coat: revolve (c/o) || hat: brixton at urban || shoes: urban outfitters || pants: urban outfitters 

I'm back with another Valentines Day post! I can't believe its mid February already, like what the heck? I honestly as of this weekend didn't have any idea what to get Cody for Valentine's Day because I didn't realize it was literally next week. I knew it was coming up but I didn't realize it was on Wednesday! Ahhh! Thank God I did a gift guide incase you guys forgot about Valentine's Day too and everywhere else is over-picked like my Target today.

With Valentine's Day approaching I thought it might be fun to share some things that I did before I had "my Valentine" and that I did with my girlfriends instead! Are you single this Valentines Day or are you in a relationship but still want ideas of what to do with your friends? Well I got you covered.

sweater: lizard thicket (similar) || pants: urban outfitters (matching top) || headband: free people (similar) || shoes: jessica buurman (similar)

Belle back at it again with the Amazon Prime gift guide... This time for Valentine's Day & more presents that you'll end up wanting for yourself. Sorry in advance.

If you're like me and love to give gifts for anyone you love, look no further because I've got the gift guide for you that doesn't even require you to go to Target or the mall. Yep, I'm that good.

nightgown: forever 21 (under $15!!) || garland: target || balloons: kroger (similar)

For 22 years of my life, I never once had someone to call my "Valentine." I'd have crushes and I might be "talking" to someone but never did I have someone to take me out on a date and celebrate the holiday of love with. All my friends would go out with their boyfriends and would get flowers galore, a fancy dinner and cute presents. I stood from the sidelines and watched it all go down with envy hoping to one day have a special someone to share the day with, forever putting Valentines Day on such a high pedestal. 

And then one day I finally had a Valentine.

I feel like people focus too often on dreading Valentines Day because they are single, it's like the "trendy" thing to do... Instead of dragging your feet when Valentines Day comes around, turn it into a positive and make the holiday an excuse to celebrate some of the most important people in your lives... your friends!

A few weeks ago my friends over at HeyWanderer and Hunter Premo put together a little staycation for us at the Aertson Hotel in midtown Nashville & we had so much fun! Here is how we celebrated our Galentines weekend!

Back in November I did my first styled wedding shoot and it was so much fun! It was for a dress designer based out of Nashville, Something You Bridal, and when I got the email asking me to do it, I didn't even think twice.

As a little girl I always dreamed of trying on wedding dresses and playing dress up in all the gowns, finally that day has come! I'm super excited to share these pictures with you guys!

I am even more excited to announce that in mid-Fed, I get to do another styled wedding shoot with Allenbrooke Farms, which is a venue and farm based south of Nashville! Stay tuned for that. We are super excited for it! It's definitely going to be more my aesthetic. Until then... here's a look at my pretend wedding with my real boyfriend, what a trooper. Cody is the best. 

jacket: forever 21 || bodysuit: free people || jeans: urban (similar) || boots: free people

Back in December I acquired this Forever 21 jacket and never got around to posting about it except for a few insta stories here and there. Then a few weeks ago my friend Hunter posted an OOTD wearing the exact jacket and she inspired me to style mine again! I'm breaking it back out of the closet again! Yahoo!

The reason I mentioned Hunter is because I thought it would be fun to link her post she did wearing the jacket so you could not only see how I style it in this post, but also how she styled her jacket too! You can check it out here.

top: revolve | jacket: revolve || pants: revolve || boots: zara (similar)

This past weekend in Nashville it was a high of 20 degrees. Now I know it's not as bad as you guys have it north of Nashville but it's still super cold to me. I'm definitely not use to it since moving from Los Angeles to somewhere that actually has seasons. That being said, I wanted to give you guys my advice when it comes to shooting in the cold weather. Since social media is my "job," I don't like making excuses when it's too cold to shoot. Say goodbye to your excuses, I'm gonna let you guys in on a little secret!

sweater: 4SI3NNA (similar) || jeans: zara (similar) || belt: gucci || shoes: free people || bag: louis vuitton

I've got a serious obsession with sweaters this year... serious problem. I can't stop buying them but my closet isn't mad about it, maybe my wallet is, but whatever. When I saw this star sweater, I knew I had to have it. 

The main reason I am posting this on my blog is because today I am actually hosting a giveaway with 4SI3NNA on each of our Instagram for this sweater, so be sure to stop on over there to the chance to snag one!
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