My Favorite Free People Dress EVER: Cognac on Cognac on Cognac

What is your favorite clothing item that you constantly reach for in your closet? No matter the season, mine is always the Free People Retro Love Suede Dress. You're now probably thinking, "Sarah, you crazy betch, why are you wearing a suede dress in the middle of the summer?" And to answer your question, no it's really not that hot. It's by no means cool but surprisingly it doesn't feel like you're walking around in a potato sack all day when you wear this suede dress.

Dress: Free People // Booties: Free People (ON SALE HERE) // Hat: Lack of Color //
Sunglasses: Rayban // Lipstick: "Rock Steady" by Urban Decay

Everytime I wore this dress to work at Free People, some customer would end up buying one by the end of the shift. I'm telling you, it's magical. I own this dress in 3 colors. Yes, you read that correctly... 3 colors: dark brown, cognac and rose. I gotta collect them all, my modern day pokemon cards. It isn't the cheapest dress at Free People but I think it is worth every penny! By the way, I own this dress in an XS and a Small, they both fit just if you want a tighter & shorter fit, size down! I usually wear a small in Free People dresses.

To, quite literally, top off this outfit, I am wearing the brown version of the black hat I've been wearing in past posts. My 70's vibes booties match the suede dress perfectly so I'm obsessed. I actually wore this dress and booties combo to my friend's engagement this weekend, my friends kept calling me Pocahontas, I definitely wasn't mad about that. I thought 70's vibes but I guess Pocahontas works too.

Lesson from this post: I guess you can never have too many suede dresses... Buy them all.


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  2. Wow, this look is 100% a mess. It's really, really bad Sarah. And that's not coming from someone who is trying to write a hate comment. This is coming from someone who if we were together in the same room trying on outfits and i saw you in this I would not let you walk out the door. You just look damn silly. I'm not trying to hate, it's just constructive criticism. You gotta tone it down a lot.

    1. Shouldn't you be doing something productive with your time instead of trolling on my blog? you leave hate comments, they get deleted and then you visit again to leave the same hate comment again. Give up and GTFO of here. Bye.

    2. YO JADE never tell a girl to "tone down" her style because there is not a damn thing wrong with wanting to stand out.

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  4. I think this outfit is adorable! And the best part is that YOU love it and YOU feel confident in it! Rock whatever the hell you want and ignore the self hating losers posting stupid comments!

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