My First Friday Five: 6.30.17

I remember when I first discovered fashion blogs probably 7 years ago, I loved reading bloggers' Friday Fives... It was my way of getting to know the bloggers that I followed more than just fashion posts and I knew that if someday I were to start a blog, I'd just *have* to do the same. There's something so happy about sharing things you love with people and getting to see if people love them too.  Fast forward 7 years and here I am, sitting here writing my first Friday Five...

 1. ALV Jewels

I feel so put together whenever I have an outfit accessorized so big shoutout to ALV Jewels for sending me these amazing necklaces! I did an upboxing on my Instagram Story about a week ago and have been wearing the necklaces nonstop. They are so fun to layer or wear alone but clearly I've been loving the layered look. My recent favorite combination being the Dangle Y Necklace, Coin Choker, Coin Y Necklace, All Gold Crescent and Cross Choker. Yes, 5 necklaces is aggressive, I'm aware, but a little over accessorizing never hurt anyone!

Also in the package was the adorable pave brown arrowhead, literally so stunning I can't even handle it. It's so sparkly. This past weekend I wore it with an old off the shoulder tie-dye romper from ASOS that complimented it perfectly. I wish I would've taken a picture of it but I was running on like 7% battery that day. Nice going Sarah! I've linked all the lovely necklaces in this post! Definitely go check them out for your layering needs!

2. My New Hat Wall

I've turned into a big hat person recently. I've always loved hats but I am obsessed with hats right now... I've gotten 4 in the past month... I need to be stopped. With all these hats I was a little flustered as to where I wanted to store them because they were accumulating on top of my fridge (classy girl right here.) I love the look of hat walls for decoration so I decided to take a swing at it, went to my junk drawer, found 6 command strip hooks and put them up. So easy a caveman could do it. My current favorite hats are by Lack of Color, big fan of The Eastwood and The Lasso.

3. Antique Malls

About 2 weeks ago I was doing a late night browsing on Craigslist for rattan and wicker furniture. I randomly do this like every few weeks and search both Nashville's craigslist and Cincinnati's craigslist since I have family in the Northern Kentucky area. Anyway, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that there was a listing for a rattan patio set for only 30 dollars at a Cincinnati antique mall. I quickly looked at the location and realized it was about 5 minutes from my brothers work, texted him and he picked it up for me the next day. I am still shook about it all. What a steal. It'll be the last of my rattan purchases for this apartment (knock on wood) but now I just need a nice outdoor rug and I'll be good to go!

4. My Birthday Top... for 1/4 of the price...

Yes, you read that correctly... I found you all a dupe for my Frasier Sterling top that I wore on my birthday at Bonnaroo. Y'all know I love this top but is it worth $200? Not necessarily because the back clasp comes easily undone if you have too much movement. Had I known this, would I have purchased it? Still probably yes because it was the perfect top for a birthday. Now that I've found a dupe for a fourth of the price, I obviously had to pass it along to you guys. You're welcome. Hold the applause.

Here is a direct link to the top, I found it for $58 as opposed to $200!

5. Revamped Blog

A little lame favorite of a "Friday Five" but I got a new layout for my blog! So here's the thing, I loved my old blog layout but it was a little too hard for me to read and I hated the sidebar. So I took matters into my own hands and found myself a new one. This one is cleaner, easier to navigate, very me. I love it! And I love these new Friday Fives. I feel like I'm going to have so much fun writing these *hopefully* every week for y'all!

Have an AMAZING weekend and thanks for tuning in for my first Friday Five!


  1. I've followed you for years & always wished you would start a blog! So glad you did :) ignore any naysayers — I am always eager to keep up with anything you do!

  2. The jewelry and hat wall are so cute! I really love the new way you are taking with your YouTube channel and blog! I've been following you since you've started and I love to see how you've grown and have made videos about your experiences! I really hope you make a post about the Nordstrom anniversary sale!

  3. Love this post! ALV jewels are my fav!

  4. Its nice that you post fashion and home decor. I love your style and look to it as inspiration. I'm on the hunt for my first peacock chair thanks to your YouTube video:) love love love.

  5. Im loving that you are consistently keeping up with you blog! I hate when i find a new blog to follow and then they stop posting!