Welcome to My BLOG!

The moment we all have been waiting for... Okay, maybe it's just me who has been waiting for this moment but I don't care because the moment is finally here, I AM AN OFFICIAL BLOGGER!

If you guys have been following me on YouTube for a hot second, you would know that writing is a big passion of mine. I am by NO means good at writing, but I love to do it. I am a big fan of journaling and just really taking my emotions and capturing them by putting them into words. Wanting to share these words with you has been something I have dreamed of doing for so long and now, at 12:16 am on May 31st, I am FINALLY doing it!

With my move to Nashville, I've been taking time to focus on actually working. I am going to let you all in on a little secret... Los Angeles made me lazy. It took all of the passion I had for my work and sucked me dry, somedays I barely left my bed. When I moved to Nashville I knew I wouldn't let myself fall back into that same rut, so I started to motivate myself to "work" more. Everyday I want to actually work, I am filled with so much excitement for the future and I see all the potential I have that now I have no choice but to implement it all! I've discovered my love for sharing my outfits with you all on Instagram that sharing it on a blog just seemed like the logical thing to do, so now we have a one stop shop for everything going on in my crazy life.

With that being said, I welcome you all to my blog *insert spirit fingers here.* We are about to get all upclose and personal, you all will see all my imperfections (and I mean all of them because I am sure this is going to be filled with typos, dingy spray tans and my broken out face) and I am so excited for this new chapter! Thank you all for pushing me to make this happen, I am so grateful to have such an amazing support system like you all. Now let's get this ball rolling (or maybe I should say-- Sarah get your shit together and write more blog posts...)



  1. Congrats!! Been following you for awhile, so happy for you!
    Xo, Alexis

  2. Yes girl!! So happy you started your blog, you've talking about one for a while now! Been a follower for a long time, love you and congrats!��

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you made one. Already looking forward to future posts! :)

  4. Yayy this is super fun! I have loved your videos for yearsssss!!


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  7. Congratulations, Sarah! I'm so excited for you and you are a great writer! I have been following you on YouTube and Instagram for years now, so I can't wait to see the new content you create. You actually inspired me to start blogging (because I'm not good on camera so YouTube wasn't an option lol).

    I use Grammarly to check all of my posts.. just a suggestion for checking for typos :) please feel free to reach out to me if you have any blog questions. I would love to chat!


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  8. Congratulations girl on starting your blog! I'm excited to see what you have in store for all of us!



  9. Congrats! I can't wait to read more.


  10. You need your own blog/life app like how the kardashians have one

  11. This is seriously so rude. Why not uplift and support other people? If you don't like what she's doing then unfollow her. You shouldn't have looked at her website in the first place.

  12. So excited for you Sarah! Can't wait to read more from you :)

    xo, Sarah | texasweettea.com

  13. Congrats girl!

    Been following for a while - still remember when you had another blog along with your YouTube and glad you're doing it again!!

    Best of luck from Chicago,


  14. Yay! So excited for more posts! ✨

  15. Ever since your Letter To My 18 Year-Old Self video I've been dying for you to start a blog and when I found out you and Krista were friends I knew it was bound to happen eventually! So so beyond excited for this journey you're about to embark!!! Love always ❤️

  16. So excited to read more from you!

  17. Yay!!! I love you I can't wait to read all your posts!

  18. I am SO excited you made a blog!

  19. YAY! I am excited to add your blog to my list. I am already loving the content. Jess at Just Jess

  20. I have been watching your videos ever since your room was teal and you monogrammed about everything you possibly could hahah! I can't wait for from you - you are a fabulous writer!!