Yep, the title says it all. But I didn't wear only Amazon activewear. Just figured I'd clear that one up. 

I admit, I am an activewear snob but occasionally I get tempted by cute pattern leggings & sets from Forever 21... until I'm actually wearing them to workout and realize how much of a waste of money it was because I am constantly pulling up my leggings. My biggest pet peeve ever. I don't want to be adjusting myself (lol) while on the elliptical or having my leggings hit me at weird places on my body. I'm self conscious enough at the gym, that's the last thing I need.

That being said, while I am a self proclaimed activewear snob, I do love trying new brands out because I don't have a billion dollars in my bank account for a new pair of Alo Yoga leggings every few weeks. I've read a lot of reviews on my favorite website, Amazon duh, about their stuff over the last few months and decided I would take a gamble & try them all out.

I wanted to keep this post super casual, I wanted it to be like you're reading an actual informative review on Amazon. No fancy pictures shot on incredible DSLR's and makeup galore. This is me going to the gym, at the gym, post gym living my life wearing this activewear.

Also all links are linked in the title of the item and also you can check out my Amazon Shop Page where I linked everything here.
First thing I tried was a few months ago, I bought the cheapest but highest rated activewear leggings. These cost a whopping $14.99 and were rated so highly on the leggings. Check them out here.

First impressions: 
Normally I'm a true M in all my bottoms, a size 6. I didn't look at the sizing chart or read the reviews, silly me, so I should have ordered a small so it would've fit better. Definitely not going to show your butt if you're working out though, thick enough for that.

Post workout thoughts:
As I expected these were too big on me so I was constantly pulling them up and adjusting them, my biggest pet peeve at the gym. I truly don't know if I would recommend them or not because this is the pair I really messed up on. I wouldn't say they are exactly "tummy control" like the name suggests, the fabric just feels like a soft, stretchy, thick band across. They are definitely thick so if you're squatting you won't have your underwear or butt showing through, that's super important and hard to find with leggings from places like F21. Would I recommend? Truly not sure because like I said, I didn't get an accurate depiction of what they would be like since I got the wrong size. I'd rate this item a 4/10.

Core 10 High Waist Full Length Leggings $27.14

First impressions:
They are soft... Way softer than the 14.99 pair but not quite as soft as my Alo Yoga leggings. I definitely bought these in the correct sizing, I got a size small in these and they fit perfectly. I have two pairs, one is black and one is gray and I honestly love both colors. Both pairs are thick and not sheer when stretched. They come in a bunch of patterns and colors. Check them out here.

Post workout thoughts:
Okay we are going to get real personal here in these reviews, like real personal... guess that's what happens when I want to give you guys real reviews. Anyway, these leggings are the best leggings you can get for $30 and I've tried a lot of workout leggings, so that means something. This puts all Champion leggings from Target to shame. Forever 21 activewear? I don't know her.

My thing with workout leggings is sometimes I feel like they are rubbing your vagina in a very uncomfortable way after working out & doing cardio in them, is this just me? Maybe. But sometimes leggings chafe my bikini area and it hurts so bad. I am happy to report I did not experience that with these leggings. These leggings stayed in place while I was working out, like I'm sure I had to adjust to make sure I didn't have a camel toe but that's me in every pair of legging no matter the price. These are amazing and I can't say enough good things about them. They really suck you in too and make you look snatched. I love that in a pair of leggings. Definitely almost as good as my favorite pair of Alo Yoga leggings. I'd give these a solid 9/10, with room for improvement on the softness scale. (Yes my Alo is a 10/10.) Get them here.

Core 10 Built-in Support Yoga Body Suit Legging $39.69

First impressions:
I think this is so cute. At first I was like do I look super 80's in this? But then I was like hell yeah I look super 80's in this! I think it's super cute to wear if you have a crop top, kinda that 80's workout video vibe but also super cute in the winter time when you wanna wear a sweatshirt to the gym and tie it around your waist. It's a nice fabric, not as soft as the leggings but still nice. It really sucks you in all over your body. I didn't realize it came with a built in bra (duh Sarah) and I was really impressed with this bra. I feel like most built in bras I still have to wear bras with but I didn't have to with this one. It's just as good as a normal sports bra. I ordered a size medium! It fit perfectly, I ordered a medium because I didn't want a camel toe action happening.

Post workout thoughts:
I want to start off by saying I actually love this but it does have a few cons. It's not like the perfect leggings that I think everyone needs to order asap, this one definitely has a few things I would change. Would I still recommend it though? Yes.

So the two things I thought of that I would change also could be because I have a long torso, so bodysuits and rompers usually fit me weird to begin with, so I have to put that disclaimer out. These might not be the same for you. After about 20 minutes into my cardio session, I noticed that the straps were getting a little uncomfortable, like they weren't long enough. But that's also a tough call because you don't want the straps to be too long because then you don't get good support. It wasn't anything super dramatic though, I did just want to note that out of transparency. The second thing I would change was the crotch area. About 20 minutes into the cardio again I noticed the rubbing of the excess fabric slightly hurting my uh-oh area. I mean all I had to do was pull the legging part down and everything was good but I guess I thought I wouldn't have to adjust the pants too much since it was a bodysuit. So I guess the fabric choice would be what I would change, I'm not sure. But that's me being very judgmental. I still would recommend this, I think its really cute.  I think a bodysuit is a fun twist! I'd rate this bodysuit a 8/10. You can get it here!

Core 10 Prima Cotton Tank $17

First impressions:
I have to be honest with you guys, I am not one to buy workout tops. I use to be whenever I ran cross country in high school, I always got the Champion tank tops from Target because I never felt comfortable wearing just a sports bra working out. I don't know why. Things have changed since then, I truly don't care if people see me in a sports bra. It's a sports bra. That being said it's difficult for me to judge what constitutes a good shirt.

This shirt is really soft though but it's so soft that it makes me wonder if it's going to shrink half it's size when I wash it because the fabric doesn't strike me as super high quality. Like is this too good to be true? I bought this shirt because when I am on my period I don't like being super exposed at the gym because I feel like a telletubby with bloat. This shirt is still cropped but it's fitted without being tight. Does this make sense? Who knows. I ordered a size M so it isn't tight. Fits great. Check it out here.

Post workout thoughts:
Okay this shirt is comfortable but I don't know if I would say it's for someone who's going to be at the gym for extended periods of time. A lot of the reviews said it isn't very breathable so I guess there's that. It just felt like a normal shirt to me, honestly I wear t-shirts all the time to the gym and that's what this felt like. I would just say it's a cute way to change up your usual t-shirt. I'd wear it again to the gym, I don't do anything too intense anyway, it was comfortable for what I did. Is it worth $17? It's cute. But I'm not sure I can say it's worth $17. I'd probably not reorder it because like I said, I don't know what makes a workout top a good workout top. But like I have said, it's cute and if you think it's cute, get it. I'd rate this item a 5/10. Get it here.

Core 10 Longline Sports Bra $28

First impressions:
I ordered a medium in this and it fit perfectly. I love the length of it, I personally like when bras are kind of that in-between of a sports bra and a tight workout shirt. Those are my favorite types of sports bras to buy. I love the color of it. All great things.

Post workout thoughts:
Now I don't know how this would be for someone who does intense cardio training but for me I freakin love it. I tend to just do stairmaster, row and elliptical for cardio so it's nothing I am in need of intense support over. I didn't feel like my boobs were bouncing around everywhere, it kept the puppies in place. I love the length of it for working out. I genuinely don't have any complaints with this sports bra. I could wear it all day long and be fine. I 100% recommend this. I'd rate this item a 10/10. Check it out here.

Core 10 Fleece Twist Sweatshirt $42

First impressions:
This sweatshirt is super, super soft. I was truly blown away by how soft and cozy it is. I am use to normal fleece sweatshirts that you get in high school and stuff, so this one just felt way different (in a good way.) I feel like this sweatshirt would be perfect for when it starts getting colder outside and you wear a sweatshirt to the gym and eventually take it off once you start to get warmed up. I ordered a small and it fit great. Check it out here.

Post workout thoughts:
So honestly I didn't really wear it to workout. I wore it to the gym one night and then tied it around my waist so I can't tell you how it is to work out in this. I also just don't wear sweatshirts when I work out. But from the athleisure standpoint, this sweatshirt is great. I do think the price tag is pretty steep for what it is. I don't know if $42 is considered a good value for this item but I will definitely use it and continue to wear it into the colder months. I'd rate this item a 6/10 because I don't think its necessary and the price is a little high. You can check out the sweatshirt here.

Core 10 All Day Comfort High Waist Short $19

First impressions:
I got the heather navy camo which is pretty wild of me because I never get pattern workout stuff, odd because I love pattern everything usually. I love the pattern I think it's really fun but I do wish the black was available in my size when I was purchasing because I think I'd get a lot more wear out of a black since I love a good cycling short. These fit perfectly, I ordered a small. They are what you'd expect out of a $19 cycling short. I don't feel like it sucks me in an incredible amount and makes me look snatched like the leggings do but I do think it keeps everything in place and looks great!

Post workout thoughts:
They were exactly what I expected them to be honestly. It was nice having a pair of these because sometimes I feel like my legs get hot in the summertime when the gym has their windows open. They stayed in place during my workout for the most part but I did have to pull them down a few times, as expected with a tight spandex short. Incase you were wondering about the crotch rub that I had talked about before, I didn't experience any uncomfortable rubbing with these shorts. Would I repurchase? Definitely. I'll be waiting for the day they are restocked in a small black. It shows a lot of the colors are "currently unavailable" so I genuinely hope they bring them back. Get them before they are gone. I'd rate these shorts a solid 9/10. The price you pay is such a good value for the quality you get.You can check them out here.

And that's it. That's all the activewear I purchased from Amazon. Did I find anything to replace my love for my Alo Yoga leggings? No but I did find something that is a very, very close second. Those leggings have rocked my world. I hope this helpful for y'all! HAPPY SHOPPING!
Reformation Dress || Thrifted Dress || Vintage Louis Vuitton Mini Speedy 


We started our trip in Boston where we stayed at a Sonder near Fenway Park. You're probably wondering, hey Sarah, what's a Sonder? Well kids, I gotchu covered. A Sonder is not a hotel room, not a normal Airbnb, more like an apartment you can rent out and utilize the amenities that a complex would have. Best of both worlds. Privacy of an Airbnb but the luxuries of a hotel. I'll link the Sonder site here incase you want to check it out.

Our Sonder had a game room/arcade which was everything I could want and more. I love playing arcade games because I'm a child at heart. There was also this big common area where you could get some work done & it overlooked the city. Amazing views.

So we were only in Boston for basically one day which is unfortunate because I really wanted to make time to drive up to Salem for a day. Next time.

We did manage to make time for some good eating and some shopping before we headed to a Boston essential, Fenway Park. We ate brunch at quite possibly one of the most delicious breakfast places I've been in years. No joke. North Street Grille is where it's at. Cody and I got the same thing, the chicken and waffle sliders, but the French toast options had my drooling as well.

Another great place we managed to hit up was on Newbury Street, I wanted to stop in Zara because Nashville doesn't have one and we literally stumbled across Thrive Vintage. The reviews online sucked so I didn't make it a point to go check it out but Cody wanted to go in. Wow their selection was AMAZING. I could look through their merchandise for hours. 

One last thing we did before hitting up the Red Sox game was stop by one of Cody's bucket list breweries, Trillium. According to Cody they have some of the best beers. I have no opinions on this obviously, craft beer isn't really my thing. Truthfully it all tastes the same to me.

The Red Sox game was so fun! I had been to Fenway before but since it was Cody's first time in Boston, we knew it was on the list of things we must do. Plus I never turn down an opportunity for a ballpark pretzel and dijon mustard. For those who don't know this about me, that's actually my favorite food... crazy, you'd expect my favorite food to be fries, wouldn't ya?


On Friday when we arrived in Nantucket it was pouring down rain. I mean, pouringggggg down rain. We couldn't catch a ride in an UBER because it was going to take 15 minutes from the ferry to pick us up or 15 minutes to just walk in the rain to our Airbnb, so we chose to just save a few bucks and burn a few calories. As you can imagine I wasn't trying to whip out my film camera to document that moment, I was imagining being warm and not in soaked clothes.

For those of you who don't know this already, we went to Nantucket for our friends Krista and Andrew's wedding weekend. It was such a fun weekend, you can check out Krista's IG for all the pictures and fun wedding content here.

That night was the welcome party at their house where everyone got to meet and mingle. There was a lot of tequila involved so cheers to the only picture worthy posting on this blog post LOL. I mean it's iconic and sums up the night perfectly.

That Saturday morning it was still raining but I insisted we continue to explore Nantucket since we only had one full day there. We ate the best burger at this restaurant located in "downtown" Nantucket called The Brotherhood of Thieves. Anyplace I get goat cheese on my hamburger is an amazing place in my book.

Since we were in Nantucket I also wanted to see a beach. It stopped raining long enough for us to UBER to one right down the road from Cisco Brewers, which was our next stop for Krista's wedding agenda. We got the coolest picture ever on that beach, I already posted that on my IG so here are pictures you haven't seen quite yet.


And finally we ended our Saturday with clear skies. Our Airbnb was right down the street from the Old Mill so we went over there to take photos before getting ready for the reception to celebrate our sweet friends. 

For those of you who don't follow Krista already, her reception was held at Keepers Restaurant and the food was amazing. The night was amazing. I love my dear friend Krista and I am so happy for you and Andrew! 

And Sunday was spent hungover AF and driving back to Boston. Love that for me. Got seasick on the ferry. Don't be hungover when you're already sensitive to getting motion sick. Just a word of wisdom.

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Pictured above is 2 weeks after NEWTOX injections.

About 2 months ago I went to visit my girl, Courtney at Kattine Aesthetics, who does my injectables. I love going to her, she's about 30 minutes outside of Nashville but worth the drive out of the city. I did an entire blog post before on preventative botox and why I love visiting her so much, you can read that here. In July I had been hearing all about the "#NEWTOX" aka the latest version compared to Botox. I was intrigued and desperate to give it a go.

Newtox is actually Jeuveau, obviously Newtox just flows off the tongue better than the actual name. There are a few injectables that are on the market that do the same thing as Botox and you just have to find the one your body processes the slowest. My friend Liz swears by Dysport. I swore by Botox. It all varies person to person. Keep this in mind. Anyway, the marketing strategy on their end was real good, they claim that most people who have tried Botox and Newton preferred Newtox because it lasted about a month longer. Upon hearing this I was sold, I had to try it ASAP. I went into my appointment and told Courtney I wanted to try the hyped up Newtox.

Like I said, everyones body processes different injectables different. My friend, Liz, thinks Newtox is the greatest thing ever, her face 2 months later is good as it was a week after her appointment... I however did not have that result. Unfortunately my body processed that #NEWTOX real quick. My body typically digests Botox in about 3-4 months, depends on how much I am working out (something that increases how quickly your body will work through the injectable.) I really wish #NEWTOX would've worked for me, my forehead is moving (truthfully I love being frozen in my forehead) and typically with Botox this wouldn't be the case yet.

Pictured on the left is my movement after 2 months with NEWTOX. Picture on the left is a week after Botox.

The point of this blog post? To prove to y'all that every body is different. #NEWTOX didn't work for me. Botox might wear off quickly on people who prefer the #NEWTOX. Every body works in a different way and that is okay. If one didn't work for you, try another variation. Thankfully there's a lot of things available on the market today that do pretty much the same thing. You are bound to find the perfect injectable for you!

I want to stress that Courtney did not make me try #NEWTOX, my personal opinion was it wasn't for me but that has no effect on how I view Courtney as an aesthetician. She knows her stuff. She's explained to me everything I know about preventative botox. I just wanted to be the one to tell you guys my personal experience with the new craze. I also don't want this to discourage you from trying it, it just didn't last as long on me as I had hoped. I will be sticking to Botox from here on out (or until the next new thing comes along, then obviously I have to try that out to report my results to you. Consider me your guinea pig.)

If you want to check out my girl Courtney, please do. You will not regret seeing her, she's a beautiful soul. You can check her out on Instagram here. She's always running specials and discounts so be sure to follow her stories where she's always updating and if you have any questions, be sure to ask away! I know y'all will love her as much as I do!

Long time, no chat. Don't worry I have a lot of blog posts lined up for this month so I won't be going on another hiatus anytime soon for my loyal readers. I am so excited to bring you guys another 35mm a Day post where I take a picture everyday to document my journey of photography as well as just documenting my life. It's my new way of sharing more with you guys in a fun, candid way. 

This month I experimented with my Pentax K1000, which is a fully manual SLR and some turned out as fails, some did not. It's fun to learn but you can definitely tell I am doing just that, learning! The first half of the month I used Kodak Portra 400 which I will link here.

Halfway through the month I also got a new point-and-shoot from Amazon to test out more affordable options for you guys who just want to have something to take film pictures with. I picked up the Olympus Infinity JR on Amazon Prime as well as Kodak Gold 200 film. Just to be transparent, I didn't love the Infinity JR simply because there's no option to turn the flash off and as you'll see, the flash can get intense. But for about $25, you can't really complain. Also I messed up the automatic film when it winds it back up before you drop it off at the camera store, so a few shots unfortunately didn't make it out alive. Nice one, Sarah.

Also wanted to note that some of my pictures unfortunately aren't developed yet. I'm still working through a roll on another camera so whenever I do get those pictures back in the coming weeks, I'll do my best to update this! 

8.1.19: The start of a new month and my first shot on the new (to me) Pentax K1000 with Portra 400. Clearly need to work on the whole manual focus thing.

8.2.19: Movie night to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, obviously I loved it. It was so cool seeing roads I use to drive on, the theater across the street from my old apartment and other things that I had familiarized myself with while living in LA in the movie. Only complaint: I need more of Austin Butler in my life.

8.3.19: Another day, another shoot. This time I'm wearing a Forever 21 dress that I scored big time on. Cody's still trying to figure out the exposure thing. Linking the dress here.

8.4.19: Testing out my Pentax K1000 and wanting to make the pun "the only D I need." Mature, Sarah.

8.5.19: My new favorite nail polish combination inspired by M&M's.

8.6.19: I had a really bad day and didn't want to shoot a picture because quite frankly I had been crying most of the day. Just being transparent, don't pity me. Anyway, Cody surprised me with treats from Baked on 8th so I decided to take a picture of those yummy treats.

8.7.19: Shot some photos in my new Ganni dress that I finally caved and purchased. Linked here.

8.8.19: We traveled from new home (Nashville... Okay, semi new) to old home (Cincinnati.) On our way to our favorite dinner spot, Amerasia, I captured this skyline view from the moving car.

8.9.19: Checked out the rooftop bar in Cincinnati at one of Cody's favorite breweries, Braxton. Check out my handsome devil.

8.10.19: Wedding day for my beautiful HS bestie! It was the best day. Also how cute was my one shoulder dress. I was pretty impressed with it myself.

8.11.19: Another day of me playing around with the focus on the Pentax K1000, this time featuring some sunlight and my beautiful Chloe C Bag. 

8.12.19: New dress fresh from & Other Stories. She's a beauty. Linking this one here.

8.13.19: A rainy day.

8.14.19: Meant to take a picture with my dear friend Sean who was in town visiting but completely forgot to. Instead I got a picture with Cody.

8.15.19: Date night in my new Song of Style dress. Y'all this is my first SOS piece (first of many to come, I've got a few more in the mail on my way to me right now) and I just adore this dress. And for those wondering, our date night was in Edgehill Village at Taco Mamacita. You can read all about my favorite restaurants in Nashville here.

8.16.19: Went to Goodwill and got this new chair. Thought this might turn out a little different, a little less brown, a little more contrasty and vibey. Maybe Portra 800 would do better. 

8.17.19: A day full of Vintage shopping and yet another date night, this time we went bowling. I suck at bowling. Lovely. I need to learn to stabilize better with the Pentax because turns out I am rather shaky.

8.18.19: Why is Miller always the tester of a new camera. This time I wanted to test out the Olympus Infinity JR because I read online that it had the same lens as a MJU II (this probably means nothing to 99% of people reading this) so I ordered this one on Amazon. Unfortunately this was one of the light leaked pictures. First film using Kodak Gold 200. The rest of the pictures are shot with Kodak Gold 200 linked here.

8.19.19: Film for this day has yet to be developed.

8.20.19: We used up the rest of the Portra 400 on the Minolta and shot some cool pictures infront of this random car.

8.21.19: Damaged film so here's a picture of the chair from a day before. Sorry I can't, don't hate me. Anyone pick up on the joke there?

8.22.19: Another one of the light leaked pictures. I had a way cooler picture from this day but that also suffered the consequence of the light leakage. I love love love this Song of Style top. The day she released her collection I tried to get it but it sold out so fast. It's MINE FINALLY! Linking it here.

8.23.19: My talented friends, Megan and Liz, had a show downtown and I was so blown away by it. Such an incredible night.

8.24.19: From my friend Hannah's bridal shower dinner to a party in East Nashville with my girls. 

8.25.19: Truthfully I was really hungover and didn't take a picture. Shame on me.

8.26.19: Shot at my favorite place in East Nashville, you can rent her house for shoots here!

8.27.19: Took the film to get developed but shot the last shot of the film on my front porch featuring my new Converse, I shot a similar shot on the camera the day before in my favorite house. Which shot do you prefer? Get the Converse here, they are a collaboration with JW Anderson.

So that's this month... well most of my month. I'll update it when I get the pictures back from the other camera, until then I hope you guys enjoyed this. You can shop most of the things I talked about here from my Amazon Shop Page. Thanks for reading!!!