The *Infamous* Red Dress

Dress: Free People // Booties: Free People // Lipstick: Urban Decay "Rock Steady"

Obviously my first actual blog post had to be on this dress because it's the BEST DRESS EVER. I know what you're thinking, I say every dress is "the best dress ever" in like every vlog but this one is definitely high up on my list. Also really wanted to share these amazing pictures by my dear friend, Arianna. She's actually one of the most talented photographers and just one of the most adorable humans I know.

I actually bought this dress back in September of last year when I was shopping for outfits to wear for my first ever trip to Nashville. I saw the price tag and cringed, then continued to walk around Free People in Studio City. After trying on a bunch of flops, I decided to give this beautiful dress a go... every girls famous last words. It fit like a glove and I knew it just *had* to come home with me. While I was checking out the cashier asked me what the special occasion was that I was going to wear this dress to, I simply responded that I didn't need a special occasion to wear a dress like this, I just wanted to wear it in Nashville. So that's what I did.

Moral of the story: You don't need a special occasion to wear the dress... Just buy the damn dress and own it.


  1. "Just buy the damn dress" Best. Advice. Ever. #YOLO!
    XO- Sofie from Sofie's World

  2. Girl, you are a natural!! These photos are stunning! So excited for you to finally start blogging; also, why the heck would you have not bought this dress, it looks fabulous on you!
    xo, G

  3. I've literally been watching you since you're sorority video days bc i was in high school just counting down the days until i could rush and be you... now i'm in college and i'm still obsessed with your style and videos and i was so excited when you announced your blog. you didn't let me down your first posts are AMAZING. keep being you❤️

  4. I love this dress. The photos make the colors in the dress look amazing.

  5. You know infamous means famous for being bad...right?