12 Best Instagram Photo Ops & Murals: A Nashville Guide

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I love a good wall mural to take an Instagram just as much as the next basic betch, I have 0 shame. I use to get so embarrassed whenever I'd ask someone, whether that be my friends, moms, boyfriend, to take a picture of me, but after years of asking that dreaded, "Can you take my picture?" It has become almost second nature. Like I said, I have no shame. I feel like you guys might be the same because that's our generation! 

Now since it's the summertime, I know a lot of y'all are going to be visiting Nashville and anytime I post a picture that in an "Instagram-worthy" location, you guys want to know exactly where it is! I mean, I can't blame you, I'm the same way whenever I see someone Instagram a cool wall mural because I end up Instagram creeping until I find the exact location! (Side note: that came out a lot more stalkerish than I intended... but you understand me, right?) This obviously doesn't list every mural in the city, just some of my favorite ones! Comment below if you think there is one I must go to that I missed. So here it is, the ultimate guide for the best photo ops in Nashville, TN!

1. Five Points Bears
East Nashville: Woodland St. & 11th St 
Obviously, I had to start off strong with my favorite wall in Nashville! I'm not sure why I love this mural as much as I do, it could be because this was actually the first Instagram stop when I came to Nashville for the first time last year.  It's located in East Nashville at Five Points, so while you're there you can hit up one of my favorite restaurants Tenn Sixteen for a bite!

2. Amelia's Flower Truck
The Gulch, 12 South, Edgehill
I mean... c'mon. Every girl is a victim of this one, it's just so freakin' cute. How could you not want to take a picture in front of it and splurge on some flowers?! When Caitlin and I visited, the truck was at Edgehill but I know it's often found at 12 South and the Gulch so just keep your eyes peeled for that adorable truck!

3. I Believe in Nashville Mural
12 South by Draper James
Another classic and kind of a must when you're visiting from out of town. My advice to you though is to avoid that area on the weekends or else you'll be standing in a long line for a photo. No judgement here though if you do, I waited 20 minutes for a picture infront of the Welcome to Vegas sign... girls gotta do what girls gotta do.

4. The Parthenon 
2500 West End Ave
 It's probably on your list of places to visit anyway while in Nashville, so might as well make a great photo op out of it! It's a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. In my 3 months here in Nashville, I've taken blog photos here twice already. (Post on this outfit coming soon.) Plus there's a lot of greenery around which leads me to... 
5. Centennial Park
2500 West End Ave
This park is gorgeous. There's so many beautiful trees, walkways, flowers, lakes, everything you could possibly want if you are looking to take pictures or just go for a beautiful stroll. I love Centennial Park, I couldn't recommend it enough!

6. Flower Mural
2900 12 Ave South
This mural is located on the side of Green Pea Salon in 12 South. While it's less popular than the Draper James wall, in my opinion it's way prettier! Who doesn't love flowers? Fun fact: there is the Make Music, Not War mural right across from it. Hit them all up in 12 South.

7. Stay Tuned Mural
East Nashville: 625 Main St
If you're visiting, this is one of the best murals to check out. It more than likely won't have a long line to take a picture because it's in East Nashville and not in the most touristy location. It says Nashville though so incase you forget where you are, you can look up and see it written on the wall and you'll quickly remember. (BTW- post coming soon on this outfit!)

8. East Nashville Mural
East Nashville: Eastland & Gallatin
Another classic one that says exactly where you are. There are actually a few throughout Nashville, the other one is located at 600 Main St and is grey & white instead of white & grey!

9. The Pedestrian Bridge
Downtown Nashville
You can access the bridge from either East Nashville by the Nissan Stadium or from downtown on 3rd St. My favorite time to go on the Pedestrian bridge is at night or at sunset. Nothing beats the city lights at night though!

10. Broadway 
Downtown Nashville
I know this is pretty vague but Downtown Nashville has so many rooftop bars, industrial style doors, boot shops and neon signs that you can't really go wrong with all Broadway has to offer. If you're going for strictly pictures though, I recommend going during the week in the morning!

Shirt: Peppermayo // Belt: B-Low the Belt // Jeans: Levis // Sunglasses: Vera Wang
11. Three Brothers Coffee
2813 West End Ave
This is one that my boyfriend and I stumbled into this week actually... unfortunately for us we arrived 3 minutes after they closed so my poor boyfriend couldn't get his coffee BUT we did get a picture specifically for this post! So moral of the story: if you're actually going for coffee, look up the times.

12. Ivy Wall
12 South: 1200 Elmwood Ave 
This one is for my fellow bloggers who might need a good "clean" wall for a blog post or maybe someone looking for a good wall for senior pictures, whatever it may be, this wall located in 12 South is gorgeous! I've had many shoots that start in the 12 South area here!

 So that's it. Those are my top 12 favorite Instagram locations in Nashville! If you guys want to see one that is talking about my favorite "Instagramable" restaurants/shops, let me know in the comments below or connect with me on my other social medias! I hope you all enjoyed this post and have the best time ever visiting Nashville!


  1. This is so helpful! It can be so difficult to find posts like this for any city, so thank you! Can't wait to visit Nashville someday! - Emma | Dash of Serendipity

  2. I love this post! Thanks for sharing! Hopefully I'll be able to visit Nashville sometime in the near future :)

  3. I love that a lot of it isn't the "common" ones that everyone talks about when visiting Nashville! I'm going to check a lot of these out the next time I'm in Nashville.

    Katie | Katherine Liz

  4. Love this post!!!! It was so helpful considering I am coming to Nashville July 15. Maybe I will see you around!

  5. I needed this post!! I'm going to Nashville in like 22 days (!!!!) so this came at the perfect time!

  6. Love love love this! But just a little thing I noticed. It's the Parthenon, not the Pantheon 😉 Keep up the killer blog posts, girl. I'm loving them!

  7. Why are you "so proud" of this post? All you did was insert some photos and add the address. Half of these were tourist places. Boring, boring, boring.

    1. ...why do you have to put people down? Like, what did you get out of wasting your time and leaving a negative comment?

    2. if you ever write a blog, which i doubt you will ever do, you would know that it takes a lot more work and planning than that. Editing pictures, narrowing down which locations i liked the most, finding pictures from a year ago that correlate with the locations, finding the location for the address because many aren't found online, going back to find similar style clothes because many things are sold out and people want something similar and not to mention WRITING IT TOO. so yeah thats a lot of work that I'm proud of and clearly people like what I'm doing so please stop trolling my blog. you're getting nowhere in life. Grow up and stop hiding behind your anonymous alter ego Jade.

    3. No one asked you to link your sponsored retype clothing pieces, and all your photos look the exact same so if the most difficult work you do in life is deciding which photo of yourself you like best then I feel bad for you. Your writing is very sloppy and not professional sounding. I'm entitled to my own opinions, Sarah.

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  9. I loved this Sarah!! I visited Nashville for the first time in June and I wish I went to some of the ones you mentioned, but I did make it to most of them! I currently work in NYC but I can totally see myself working in Nashville someday! I absolutely love it there. I am a blogger as well and it was a dream shooting there!! Great post girl! <33

  10. Thank you so much for this post Sarah! I want to move to Nashville after I finish college and love seeing your Nashville posts and videos!!

  11. Hey Sarah!! When you post a link to your instagram bio, use the website bitly.com and it will shorten your link!!
    Like this: http://bit.ly/2syK22Z. Just a tip! I work in PR and we always do that. PS. LOVE you and your blog. Definitely my style icon!!
    xx - Avery

  12. I loved all the murals we came across when we were there in June!The "wings" in downtown were of course the most popular with a line down the block!Needless to say, I did not wait in that line! There was an interesting one in Hillsboro Village down from Pancake Pantry.On the side of a shop...believe it was a reptile of some sort?? A dragon maybe...
    Centennial Park was amazing! Was there at dusk...sun was setting...gorgeous! Loved the 5 Points area!And 5 Points Pizza...OMG! I can't wait to get back to Nashville...it stole my heart ❤

  13. I went to Nashville last October for a surprise birthday girls trip my best-friend and gal pals planned for me! I went to most of these and they're so cool! You definitely have to visit the side of Reese Witherspoon's store Draper James and the infamous wings mural in the Gulch! Loved this post!

  14. wow Sarah don't let the haters get ya down! I've been following you since 2012 (I was an avid watcher who won one of your giveaways lol!) and am so glad you started this blog!!! keep doing what you're doing❤❤ - Meredith

  15. I'm living vicariously through you with your move and your new life in Nashville! I visited Nash for spring break this year and I fell completely in love with the city. Someday I will live there but for now, I am LOVING watching all of your new adventures! Thanks for making this content and keep doing you, Sarah! 💕😊

  16. Ahh, I love that you shared this-I've been to Nashville before but I'm returning in August and would love to obviously get some more cool Insta pics ;) Two of my favorites that you didn't mention are the Wings in the Gulch & the Welcome to Smashville one at Bridgestone!

    xoxo, SS


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