I've been on Instagram and YouTube for so long now that you all have really been on a skincare journey with me throughout these years. That being said, my favorite compliment to get these days are relating back to my skin. My skin was an insecurity of mine throughout the past 5 years of my life, I never felt like I had that perfect canvas that everyone else my age had. That is until this year. This year has been my skincare golden year. I made a resolution to figure out what my skin needed and how I could give it the best treatment possible. Which brings me to... *drumroll please* 

This past month Olay challenged me to implement their Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Moisturizer and Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel into my skincare routine for 28 days to see how my skin improves. I documented my results over the past month and I am SO pumped to share them with you guys. And just a little background, Olay was actually the first moisturizer I ever used growing up thanks to my Mom and she has never once switched off her Olay 7-in-1!

Day 1

My skin is SUPER dry, especially along my jawline and undereye area. I find that sometimes when I am applying makeup I just want to wash it all off because it isn't applying smoothly because my skin is just too flakey and gross. As you guys know I am constantly traveling and traveling does not help with my dry skin. 

Day 14

Halfway through the challenge (and definitely giving the challenge a true test to my reality by traveling from Nashville to Los Angeles) I was so thankful to have a moisturizer that had SPF 15 in it because it was in the high 90's and not a cloud in the sky. I am someone who always forgets to apply sunscreen so I was super happy to have a moisturizer that already has some in it so the sun doesn't do further damage to my skin. 

It was on Day 14 that I noticed my undereyes were more hydrated when I went to apply concealer after using my Olay Deep Hydrating Eye Gel. The gel consistency is so fun compared to most creams and absorbs quickly into my skin. I like how cool it feels to when I apply it so it de-puffs my eyes in the morning. 

Day 28

By the end of the 28 day challenge my skin was glowing, seriously though because you guys were messaging me on IG asking what I was doing to get "the glow." Now I am revealing my secret! The Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Moisturizer, it's amazing and it's affordable. Something else I noticed towards the end of the challenge was that the moisturizer absorbed quickly into my skin so I didn't have to wait around before applying my makeup. I'm so happy with my results and I can see why my Mom has used this product for so long now. 

So that's my experience with the Olay 28 Day Challenge! Have you guys tried out Olay products before? Let me know if you have and what your thoughts were!

This post is sponsored by Olay.

AMAZON TIME! What a time to be alive! I love doing these posts because I can talk about the exciting things I've discovered and purchased on Amazon and show you guys the things that aren't exactly the most exciting things ever. 

Let's get to it! 

For Love & Lemons Dress
I always get my For Love & Lemons dresses on Amazon, I don't know why, it's just the easiest for me as opposed to ordering from other sites because I know I'll receive it in 2 days! I've worn this one multiple times on my Instagram recently, to brunch, to the fair, in Los Angeles, running errands, you name it. Such a cute dress, purchase it here.

Literally were $19!!! Yes, $19! (They have raised the price depending on color and size.) And they aren't super high so I feel like I got a steal for these because they were comfortable for being on my feet at a club dancing (and drinking) for 5 hours straight. Save yourself some money and hit up Amazon for last minute heels for events. Swoop them here!

YOU GUYS NEED THESE EARRINGS. This is not a drill. Seriously if you have more than one hole in each ear, get these because they look perfect layered with all the different types of earrings. Plus they aren't going to irritate your ears like Forever 21 stuff will. 

Yep, I did it again. I have the cactus version of this book and wanted the coordinating book for house plants that just was released last month to put on my triangle shelves in my kitchen. Super informative and the graphics are amazing. Order it here!

All my H&M earrings sets get super grimy and gross after a month of wear so I recently purchased this set on Amazon for like $5 more than the H&M pack. Much better quality and don't bother my ears. The backs of these earrings are super secure and I cannot wait for my 3rd hole to heal so I can wear all different sizes in all the holes. How fun.

I bought this 20-20-20 fertilizer to fertilize my monstera plant after the guy who sold me mine at my local nursery that a monstera plant will go crazy when its fertilized aka it'll grow faster. Obviously use this sparingly because there is such thing as over-fertilization.

I love my oil diffuser that I recently purchased on Amazon! ALSO I DO NOT DIFFUSE WHILE MILLER IS AROUND.  I like the color of this one and I like how small it is but still can hold a lot in the tank. Also comes in a lighter wood color.

Pill Pockets
So yeah, my life is really exciting and I've been buying $10 pill pocket bags at PetSmart that's quite the drive for me for my dog to take his allergy medicine... Imagine the excitement when I found them on Prime for $2.50 cheaper and they don't require me to move from my house... AMAZING. This is living.

Wow what an exciting past two months right? That's why I decided to combine the past two months. Hopefully October will be more exciting. Fingers crossed.

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A few weeks ago I got to go to LA with my best friend and former roomie, Caitlin to attend a bunch of events put on by Revolve! If you didn't know, Revolve is one of my favorite places to buy really nice clothes, yes, it's expensive, but also yes, pieces are unique and finely made! I am so excited to round up all my outfits from my week in Los Angeles. Every item should be linked if it's still in stock. Enjoy!

dress: for love & lemons || bag: zara (similar) || glasses: quay

jumpsuit: (size down bc the medium was huge on me) house of harlow || shoes: raye the label

dress: NBD || bag: zara (similar)

dress: majorelle || shoes: zara (sold out)

dress: majorelle || denim jacket: grlfrnd || hat: lack of color || bag: prada

denim jacket: grlfrnd || denim skirt: grlfrnd || top: lpa

dresses: NBD || shoes: chloe

dress: house of harlow 

dress: majorelle || denim jacket: grlfrnd || hat: lack of color 

dress: LPA || scarf: free people (old) || bag: louis vuitton

denim jacket: grlfrnd || shirt: LPA || pants: LPA

My Must Have Items!

I wanted to tell you guys in this post which items were the things I could not live without because there are so many cute clothes and I definitely understand they aren't cheap, so we gotta limit ourselves!

I loved my GRLFRND denim jacket so much clearly, I haven't stopped wearing it since. It was the first thing I put in my cart whenever I started getting ready for RATW because I knew a denim jacket was a staple and I didn't really have a nice, oversized one. I ordered mine in a medium and I am so glad I did because it truly gives the oversized look.

Another thing I picked up was a dress from a gifting suite while at RATW and I am obsessed with it... that would be the sequin NBD dress worn at the carnival. This thing is a stunner. Caitlin and I both had to grab it because it was that amazing. I envision saving this for Vegas next time I go because it's cute but fun at the same time and I cannot do the "sexy" Vegas look.

Those are my two MUST HAVE's. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Cannot wait to talk to you guys again <3 XOXO!
dress: reformation || shoes: vans || glasses: quay || bag: reformation 

Are you ready for information overload? Well if you're visiting Cincinnati soon, you've come to the right place. I lived in Cincinnati for 21 years of my life and it wasn't until I was 22 when I realize how cool the city had become right before my very eyes.

Cincinnati is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated cities in the United State. Now I wouldn't say it's the coolest city ever and you must take a trip here asap, but I do feel like it's definitely worth staying 3 days sometime in your future.

Cincinnati is filled with history and architecture, it's a beautiful city. It's filled with delicious foods, friendly people and plenty of things to do on a long weekend. Here's a roundup of my favorite places to eat, drink, visit and shop in Cincinnati!

Where to Stay

Hotel Covington- A trendy, boutique hotel across the river in Kentucky. Great walkability!

21C Museum Hotel- Probably the best location as far as hotels are concerned. There are so many delicious restaurants nearby within walking distance and plenty of things to do. The decor is amazing as well!

Airbnb- Find a cute Airbnb in Over-the-Rhine or in the Historic Covington Riverfront area. Both are such fun areas to be in.

Where to Eat

Cincinnati Essentials

Skyline Chili- Definitely an acquired taste but us Cincinnatian's love our Skyline Chili, oyster crackers and iconic Skyline Hot Sauce. Whenever I go I get 1 of 3 things: chili cheese fries, coneys or a 3-way.

Larosa's Pizza- You HAVE TO go to Larosa's. It's probably my favorite place to eat when I am back in Cincinnati. Pro tip: Order a larger size if you have a place to store it overnight because it's even better cold in the morning.

Graeters Ice Cream- Another iconic staple, the best ice cream ever. I personally love the Black Raspberry Chip (with the largest chunks of dark chocolate in it) and the Buckeye Blitz (chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and cookie dough.)

Other Must Haves

Amerasia- Found across the river in Covington, KY, this is the best hole-in-the-wall/trendy Chinese food in the city. Their egg rolls are ginormous and you can get any dish on a heat level of 1-10. I can 4 being habanero, so you can imagine how hot the food can get.

Hang Over Easy- Best brunch in Cincinnati. Definitely try the monthly pancake and a side of goetta.

Keystone- Another great brunch place but also great food anytime of day. While their brunch is fantastic, their Mac or grilled cheese are also great choices on the menu.

Eli's BBQ- If you like BBQ or delicious, mouth watering, hearty Mac-n-Cheese, go here. Everything on the menu is solid.

Buzzed Bull Creamery- An honorable mention if you find yourself in Over the Rhine. This place is so cool because they have alcoholic (and non-alcoholic obviously) ice cream. Definitely a cool place to try!

Holtman's Donuts- Cody wanted me to include this, I personally don't like donuts that much in general but everyone in Cincinnati seems to love these ones. Go here if you like donuts.

Taste of Belgium- If you love waffles, boozy brunches or want to dabble in some delicious chicken and waffles, definitely stop by one of the Taste of Belgiums around the city. 

Where to Drink

The Rook- Located in Over the Rhine, this is my personal favorite bar to go to because there are boardgames galore. I'm talking so many board games, any game you can think of, they probably have it. Obviously not the place to go to get messed up but for a casual night with friends or date night, I highly recommend it.

Rhinegeist- There's a rooftop bar at this brewery overlooking Over the Rhine and the beers are amazing. I love the vibe of Rhingeist, been going here for years.

Queen City Radio- In the summer this is my favorite bar to go to with my friends, it's a good time and can get rowdy.

dress: reformation || shoes: vans || glasses: quay || bag: reformation 

What to Do 

Cincinnati Reds- I love Great American Ballpark, it's so clean and right on the river so the sunset is beautiful.

Shop Around OTR- They have the cutest, trendy shops in Over the Rhine! If you're eating dinner over there, definitely take time to wander around the local shops and #shoplocal.

Findlay Market- Another Cincinnati staple.  Growing up my Grandma would go on Sunday to get my brother and I those rectangle lunchroom pizzas. Grandma goals. The market area is so colorful and I love that the market is filled with so much history and amazing vendors.

Krohn Conservatory- I grew up going here with my Mom and use to dread going because I simply didn't "get it." Now that I'm older I've found an appreciation for the conservatory, so many beautiful plants and depending when you go, you might catch the butterfly show!

The Cincinnati Zoo- The Cincinnati Zoo is the 2nd zoo ever in the United States and also one of the most prestigious ones in the country to this day. In the winter there is a light show called The Festival of Lights, making it my favorite time to go to the zoo, I just love Christmas lights.

Union Terminal- Growing up my Grandma would take my brother and I here during the summertime and I LOVED IT. I haven't been in a few years and right now the museums and omnimax are closed for renovation, so I definitely need to go once it opens back up. If you're in Cincinnati when it reopens, definitely hit up the Children's Museum if you're with kids and if a majority of the people are adults, go to the History Museum. I enjoyed going to the History Museum more as a child because I was a nerd but it's definitely kid friendly.

Spruce Natural Nail Salon- A natural nail salon in OTR with the cutest interior! I mean, need I say more?!

Walk the Roebling Bridge- It's a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge so you can pretend you're in Brooklyn for a quick walk from Covington riverfront to Cincinnati.

Smale Riverfront Park- This wasn't really a thing while I lived in Cincinnati but it's now the coolest park in Cincinnati in my opinion. There's so much to do, there's a freaking FERRIS WHEEL there now! Oh and a casual Merry-Go-Round so you're basically in Dumbo Brooklyn.

jumpsuit: amazon || bag: prada || shoes: zara

Where to Shop

AJ Rahn Greenhouse- Best houseplants and cacti selection in Cincinnati.

Ohio Book Store- I grew up going here. Every other Friday during the summertime growing up, my brother and I would take a bus downtown to visit our mom for lunch at her work then she would take us to the Ohio Book Store. I just love used books, I love the history, the hunt, it's all found here.

Homage- Get the best Cincinnati gear at Homage. If you've ever seen me wear this big sweatshirt that says "CINCINNATI" on it on my snap stories, that's where this is from. My boyfriend and I love Homage.

City Flea- Check the calendar of City Flea to see if you'll be in town on the weekend that the City Flea is going on in Washington Park. I bought my vintage macrame hanging table from there last year and to this day, it's one of my favorite home decor items!

Kenwood Towne Center- If you want a mall atmosphere, look no further then Kenwood. Don't bother with the other malls in the NKY and Cincinnati area, Kenwood is the only way to go.

Want to save any of this information for later? PIN THIS!

The Queen City is an amazing place, definitely check out these recommendations from my blog post! Obviously there is so much more to do, see and eat, these were just a run down of my favorite places. I hope you enjoy! Have an amazing trip.

dress: misa los angeles || hat: lack of color || shoes: zara

Recently I got to spend a week in my former home of Los Angeles for the first time since moving. I was SO happy to be back and have already planned another trip at the end of this month. Special shoutout to Hotel Figueroa and Discover LA for collaborating with me on this trip, along with my amazing management team, Matter Media Group. 

Hotel Figueroa is right next to LA Live in Downtown LA, during my 2 years out in LA I never really got to explore DTLA except for nights out with my friends so I was excited to have that time there! The hotel is my aesthetic AF. The rooms were amazing, the drinks at the bar were amazing, the decor was EVERYTHING, but mainly the pool is where my heart was. Such a beautiful pool and poolside bar, definitely check it out next time you're in DTLA!

I'll be working on a post about my favorite restaurants and things to do in Los Angeles since theres obviously more than just what I did on this trip considering I was there for work. A week in LA wasn't enough to round up everything I want to talk tot you guys about this city so be on the lookout in the next month for that!

Anyway, here are my outfits from the trip!

First I had the opportunity to shoot some outfits in the Art District with photographer Naohmi Monroe and Creative Director

dress: revolve || shoes: chloe 

Then Cody came to town and I was able to have him assist me in all the rest of the pictures. 

We went to the Urban Outfitters in DTLA to shoot this outfit outside the movie theater looking front. I love a good movie theater shot.

dress: revolve (similar) || shoes: adidas || bag: louis vuitton

Next up we ended up in Venice Beach. I had only been to Venice two times before (I know, pathetic but in my defense I would usually go to Santa Monica or Manhattan Beach. Hollywood is relatively far when traffic is factored into the commute so I wasn't a regular at the beach when I lived out in LA.)

jumpsuit: amazon || shoes: zara || hat: lack of color || bag: chloe

The following day I had meetings later in the afternoon in West Hollywood so I got to take Cody to Melrose, he enjoyed all the shoe stores along the streets. Boys. I was just excited to be near a Reformation. This wall where I took these pictures can be found on Melrose really close to the vintage Reformation store.

dress: reformation || hat: lack of color || denim jacket: forever 21 

While on Melrose I picked up this set from Reformation that I wore to dinner that night with Discover LA & Matter Media Group. As you can see, I wore it the next day too. Saturday was our 
free day so we explored Silver Lake and Echo Park. 

set: reformation || shoes: vans || bag: reformation 

Then we picked up my dear friend Jill and headed to Silver Lake flea for the evening then to dinner. Obviously had to get some pictures with my friend Jill on the infamous Silver Lake Stairs.

dress: lpa revolve || jacket: forever 21 || bag: reformation || other bag: amazon || shoes: zara

That's a wrap folks!