Top: Show Me Your Mumu // Shorts: Show Me Your Mumu // Choker & Earrings: Jay Nicole
Booties: Free People // Hat: Lack of Colors

Let me start this blog post with telling you all a little secret, are you ready for this? I didn't think I was going to actually like Bonnaroo but wow was I wrong. Bonnaroo was actually a blast. We had perfect weather, perfect company, good food and great music... What was there to not love about it?! I was super nervous because everyone in the comments beforehand was telling me that I would look like a loser if I dressed up, but I did not feel out of place at all! Haters got to my head for a second but as soon as I stepped on the grounds, I quickly realized no one actually cared about how ANYONE dressed. Some people were dressed up, some people were basically naked, but no one cared. Everyone was there for the music and it was the greatest energy to be around.

In addition to that, I got to go to Bonnaroo with an amazing brand. I attended the event with Soap & Glory, a brand I've used for years, so basically it was a dream come true. I'll be posting some of the snaps and videos they put together on their IG's throughout the next couple blog posts, I hope you enjoy those!

Day 1 was super chill. Unfortunately, I didn't stay at the farm long on Thursday because I was still getting over a sickness from earlier in the week, but I was there long enough to catch a few sets while snagging a few pictures for the blog! I wore this adorable shirt and short set by Show Me Your Mumu to Day 1 and actually at the end of the week, I asked my boyfriend what his favorite outfit of mine was and he said this one! So I guess it was a hit. It's so fun and just genuinely cute, you all know how much I love my Mumu. With the set, I went the layered necklace route (the cross choker here is my favorite and the earrings) and paired it all with western boots and a black hat (that was basically glued to my head the rest of Bonnaroo.)

My favorite set from the day was Luke Combs. This may not come as a surprise to any of you because he's a country artist and I LOVE my country music. We only caught the end of his set but that's okay because we got to hear his biggest hit which is "Hurricane" along with a few others.