If you follow me on twitter, you know I have been impatiently waiting for Target to come out with new home decor. I've literally been checking Target's website almost daily to see if they've released anything since the whole back-to-school season has come and gone. Today I have great news for you guys, TARGET HAS NEW HOME DECOR. Yes. Finally. And I am very content with what they've released.

Hello my lovely blog readers! Today I am so excited because I am recapping my experience at the hotel I stayed at in Miami, The Washington Park Hotel! While Cody and I only got to spend 2 nights there due to the change in our schedule from the hurricane, we highly enjoyed our time in South Beach at the WPH! If you're traveling to South Beach anytime this year, I highly recommend this hotel... I mean cmon, they have frosé. Need I say more?

If you haven't checked out my post recapping my 48 hours in Miami, check it out here!

Antiquing is literally one of my favorite things to do whenever I have downtime. Nashville is such a hub for great antique malls so I knew once I got bit by the "antique bug" that I needed to share some of my favorite places to hunt down amazing finds. Now don't get me wrong, not all antique malls in Nashville are amazing because I have been to my fair share that aren't anything to write home about. I love sharing positive things and would never say to NOT go somewhere because I don't like it because you might find something great there so these are just my favorite places that I personally recommend.

Also keep in mind that when you come to a city like Nashville that is kind of known for their antique malls and copious amounts of vintage antiques, they are going to be a little more pricey than if you went to an antique mall in a random antique mall on the side of a road during a road trip. Just something to keep in mind.

If you haven't checked out my post on how to antique and the do's and donts of antiquing, I posted one a few weeks ago that you can read HERE!

As hopefully many of you know, Cody and I took a vacation to Miami Beach this past week! We have both been in desperate need of the beach for quite some time now and we were thrilled to finally get the opportunity to go. Unfortunately our trip was cut in half due to Hurricane Irma but that didn't stop us from having fun with the time we had! Boy, did we make the most of our 48 hours, but technically 72 hours, in Miami. I wanted to roundup everything we did in our short time because I know a lot of people make short trips to Miami too, so if I can squeeze all these activities (and mostly food) into 48 hours, you can too!

All the outfits in this post are linked at the bottom of each day, so if you want to know where anything is from, check there!

It hurt my heart to see some of these places on the news these past few days due to Hurricane Irma, but I hope all of you that were in Florida and anywhere else effected by Irma, are okay! I love you guys!

I unfortunately got a lot of hate during my time in Miami from people on Instagram saying it was heartless of me to go to vacation there knowing the hurricane would hit in the next few days. Cody and I booked everything more than a month ago to visit Miami and obviously when booking, we didn't even think of a hurricane occurring, let alone one of the biggest hurricanes to hit Florida ever. Our tickets were nonrefundable so we decided to hope for the best and go to Florida anyway, to make the most of the few days we might have there since we paid for it already. It wasn't "me not taking the hurricane seriously" because I was and once it got closer to the US and grew in strength, we handled our situation and moved our flights. I was by no means belittling anyone or anything. I just want to make that clear. That being said, once again, I hope everyone in Miami is okay, it's a beautiful city and I hope to return there again someday for more time.

I'm so excited to bring you guys another DIY since you guys liked the DIY Flower Wall so much. As many of you know, I made my own wall hanging for my living room and at that time, I never made a video or post showing you how I did it. Because of that, many of you have requested that I finally do a DIY on these wall hangings. Here I am doing it on both platforms. If you guys want to find out how I did the two ring dreamcatcher wall hanging, I filmed an entire video on it here! Check it out! And if you're interested in how I did the feather wall hanging, continue reading...
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