23 Things I Learned at 23.

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! I'm 24... (holy shit fml panicking a lot a bit.) In honor of my 24th birthday, I wanted to celebrate by doing a special birthday post (with embarrassing pictures from my past because hello, it's me) and tell you guys 23 things I learned at 23. For those of you who don't know, 23 sucked for me, but it's okay. I'm pretty confident that 24 will be better. #optimistic

1. Carrying around little bottles (or maybe even 2oz bottles) of Tabasco sauce in your purse will make your life SO much better. No more asking for Tabasco sauce at restaurants to only be disappointed to hear "Is Cholula okay?" NO, IT IS NOT OKAY, OKAY?!

2. "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't!" But really, finding a good gym that you actually like, that you actually want to work out in is very, very important because then you'll actually want to go. Simple as that.

3. Peacock chairs, bell bottoms and white cowboy boots (get mine here) are *cool* again which is the coolest thing to happen at 23... kidding... kinda.

4. Time is speeding up so don't waste it. I feel like I wasted so much time this past year. I felt like the last few months in LA was filler (and no, not the kind that goes in my lips LOL... dad joke?)

5. If you don't like something about yourself and you want to change something, change it. Your opinion is the only one that matters. I TWIRL ON DEM HATERS. I got my lips filled at 23 and a small change like that, makes me feel better about myself. I don't listen to anyone else. Does me getting my lips filled hurt you in anyway? Nope. Didn't think so. Moving on.

6. Blaming your actions on being drunk isn't cute or cool anymore. Not saying I partied much at 23 because I didn't, I actually became a 75 year old woman at 23. It might be because im a 75 year old woman now that I think when people justify their actions with being drunk, that it's so immature. I don't know. It just rubs me the wrong way.

7. Be cool with being alone. Being single is fun. When I was single, men were like pokemon cards, I had to catch them all. Go on dates. Find out what you like and don't like. If they are great guys but you don't have a future with them, you can still be cool with them. Be selfish but be respectful.

8. Mr. Right comes at the most unexpected time. So damn cliche, but so damn true.

9. Mix ketchup and hot sauce. It'll the nectar of the Gods. I think I was put on Earth to spread this life hack with you all.

10. Calm down with the Postmates and UberEATS. Laziness effects your body and bank account... trust me. Use it sparingly.

11. Fair-weather friends are pretty much a thing of the past and it's SO awesome. Drama decreases which is great but the best part is you really find out who your real friends are.

12. Everyone has something to say with every life choice you make but that doesn't mean you have to listen. It's important to remember that everyone in their 20's and 30's are going about the different chapters of life at different rates. You can't live your life the way someone else wants you to live your life, you have to live it the way you want to live it.

13. Revivals of TV shows aren't a good idea. Can we talk about the disappointment that occured at 23 for me because of the Gilmore Girls revival? Also... why is Logan still extremely attractive and why is Rory still stupid?

14. Every weekend there will be a new wedding album on Facebook to creep on and if you're anything like me, you're not mad about it. I love wedding pictures. I want all the wedding pictures to creep on. Facebook friends, thanks for getting married.

15. Stop buying a different color shirt than your usual color "because you own too much of one color" because you're not going to wear it. Buy it in your go-to color. I buy all the white shirts.

16. Acai bowls taste so much better at a juicery than homemade. This could just be me but all acai bowl recipes that I've tried are not even comparable to buying one at a restaurant. One day I'll get there. Maybe 24 will be the year I perfect the at home acai bowl.

17. The song "Africa" will never get old. You can't listen to this song and not smile. You also can't listen to it just once.

18. Go to Stagecoach. I was a dumbass and passed on the opportunity to go to Stagecoach this year and Coachella. I regret missing both of them. Honestly I probably think about missing Stagecoach daily. I know, its such a "first world problem" but I am so mad at myself for not going.

19. Chick-fil-a Sauce has like 140 calories in each small container. Sorry to ruin your day. But wow, what a life lesson. Treasure ever nugget dipped in this sauce form of heaven that we are undeserving of.

20. You become an adult when you realize you know your social security number by heart. Like im 99% sure that's a right of passage to adulthood.

21. Booties > any other form of a shoe. I wear booties in the summer, I wear booties in the winter. Booties rock. Why does booties look so weird typed out? I don't know. You can dress up booties, you can dress them down. Seriously the best shoe ever. I buy all the booties. Okay... I am done saying booties now.

22. White bedding is hard to maintain. Why does no one ever talk about this?! I feel like it is my duty to raise awareness for this serious topic. it's so important. White bedding get so dirty. I spill diet coke on mine like weekly, my spray tan makes my sheets look like I'm just a dirty human and before you know it, that white bedding is in need of a replacement.

23. Political opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one and they all stink. Sorry for another dad joke on my blog but let me explain this one... I don't discuss politics with anyone anymore. We live in a world where everyone gets so offended so easily and are so hard headed that nothing you try to argue or say will change another persons political views. I know this will probably get some backlash but I don't really care. I don't let other peoples poltical opinions impact how I view that person just because they believe something different than my own belief.

I almost kept going after 23 and then I was like woah, slow down Sarah. So there you have it, the 23 things I learned at 23. While birthdays are getting less exciting as the years go on, I still believe we should celebrate each birthday. You are one year older and that should be exciting. Okay, maybe not exciting, but it' s a small victory and always celebrate the small victories in life :) So heres to 24. I am excited for all you have to offer. 


  1. Love it!!! I completely agree about the politics discussion, people just get upset and it's not worth it!

  2. happy birthday Sarah Belle!

  3. Loved every bit of this!! I've been following you for awhile now. I turn 23 next month, thank you for being so real

  4. this is the least cliche "X things I learned at X" and i love it

  5. Happy Birthday!
    I love this post! I totally agree on #23!

  6. I'm sorry but I thought you were actually going to tell us IMPORTANT things that you learned, not just crap you learned in the past year. Guess what, booties look stupid being worn in the summer and peacock chairs aren't "cool again" no matter how much you think they are. This was just a dumb, passive-aggressive list of useless information. Don't get gross spray tans and white bedding, it's common sense. Everyone these days knows their social number, not just adults. You're not "old" at 24 so stop saying it. No one cares if you don't go to a festival just to take pictures. Yeah I sound negative and picky but no one seems to care about this stuff as much as you do.

    1. Which is precisely why this is the blog of "Sarah belle" and not you, or me, or anyone else who reads this. She shared with us 23 things SHE learned. If you don't enjoy the content she shares just don't read it! There are plenty of bloggers who's content will align with your own opinions & interests!

      Have a wonderful Saturday!

      P.S.- You do you Sarah

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  8. Sounds like you set yourself up for disappointment there buddy. "Important" is extremely subjective. If you want to definie what is "important," why not start your own blog (platforms are free), and lay out exactly what you think is important, so every other blogger you read in the future has something to reference when writing their own blog posts so as not to offend you in the future! Kay? K. Glad to see people still think the world/internet revolves around their personal feelings.

  9. I really think every time I watch one of your vlogs or read a blog post I think we're like.. the same person. Hahah, happy birthday ladyyyy!

  10. Mini tabasco is life changing. I honestly feel like my life would be better if I traveled with a mini Tony's (Louisiana spice). Sooooo good. Happy birthday Sarah! I've been following you since you were in high school and I have always loved your sense of humor lol.


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  12. Moving from Canada my husband gave Mel heck for carrying my social security number around so I had to keep that shit on lock my memory!!!! It is. Very convenient to have it memorized but there are just enough passwords numbers and codes you have to remember in this life it can get exhausting!!!!

  13. Love this! You're killing the blog game!!!

  14. Omg dude love this post. Cannot RT #1 and #9 MORE! glad someone else feels the same way about Tobasco as me <3

  15. Jade L, you need to get some hobbies other than trolling on Sarah's blog. Girl what is you doiiin