It's my birthday and I'm back at it again with the same post I did last year... this time with one more thing I learned since I am a year older now. #math.

Today, June 9th, I am 25, a quarter of a century. A very bittersweet birthday to me because it's my first birthday that I'm not excited to turn a year older aka the first birthday of the rest of my life. I'm getting old. All the fun party years are in the past (or so it feels) and the rest of the birthdays are just dreaded. I love my birthday though no matter what because who doesn't love the feeling of it being your birthday? Center of attention? Me? Never. (Sarcasm intended.)

Another year older and not a year wiser... Still mentally 23.

24 things I've learned at the humble age of 24, lets go.

1. WebMD is the downfall of my mental state. I literally think I'm going insane because when I look up one symptom I am whole-heartedly convinced I have said sickness. Doing myself a favor and not drawing conclusions before I literally go insane.

2. Pregaming is going extinct or atleast few and far between. Where are all my party people at? Is it not cool anymore to get drunk before you go to the bar? No because everyone has jobs and can afford to drink at the bar or simply doesn't go hard when they go out. Crazy concept.

3. Hangovers really do get worse as you get older... Unless you eat McDonalds when you're drunk then you're saved basically. 

4. The song "Africa" by Toto still will never get old. Atleast it hasn't in my 24th year.

5. Set goals and work your ass off to achieve them. Good things don't continuously come to those who sit with their thumbs up their ass.  Yes, some things come to those who might not deserve it in your eyes but better things come to you when you work your ass off for your goals.

6. Ask because the worst thing people can say is no.

7. A girl can never have too many little white dresses. I never wear black dresses, I guess it's not really my style, definitely more of a white dress gal. Find your thing, I guess white dresses are mine!

8. Go on friend dates with people you normally wouldn't see yourself hanging out with regularly. Honestly some of my best friendships I've developed are with people I didn't expect myself to "click" with. Just because you have different life paths or are different ages doesn't mean you won't have a connection!

9. Don't just drink lemon water. Turns out lemons actually can dehydrate you. Oops.

10. You're old enough to have people you use to date or "hang out" with get married. Yep. I don't know how I am old enough to have guys I went out with to be married but here I am. Thriving 25 year old creeping on weddings on Facebook because I'm nosey.

11. You start to notice yourself doing things your parents do. Whenever I tell a joke and start to laugh, I laugh exactly like my mom. Creeps me out.

12. The whole "try-it-till-you-like-it" thing doesn't work on every food... aka Brussel Sprouts. No matter how many times I try and how many different ways they are prepared, I won't like it. Same with arugula. Disgusting. Haters come at me.

13. There are very few things in life better than Sex and the City reruns and theres also pretty much not a bad time to watch reruns. Except when an episode where Aleksandr Petrovsky is on because he's the most useless character and biggest disappointment! Team Mr. Big for life!

14. Which leads me to... the older you get, the more you can relate to everything Carrie Bradshaw is saying. It becomes more than a show and the things she says sometimes hit home to you. It's odd but I don't hate it. Turn me into Carrie Bradshaw, please.

15. It's better to cheer on your friends than compete with your friends. Be the cheerleader you hope to have, celebrate their victories and cheer them on. Don't make it about you.

16. No one is above Bravo TV. I thought I was for years but then I got sucked into the Real Housewives franchise and theres no turning back now.

17. Trader Joes Spicy Cheese Crispies > Hot Cheetos. Gotta be conscious about what we are putting into our bodies but at the same time, not that conscious where I can't enjoy the good stuff in life.

18. Being in weddings = expensive. I feel like no one ever says anything but can I just get an amen?! Obviously what goes around comes around, people will have to pay to be in yours but for the time being, damn they are expensive!

19. The older I get and the more I travel to new places, the more I love my home and my city. Obviously I appreciate the cities and I love traveling but it's so great to know you're exactly where you're supposed to be in life. I love Nashville, Nashville is that place for me.

20. Vodka shots are a definite no-go these days. Still can fuxxx with Jell-O shots but definitely put vodka shots right next to fireball in my long list of 'cannot do.'

21. Don't let people get to you when they confuse your ability to stand up for yourself for you being insecure. You know you're not insecure and just a Bethenny Frankel personality, some people can't take the heat.

22. Get everything important in writing. Trust me on this one. You want proof of everything. Get yourself a big ole file.

23. Target discontinued my favorite sticky boobs and I still haven't found "the one." I feel like I can't enter 25 without the one thing I had figured out in life and that was my Target sticky boobs. Way to go Target.

24. Buy your size and not the size you think you are (aka the size you tell yourself you are because you're in denial.) Clothes look way better when you accept your body and just love the body you have! Wear the right clothes. You will thank yourself!

So those are my random 24 things I learned at 24, I can't believe how fast this year went by, I'm sure I'll say the same thing next year when I'm turning 26. *shutters at the thought of turning 26*

Thank you all so much for your support this last year, I'm so proud of how much I've grown in blogging, in my career, mentality and just pretty much every aspect of my life. You guys play such a big role in my daily life and I honestly cannot thank you enough. I love you guys!!!


Okay I literally feel like it was a week ago that I was writing my Amazon post for April... where did May go?! I swear one minute it was Cinco De Mayo and then I blinked. Can 2018 slow down, please and thank you. 

But the ending of a month (and beginning of a new one) brings one of my favorite subjects to talk about... my Amazon Prime purchases

Yep, I caved and bought the hat that I already own in black and tan in ivory as well. Naturally I am loving it, I grab it when I feel like I've giving too much attention to the tan colored one in my collection, gotta spread the love, ya know? I believe it's out of stock on Amazon right now but check my Amazon page because I've got all the hats I wear by Lack of Color linked on there and it'll show when they are available for purchase again!

Get it here.

This belt bag is AMAZING. Definitely an "inspired-by" piece that was inspired by the Gucci Animal belt bag... except it's about $1500 cheaper. Yes, it takes a few weeks to get in the mail so it's definitely not "prime" but it is worth the wait because it's amazing! If you are like me and obsessed with that Gucci bag but can't get yourself to make the splurge, this is worth every penny.

Get it here.

I talked about this on my Instagram stories but this stuff is a lifesaver. After Coachella my white boots were looking rough and this cleaned them perfectly! They even have Sneaker Rescue, that's next on my list of things to try.

Get it here.

Why do stores think they can charge an arm and a leg for fairy lights when I can get them on Amazon for less than $15 for A LOT of fairy lights. I love my fairy lights when a picture needs a little oomph. Plus this strand that I bought recently is very, very, very, very long... 33ft to be exact.

Get them here.

Just bought this amazing circle bag on prime. I never got into the other popular bamboo bag thats been everywhere the past 2 years, I don't carry handbags, I need shoulder, crossbody or backpacks! This was like $30 so I count that as a win. This exact one is the Bamboo 2 incase you want this exact one!

Get it here.

So that's a roundup of my May purchases on Amazon. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to check out my Amazon page for links to pretty much anything I've ever talked about on Amazon. It's a one stop shop for everything.


This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to Austin, Texas with Hyundai USA to test drive the 2019 Veloster. When I mentioned traveling to Austin, Texas, you all requested that I do a travel guide on my blog because Austin is such a popular travel destination these days. While my weekend was spent on a business trip, I did get to see some amazing sights and do some amazing things all thanks to the amazing Hyundai brand! So here is what I did, what I saw, what I wore and what I ate while in Austin.

jacket: forever 21 || romper: show me your mumu || bra: free people || shoes: free people || hat: lack of color

When we touched down in Austin, our driver took us to our hotel which was the Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt near Rainey Street. I loved our hotel! I've stayed in 3 Kimpton hotels this year, one in Nashville, one in Palm Springs and now Austin. They are becoming my favorite hotels because each hotel has such an unique aesthetic. I also loved the proximity of the hotel to all the bars on Rainey because you don't even have to uber to the bars at night, it's just a quick walk away. 

For lunch on Friday we went straight to In-N-Out right on UT's campus a few miles from our hotel. Cody and I love In-N-Out, it's actually an addiction along with Shake Shack, we know how basic that is. 

top: princess polly || shorts: princess polly || belt: b-low the belt || boots: jeffrey campbell

Then we explored Rainey Street, unfortunately a lot of the places didn't open until 4pm but we did find ourselves walking into the Container Bar for a drink or two. The Container Bar was actually super cool made out of shipping containers and from the sound of it, it turns up hard at night!

After exploring we headed back to the hotel where we had a cocktail hour with Hyundai on the pool deck before heading to dinner at the hotels restaurant, Geraldine's. It was so good! I'm not usually a "foodie" like most bloggers but I was very impressed with the food at the restaurant. My favorite was the Barbecued Short Rib and the desserts were to die for!

We hit up the bar, Unbarlievable after dinner and it was so fun! I love the outdoor games that many of the bars on Rainey have but this bar was even better because they had a slide on the inside. Drunk Sarah loves that. It was a great place for a night out!

top: revolve || bottoms: revolve || belt: b-low the belt || shoes: chloe

Saturday morning and afternoon was spent exploring Austin and the surrounding area in the Veloster! It was fun really getting to see more than just downtown by the hotel, we got to go sit by the lake and enjoy lunch by the river at County Line BBQ. Honestly wasn't impressed with the BBQ, I think it's because I'm so use to Southern BBQ like pulled pork and lots of BBQ sauces.

We drove around to find the perfect location for the Hyundai instagram for the campaign we were in Austin for. Since it was graduation weekend, it was a little more difficult than expected but we found the perfect mural for the job. 

For dinner we went to Emmer & Rye on Rainey and let's just say, it's not my kind of place. As I said earlier, I am not a foodie and will never claim to be. If the food looks too pretty to eat, I probably won't like it. A lot of other people enjoyed it but Cody and I just enjoyed our time with our friends and the rest of the Hyundai team at the restaurant.

top: show me your mumu || bottoms: show me your mumu || glasses: amazon (under $10) || shoes: free people

Sunday was our last day in Austin and we flew out in the afternoon so we woke up early to explore the rest of Austin that we hadn't seen yet! We started the day off at South Congress to see the famous Austin Motel and all the fun shops & murals along the strip. There are so many fun murals in South Congress, it reminded me so much of Nashville! The one thing I wish Nashville had that South Congress has is that store with the sparkled cow skulls. Unfortunately I couldn't spend $350 on one and safely bring it home on the plane. I wish I could! I did pick up a turquoise vintage ring from one of the stores on the drag, couldn't resist a little souvenir.

dress: for love & lemons || hat: lack of color || shoes: free people

After exploring South Congress we went to Blue Owl Brewing so Cody could sample some of the sours the brewery is known for! I didn't drink any, instead I changed into the For Love & Lemons dress to prepare for the next pictures I wanted to take. Typical. We went to the East Austin Succulents which honestly might have been my favorite thing about Austin. This nursery literally had so many funky plants, succulents and cacti that I've never seen before. I wanted to take everything home with me! Unfortunately it started to downpour and every restaurant we wanted to go to for lunch was forever long wait so we just went to Shake Shack before heading to the airport!

You can shop the outfits here or check under each outfit for every link!

A vlog will be coming soon so get excited for that on my channel! Have you ever been to Austin? There are so many other parts of Texas that I want to explore someday but I'm excited to have had the opportunity to go with Hyundai even for just a weekend. Thanks so much!


*pin image above for quick reference on Pinterest*

Finally. Finally I am showing you guys my bedroom progress. It's not fully done, I don't love the pillows because they are just my old ones from my living room at my old place but for now it works. I'm content. I'm trying to focus on the public areas of my house before all the small (and usually expensive) details of the bedroom so for now, here is your first glimpse of my new bedroom!

As you might know from my last apartment, I am obsessed with the look of a statement wall and since I live in a rental, I knew I would have to go the removable wallpaper route. This wallpaper is from Spoonflower and they literally have thousands of removable wallpapers online. Anything your heart desires honestly. It's so easy to install, it took maybe an hour max to apply with the help of Cody!

What I loved about Spoonflower is their selection of wallpapers because they've literally got everything you could ever want in a wallpaper! It was so hard for me to decide on just one because all their bohemian mudcloth patterns were beyond perfect. This is the design I ended up going with! Also note mine is the woven wallpaper so it's like a sticker for the wall.

If you're ever applying removable wallpaper there are 2 things I recommend for you to get before you start applying the wallpaper, X-Acto knife to cut the paper once you get to the trim and a plastic smoother to prevent air bubbles when applying the paper. Both things made our lives so much easier when applying our new wallpaper! The x-acto knife made sure everything was precise and made cutting around plugs not a big issue! Definitely recommend.

My favorite thing in my house is my cow skull that I got from the Nashville Flea Market last year, I love it so much and will have it in my future homes too. I wanted to add some color to the pretty neutral room so when Target released their Opalhouse collection, I picked up this pompom garland! It's the perfect pop of color.

Another great detail is in the lamps, I love the lamp shades, they scream Anthropologie to me... probably because they are from Anthropologie. Imagine that. I love the knit look, it looks great with our knit woven rug from Overstock.

wallpaper: spoonflower || headboard: anthropologie || nightstands: target || bed quilt: anthropologie || knit blanket: hobby lobby || decorative pillows: anthropologie || garland: target

So friends, do we love or do we love my new wallpaper in my bedroom? Thanks so much Spoonflower for collaborating with me, I love my bedroom so much, it's so cozy and perfect. Check out their site here!

top: for love & lemons || denim: revolve || blanket: amazon || hat: lack of color

Yesterday I was in a funk. *Cue pity party of one*

I think one of the most commonly asked questions I get is "How do you deal with competition and comparison in the 'influencer' industry?" Someone is always getting the brand deals I dream of, has more followers, wears a size 0, the list goes on and on. And most of the time I tell people I am super lucky to have grown up on YouTube because I learn to block out those thoughts but everyone struggles with a funk sometimes. It's inevitable with the day and age to not compare yourself to others even if you're super confident in yourself.

Whenever I am in a funk, I let myself be in that funk. It's like I'm actively letting myself walk down this path of actively letting myself feel this way... That is until I recognize it and want a change. I guess that's the biggest step in getting out of funks because you're not going to change if you don't actually want to change. It's easy to just let yourself be lazy, have a pity party, continue comparing yourself to others, but it's healthier for you to snap out of it.

Once I recognize the fact that something needs to change I do some of the following (or maybe all of them if I am feeling wild that day.)

Get Ready for the Day

I find that whenever I am in a funk, I'm often times just laying around, hair not brushed, makeupless, comfy clothes I slept in the night before. Not exactly in a #feelingmyself fashion. Forcing yourself to get ready for the day, take a shower, putting makeup on, will change how you view yourself from the outside. Now I'm not saying you have to look put together to feel good about yourself, I'm saying it won't hurt in the grand scheme. Only good can really come from it!

Take Yourself on a Date

Usually I do this after I have gotten ready but sometimes that's definitely not the case. I love to take myself out on dates, I think its so nice to pick where you truly want to eat and sit down, think, eat good food, enjoy time by yourself. Reflect. Don't just go to a drive thru, sit down and enjoy your time with yourself and treat yourself to good food. AKA dine in at Chickfila instead of going through the drive-thru... kidding... kinda.


Even before I launched this blog last year, writing was my way of getting myself out of a funk. To me there is something so relaxing to writing down exactly what you're feeling and if that's not what you want to write, write down something, make lists, have fun with it. I love taking my mind of things by making to-do lists or just lists that I'll probably never look at again because just the calligraphy of it all relaxes me.


I know cleaning sounds lame but damn does it feel good to put on a happy playlist on Spotify and just clean! Trust me, it's great and those mood boosting playlists really help.


I love crafting because when I am crafting it's all I want to focus on. I don't really care about what music is playing and if I am running out of gummy bears to stress eat, I just care about creating something awesome. Theres something so rewarding about completing a DIY and being like ta-da! Escape your over-analyzing mind and focus on a craft for a little while.

Call a Loved One

Whenever I am in a funk, I don't want to be around anyone but at the same time, I want someone around me. Man I love being a girl, we are such pleasant creatures. Anyway, if Cody is around, he just lightens my mood so being around him automatically helps my mood but also he is always great at reminding me of my potential even when I fail to see it. And if all else fails, call your mom. No one thinks your shit doesn't stink more than your mom so when you fail to see your greatness, your parents are always there to remind you.

Log Off Social Media

Notice how none of these ways of getting out of a funk involves getting on social media? That's because when you want to get out of a funk you shouldn't be on it. I compare myself too often and sometimes I just need to put my scrolling thumbs to rest for a few hours. Try it, it's actually so great.

What are your ways of getting out of a funk? I know exercising is a big one for a lot of people, I just go through phases of being obsessed with working out and right now is not one of those times unfortunately for me. These are the things I thought of during my funk yesterday that I thought would be fun to share with you guys, after all everyone has those days as Hannah Montana would say.