according to him they are so cozy! Check them out here.

Bob Ross Socks
Am I the only one who loves to gift stupid socks every year? Stupid novelty socks are the best. These Bob Ross ones had Cody and I LOLing. Get them here for $12!

Wireless Charging Station 
Always a safe bet for the guy who loves his apple products. If I didn't go overboard on Cody this year, I probably would have gotten him this too. So useful! Wireless is making it easier for all of us and having a one stop spot for everything is even better. Get it here.

How rocking was this gift guide?! Hope you all have an amazing Holiday season :)