I'm a Marshmallow

Sweatshirt: Anthropologie // Sweatpants: Anthropologie // Sandals: Free People 
Sunglasses: Miu Miu

This set.... it's like marshmallow fluff chic. No but really, this set is the comfiest and coziest set in the entire world. The literally wear this everywhere. You look like a bad betch when you wear this grocery shopping or running errands and you feel like you're wearing your pajamas. 

As you guys know I am OBSESSED with wide leg pants this season and these are no exception. The only downfall is its only available in white, which I love, but it shows dirt so easily. The day I can wear this set and not get my foundation on it will be the day I have my shit together. Until then, I'll be lounging around in my comfy set and dropping food on it. Life goes on.

MORAL OF THE STORY: If people think you look like a marshmallow or snowman, just know you are the comfiest marshmallow or snowman to ever exist in this set.

By the way, happy first of June. I hope everyone has a blast paying their rent today. *sigh*


  1. Oh my gosh, you kill me, always making me laugh. You look adorable! Are the pants too thick for summer?

  2. Marshmallow fluff chic... I love it! Love you Sarah and I am LOVING your blog ��

  3. Please do a post about the do's and don't's of spray tanning! xo