The Comfiest Jeans Ever

Honestly, who is surprised I haven't rocked my typical denim-on-denim outfit on my blog yet?! I know I am... But what better way to ring in my denim obsession than with a post with Wrangler! I am so excited to be working with Wrangler today to bring you all this post featuring all the items that I picked up from the Wrangler 70th Anniversary Release!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my story when I went to Acme Feed & Seed to check out the collection in real life. One of the workers was rocking these jeans and I knew right then and there that those had to come home with me... and they did. I mean c'mon, how can you go wrong with stretchy and comfortable high-waisted bell bottoms?! You just can't.

I was drawn to this t-shirt because it just gave off 70's vibes which is what I'm all about this season. It's just an overall happy t-shirt, you look at it and just feel good. Plus a girl can never have too many t-shirts. I tucked the shirt in in some of the pictures and then in a few others, I had it tied in a knot for an almost cropped feel. Then to complete the "Canadian tuxedo" I added the cropped denim jacket on top! I love the mixture of different shades of denim and these two different colors complement each other.

To keep this vintage feel to the outfit, I opted for brown accessories. My go-to brown booties are seriously the most comfortable booties ever, my trusty western-inspired hat and fringe bag help tie this outfit together. Then to top it all off, I chose my red circle lens! I forgot I had these, but now that I found them you will probably be seeing them more! 

Did you grow up wearing Wrangler jeans like I did? When I told my dad I was partnering with Wrangler, he was so jealous and asked if the father of the blogger got a new outfit too. To be fair, he is where I get my love for denim-on-denim from! In the wintertime, he always wears a denim button down with the same color wash Wranglers. It's basically his uniform. Like father, like daughter I guess.

Find Wrangler's 70th Anniversary release here.


  1. I seriously want a good pair of high waisted jeans! These are so cute!


    1. It's super hard to find a good pair of high waisted jeans for plus size ladies like myself. I've been looking. Still haven't found...

  2. Hey Sarah! So glad you've started a blog. I'm really enjoying the great photos and outfits. I can hear your voice in your writing too, it's like i'm watching one of your youtube videos - but i get points for reading! haha.

  3. Dose of kindness here in the comments section ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 Super cute!!! You are doing an amazing job!! Keep up the good work!!! I'm really enjoying following your adventures!!

  4. Hi! You and I went to the same university together, I'm a Phi Sig though. I've been following your YouTube channel for a while now and obviously your blog, etc. I totally love your unique style and YouTube channel, especially the most recent video you posted about feeling lost-totally relatable and something I needed to hear. Thumbs up and keep up the awesome work! :)