After a 3 month hiatus I am back and better than ever. I'll go into why I decided not to post for awhile another time but right now let's talk about my favorite weekend of the year... Revolve Festival in Palm Springs!

This was my second year invited to Revolve Festival and as always, Revolve DELIVERED. Always a good time, a great lineup, great friends... not to mention, great drinks.

You can check out my page on Revolve with all the links here

House of Harlow Dress || Free People Belt (similar) || Vintage Boots (similar) || Louis Vuitton Bag || S Necklace || Friendship Bracelets

For Love & Lemons x Revolve Dress || Louis Vuitton Backpack || Socks || Dr Martens

House of Harlow Jumpsuit || Shell Earrings || Lack of Color Hat || Raye Heels

NBD Dress || Socks || Dr Martens 

Lack of Color Hat || LPA Skirt || Vintage Earrings

Lovers + Friends Crochet Top || Spell Skirt || Free People Chain Belt (similar) || Old Gringo Boots || Sunglass Chain || MYMYMY Sunglasses

NBD Fringe Dress || Old Gringo Boots || B-Low the Belt || Butterfly Earrings

Spell x Revolve Dress || Old Gringo Boots || Shell Earrings 

So my people, what was your favorite outfit from my weekend in Palm Springs with Revolve? Let me know in the comments. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Instagram as of late. Love you guys so much.

selfie from one month post botox- check out that smooth forehead

Wow I didn't realize how much I had to say about this subject that I decided to break down this post into two separate posts, first being preventative Botox and the second half will be about fillers. There's a lot of ground to cover with both subjects so I wanted to make sure I was answering everything to my greatest ability!

A while ago, I told you guys on Instagram that I get preventative Botox. I don't think I've honestly talked about it much before and I wasn't sure how to go about talking about it because for some reason it's such a taboo subject. I mention the word "Botox" and people think of the dad in Christmas with the Kranks, which is obviously not the look I go for at all. In fact, I think a lot of people and celebrities have Botox, they just don't talk about it.

I wanted to disclaim this post by saying that I am not hating on wrinkles and aging. I understand wrinkles are inevitable, we all get them at some point. I want you guys to know that Botox is not a necessity, it's just something I choose to get done as a part of my skin routine. It's definitely not for everyone and I respect you if you get it, I respect you if you don't. Please do the same for me!

Now let's get cracking!

What's Botox?

Botox is a name given to the neurotoxin that when injected into the skin, relaxes the muscles and can prevent wrinkles from getting deeper.

There is another alternative to Botox and that is the neurotoxin Dysport. I haven't used this before so this post is going to focus on Botox but my nurse practitioner will reference Dysport in this post. Definitely talk to your injector about which one will work best for you! I personally feel like Botox is the most common but definitely be informed!

What are common misconceptions? 

It's a common misconception that Botox is to be used once you get wrinkles and you're older to make you look young again & that's why people freak out when I mention getting Botox at age 25. But really in the long run, you'll require less Botox at an older age when you start getting it younger because you are preventing the lines from getting deeper. The deeper the line, the more Botox.

I asked my nurse practitioner what the common misconceptions she hears the most and she said, "that it will change the way you look completely, that it will last forever or that it fills the lines on your face."

She explained it further by saying, "Neurotoxin (Botox) has been studied going on 30-35 years now. However, it was approved by the FDA for use in 2002. It's used in over 70 countries and there is no evidence to date of any long term safety concerns associated with the treatment. Essentially it is injected into the muscles and causes relaxation- in return, when we make facees are muscles don’t over react consistently and we don’t get fine lines and wrinkles! This is why it’s also known as “preventative” . I often see people come in with deep static lines (lines that are seen while the face is at rest making no movement.) Botox is the first step stopping those lines from getting any deeper, however it will take consistency and time to flatten that line out!"

How much does Botox cost?

This depends on how many units of Botox you get total. The smaller you use, the smaller amount you'll find yourself paying. I've seen it cost anywhere between $10-20 living in Los Angeles and Nashville.

I go to my sweet friend who is a nurse practitioner (so she knows her shit), Courtney, in Murfreesboro. It's really important to me to know and trust the person who is injecting me because hello, they are doing something to your face! She charges $12.50 a unit! And this is the best part... are y'all ready for this?! She's giving you all in the Nashville area who want to visit her, 10% off just by saying Sarah sent you! 

What's the appropriate age to start getting preventative Botox?

There's not a single age that can answer this question honestly. Like I've said many times before, Botox is not a necessity and wrinkles are going to happen, that's what happens when you age. I however decided to start getting mine done whenever I noticed lines developing whenever my face was relaxed. I am an expressive person, when I am shocked you can tell by my face. I like to say I talk with my eyebrows and because of this, I was getting lines in my forehead that I started noticing in my early 20's.

A really cute picture of me with the markings on my face where my nurse practitioner is going to inject me!

How many units of Botox do you get?

The first time I got Botox almost 2 years ago, I got 20 units total. I believe the last time I got it done Courtney used about 30 units total in my face.

Where do you get Botox?

I always get it in my forehead, the 11's (frown lines between the eyebrows) and a little brow lift (my personal favorite part because it makes you look so awake.) This past time though I also got a little on the outer corners of my eyes to prevent crows feet!

How long does Botox last?

I asked Courtney and she said "Botox (and dysports) duration is average 3 months. However, it can very depending on how you metabolize it. Different people metabolize it differently and at different rates - working out multiple times a week can also contribute to a higher metabolizing rate as well. In general every three months is when you should return for Botox or dysport. Also that’s why it’s great that we have two options- if you metabolize Botox at a faster rate we can always try dysport and vise versa."

Does it hurt to get Botox? Is it scary?

No and no.

Let me say though I am not afraid of needles so that isn't something I had to get over when I decided to get Botox but I definitely understand why people could be scared of it. Botox needles are very, very, very small. Everytime I've gotten Botox, insulin needles are used. Tiny. I personally do not think it hurts, I've never heard anyone say it hurts before. Definitely way different than people's experiences with lip fillers. But that's another story for another day!

Why do you recommend it?

So here's why I love Botox at my age of 25, it makes my skin look like a instastory filter in real life. My forehead has literally never looked so smooth in my entire life, it's amazing. I love how awake the little amount of 2 units under each brow gives me for a brow lift, that's probably my favorite part honestly.

So that's it. That's my thoughts (and Courtney's) on Botox and why it's the greatest thing ever. Like I said before, Botox is not a necessity, I am by no means saying it's for everyone, I understand that wrinkles are a part of life. I just wanted to share my experience and answer as many questions as I could about Botox for you all!

Don't forget if you're in Nashville, definitely make an appointment with my friend Courtney, I've linked her Instagram here! She's such a sweet soul and you can trust her with your face, I trust her with mine. Tell her Sarah sent you and you'll get 10% off!

I hope this was helpful. Love y'all!


Wow I sucked at the beginning of the year at blogging. It's the 13th and I am just now getting around to my first blog post of the year, yikes. But don't worry, my preventative botox post should be the next post so get excited for that! Now on to what this post is about...

I love true crime podcasts. The most basic statement I've probably posted so far on my blog because everyone is in love with true crime podcasts these days, right? Don't care. 

Even my father is obsessed with true crime podcasts... Yep you read that right. Must be where I get it from. I just love the detail and hearing about things I wouldn't necessarily read on my Yahoo homepage. I'm into it.

Would you guys want a guest blog post about True Crime podcasts by my dad? I am very into these podcasts but my dad is next level. He listens to them all the time and I think it would be interesting to get another persons perspective that doesn't listen to podcasts just because they are popular, he finds so many unique ones. Let me know, he's an amazing writer too so I am sure he would totally do it.

Anyway, here is my roundup of my top 5 podcasts I listened to (or started) in 2018 that you should give a listen to this year! Enjoy!

1. Cold

This is dark. To be honest, every podcast that I am talking about is dark because its true crime but this one is super, super dark. I recommended it to my dad and he made it through only two episodes before texting me and saying he couldn't handle it, so listeners beware.

This podcast is about the disappearance of Susan Powell in Utah and her husbands involvement in the ongoing investigation. I literally wait for it to be posted every week and the second I get the notification on my phone that a new podcast has been posted, I am listening. It's that good. There's a reason this one is 5 stars on iTunes, just saying!

2. Broken Harts

This one is currently ongoing as well so I've been waiting for updates constantly every week. I actually heard about this one through another podcast commercial, instantly I went and downloaded it.

If you follow the news, you probably know about the Hart family because in March of last year, the adoptive moms of 6 children drove their family off a cliff in California. This is the podcast that investigates the background and really dives into the past and present issues that have come up. It's just to interesting because it was something I followed when it was everywhere in the news. Definitely worth a listen!

3. Happy Face

I heard about this one through my friend, Olivia, she's a true crime fanatic as well so I knew it was going to be a good one. This one a true crime podcast that just doesn't even seem like it can be real, but obviously it is. It's about the killer, Happy Face. (I realize that sounds very obvious now) but overall it's a simple and interesting listen.

4. Accused

Big shoutout to my father for recommending this one to me. The Accused podcast (I'm currently listening to the 1st season) is about a murder case that happened in Oxford, Ohio (which is about an hour from where I grew up in Kentucky) covered by reporters from the Cincinnati Enquire. I really enjoy this one because it took place in a familiar area to me so that always makes things more interesting. It's keeping me on my toes through and I've been listening to it in the sauna everyday at the gym.

5. Cults

Okay, I just love cults so much. How basic was that last sentence? I don't care because cults are truly fascinating. I'll be honest, if you don't like facts after facts, you're not going to like this podcast because it's mainly regurgitation of facts. I personally like that. I don't lean towards reenactment type podcasts, I think those can be cheesy, so the fact that this is just all 100% nonfiction, I love that. They cover cults I've never heard of before and so this one is always fun to download for plane rides or car rides, makes the time pass.

So a lot of you are probably wondering why Dr. Death and Dirty John didn't make the list....
while these podcasts were interesting and entertaining, they aren't really my kind of podcasts when it comes to true crime. I want facts on facts on facts. When I read, I choose to read nonfiction books, so when I listen to podcasts like those, they seem to me too much like fiction, which is why a lot of people like them I'm sure. Just wanted to give that little disclaimer because I know those podcasts are very popular right now.

So now that you know the type of true crime podcasts I gravitate towards, I want to turn the microphone to y'all. Are there any amazing podcasts that I didn't mention in my top 5 above? I would  love to hear about them in the comments below and I am sure others will want to hear your thoughts too. Let's share our favorites so they can be someone else's favorite one day too.


Guess who's back, back again? I'm back with another Amazon Gift Guide for those of you who are saying endless amount of curse words when I say this to you... Christmas is a week away. Cue curse words now. Yep, we've all been there. But a week out is definitely not too late to pick up stuff online so I've rounded up some unique finds for both the men and women in your life. Enjoy!

For more ideas, head over to my Amazon shop page for things I've purchased and continue to love and recommend!

Such a good gift to give someone with a dog because you can creep on your 
Everyone loves Tezza, she blew up in 2018 and this year she released a book. If your girl follows Tezza I'm sure she will enjoy receiving this book that gives a look behind the scenes of her process of Instagram and creating contents.
This is the book that the Lifetime series, You, is based on. If you or any girl (or guy tbh) in your life likes thrillers or suspense, this book is probably the book for you. The show reminded me of Gone Girl and while I haven't read the books, I've heard that the book is actually better than the show. This says a lot because I am obsessed with the show.  
For $15 this would make such a good stocking stuffer! I have one and I am obsessed with it. It's an amazing Celine dupe for the necklace that is everywhere these days. Except it's wayyyyy cheaper.
I mean what girl doesn't love getting a new handbag for Christmas? Plus these ones come with cool guitar straps that make a statement and can attached to different bags to switch things up.
Marc Jacobs Softshot (bag I have)
Marc Jacobs Beauty sent me a PR package about a month ago and inside of it was the new Marc Jacobs Softshot. I have the grey and black one, which I must admit is probably not the color I'd typically go for, but I use it all the time. This bag is so so so spacious. It fits everything I could possibly want to carry around. It's my current bag of choice.
A card case is such an underrated gift. I received a LV card holder as a Christmas gift back in 2015 and I am still using the exact same one. Card case's are the best things ever. No more need for a bulky wallet. Plus I mean, I am obsessed with Marc Jacobs right now so check out all the color options!
My best friend Krista, raves about these towel remover things. I don't know how they work honestly but they are so inexpensive and remove your makeup flawlessly. I don't understand but I suppose we don't need to understand it, just let it happen. Get this for an amazing stocking stuffer!
I've been using the same HotTools curling iron since 2010. Yeah you read that correctly. These curling irons are so inexpensive but they last forever. I typically use either my 1 inch curling iron or a 1.25 inch. Also these ones have an extra long barrel if you have long hair, making your life so much easier. If you know, you know.
For the fitness queen or anyone who is constantly doing things, AirPods are so handy. I am definitely going to get a pair in the new year for when I am at the gym. The more I think about them, the more I justify the purchase.
Okay wow what a great invention, who thought of this?! A stick on wallet with a stick on ring holder on your phone. I don't know if these work well, I'd definitely read the reviews, but to me it seems like a great idea and great alternative to the card holder iPhone cases because these are a little more personalized. 

Also a great purchase for the man in your life. Everyone wants AirPods this year and yes they are authentic on Amazon. 
Does your boyfriend or dad have a beard? If the answer is yes then they probably take their shave game very seriously. Or if he's a hipster who just cares too much about his beard, get him a beard kit, they love that shit.
Every woman likes their man to smell amazing. This cologne has such great ratings and I keep hearing great things about it. Definitely looking into it for my man this year.
Okay maybe I low-key want this and just put it in the men section... judge me.
Like last years gift guide, I had to include these cases in this years as well. Cody uses his iPhone case that has a built in card holder because he doesn't like having to carry around a phone plus a wallet. It's all in one. So handy.
I mean... who wouldn't want a box of socks that are actually presented in a pizza form? The cutest stocking stuffer and funny gift ever. Definitely something I'm getting for Cody. 
A practical but necessary gift for any guy who loves to travel. Get him a nice passport wallet, it'll make his life way easier.
I had no idea these were a thing until I was browsing Amazon trying to think of ideas but this is brilliant. Like those Away suitcases, this backpack has a built in charger so your man never has a dying phone. Guys don't carry around portable chargers like we do, so now they can.
I mean, who doesn't need a nice pair of boots? 
In college my guy friends had one of these at their work for the slow days. And no I am not encouraging playing on the job but every job has their slow days...
Another great stocking stuffer choice because everyone loves the marshmallows from the lucky charms. I hate cereal but will eat Lucky Charms just to eat the marshmallows. I have no shame in my game and neither should you. Get that special someone these so you can eat it.
And lastly, for the Apple obsessed guy who has it all, these charging docks charge AirPods, phones and Apple Watch all the same time. Brilliant. 

Guess who's back, back, back again, again.

My Amazon purchases roundup for the months of October and November is finally here! I know you guys love this post so I am so excited to bring it to y'all today. As always don't forget to check out my Amazon Shop Page to get all the things I'm loving and using all rounded up on one shopping list. Makes all our lives easier incase you ever need to reference it, check it out here.

Okay wow, these things are lifesavers I tell ya. $5 and they make a ring you found at a random vintage store basically fit any finger (as long as the ring is too big of course.) You just wrap this little plastic cord around the back side of the ring and it makes it so it fits your finger perfectly. 

My favorite winter shade of nail polish. It's like a dark navy with a hint of gray to it. I've worn this for years and couldn't find it in a store, ended up finding it on Amazon for $1 cheaper than Target.

Another restock but wow these things are truly my favorite wipes ever. I was sent my first batch of face wipes back in June and used them on special occasions when I really didn't want to wash my face (hello I'm lazy) and finally had to bite the bullet to purchase some! I definitely thought they'd be way more expensive but they are $14 a pack and worth every penny. My face feels moisturized and clean after I use one.

So many of you were asking about these boots when I went to New York and said I was going to wear them. I was so desperate for these boots that I ordered a half size smaller than my normal shoe size because I had to have these and they didn't have my size or anything larger. That's why I haven't been wearing them. But I did take a picture that I never posted when I wore them in NYC, so heres that. How wild are these?! SO fun.

Wow being an adult is so fun because you get excited about finding the bargain of 4 water filters for your pitcher for $11. That's a freaking steal in my book.

Another practical purchase of mine. I don't like the look of my necklaces being the same length when I am trying to stack them so these allow them to be different lengths.

For Portland I picked up this cheap teddy coat and it feels just like something I'd buy from Urban Outfitters. I would definitely consider it more of a jacket because it's not the thickest thing in the entire world, but it definitely did the job on the colder nights in Portland this fall. Softer by far than the I.Am.Gia one.

My Cyber Monday impulse purchase that was a whopping $6. Yeah quite the steal. I know they aren't the best essential oils in the world but I really like them for myself. My favorite one in this bundle was the cinnamon one. So yummy for winter. I mix it with a peppermint essential oil.

This is my favorite makeup palette of all time, I hit pan on so many of my shadows in this palette that I've had for years so I decided to buy a new one. If you have blue eyes you need this palette. It honestly is way better than any Urban Decay Naked Palette. Yep, I went there.

I've talked about this stuff many times before but I was running out and I had to get a new one. Worth every penny because it makes your clothes (and anywhere you're washing your clothes) smell amazing. I would definitely gift this to people this holiday season. The bottle looks small when you get it but mine lasted a year of using it on my sheets and sometimes clothes!

As you guys know from my Holiday decor post, I did my own Advent Calendar this year because I love to craft and couldn't find a calendar that wasn't overly cheesy. I loved doing this. It was so fun!

Pic taken with lens

I showed you guys on my Instastory (check my Amazon highlights if you missed it) why this thing is amazing. It gives your phone a high quality wide angle. This isn't like those cheap ones you can get at Urban Outfitters either. It's legit. Gifting this this holiday season as well.

Celine Necklace Dupe (see above)
I love the look of the Celine necklaces but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for something so trendy right now. However I will pay $15 for the wannabe version of it. This thing is mighty too. I definitely recommend it! Just don't bathe with it (obviously.)

That's my roundup for the past two months purchases on Amazon Prime. I hope you guys enjoyed this tradition post. I love doing these for you guys. Let me know in the comments if you have something I should check out on Amazon, I love impulse buying on Amazon so I will probably cave and try whatever y'all recommend. Good thing I'm not impulsive right? Sarcasm intended. 

Everyone has their vice, mine is Amazon.