30 Things Every 20-Something Woman Should Know

The other day when I was driving, I was deep thought (okay, maybe not that deep but still) when I realized, "Holy shit, I'm in my MID 20's... HOW?!" I swear one day I was turing 21, sitting on my bathroom floor getting sick while Caitlin played the song "Yeah" by Usher and then I blinked and now I'm 24... the girl who can't even begin to fathom how I ever chose "Birthday Cake" flavor vodka to drink. It's a scary realization when it hits you that you are actually growing up, or worse, you're grown up. I might have not made the best decisions in my early 20's, but those bad decisions taught me so much and molded me into the 24 year old that's writing this blog post. 

So today I am sharing with you guys 30 things I wish I would've known entering my 20's in hopes that it will help you out. Maybe it'll be the little thing you needed to hear or maybe it's just something to read that will resignate with you and bring you back to a certain time in your life. If that's the case, feel free to leave me a comment! I would love to hear how you like this post and if you want to hear the other 20 things, head on over to my YouTube channel!

1. You will feel like one of your years in your 20's is a waste. Obviously not everyday in the year is a bad day, but inevitably I feel like everyone I know has a "shit year" at some point in their lives... highly likely it's in their 20's, a decade full of heartbreaks, job growth, goal chasing and all the other emotional stuff.

2. Instagram is no reflection of how great someones life is. Let's be honest, it's all a show. No one takes pictures of them being disappointed.

3. We are never truly stuck. The great thing about being in our 20's is everything is ever changing so when you are in a rut, you can change something to get yourself out of that rut. It's so great.

4. Write your goals out. When you write your goals out, they become more real. Write them out, whether its your goal for the day, week, year or 10 years. 

5. The "right" life partner for you will be the one that you supports you, that wants to you succeed, that wants to show you off. Do not settle for anything less than that. I know it's cliche, but it's true.

6. Keep in touch with your parents and grandparents, try to do so daily. It only takes 5 seconds to text your mom and dad to tell them you love them. They might not support some of your life choices but you can still love and respect them! Thank them for what they've done for you.

7. The library is still a thing after college. Free books and you should never stop reading because you learn more that way!

8. Everyone else is scared of the future, we just pretend we aren't. What does the future hold? Who knows. The unknown is always nerve-wrecking.

9. Quality over quanity. I know, annoyingly cliche. But in our 20's, it's time to start to buying clothes that we really like and actually want to wear. 

10. Learn the proper way to do a wine tasting. I don't know how to do this but let me know when you figure it out because I have no idea what I'm doing. Wine tastes like wine to me. I'm no expert but I feel like so many girls these days are. I know a Miller though when I taste one.

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  1. Having major "WTF" thoughts when looking at this outfit. The shoes are horrific. Also practice what you preach: you buy SOOO much clothing and yet you seem to only wear the same 3 things. I can't name a single classic, staple piece I've seen you in. You entire wardrobe is about quantity and trendy items. No quality from what I've seen.

    1. Why are you OBSESSED with commenting on Sarah Belle's blog? You always seem to be the first person here when she posts, yet you never have anything nice to say. Why do you even read?

      PS: "Quality" means buying the style that suits YOU. It doesn't have to mean wearing LBDs and trench coats 24/7. I love Sarah's outfit and it really suits her.

    2. I'm not always the first one to comment. She gets like 5 comments so it's not exactly difficult for someone to be first. Also yeah look at her clothes: name ONE classic item that she wears. She even wears a damn fake Cartier ring!

    3. Why spend your time reading, then? My suggestion for you is to quit putting others down and spend more time lifting them up. There's no reason to spread negativity. Do your thing, Sarah! I happen to love your outfits and your style and thank you for putting so much of your personal life out into the world for all to see. :)

  2. I absolutely love this set! I've had my eye on it but I wasn't sure... you've confirmed that I should go get it 0:-)

    1. yes i love this set! super cute just beware you gotta wear a bandeau with it!!

  3. Love this! I am 20 and about to be a senior in college, which means I GRADUATE this year. To say I am terrified is an understatement. My degree is in broadcast journalism but I am honestly torn between like three different careers, I have no idea where I want to live and I can't even decide if I want to go to grad school or not. BUT that's what your 20s are about and I just have to learn to embrace the unknown! AHHHH. Haha. Love your blog (:

  4. I think grad school is worth it but the extra debt isn't. Sooo try to get a future job to pay for it or look into scholarships and stuff. But yeah, a bachelors isn't worth all that much these days (though it is better than nothing)

  5. That last one about wine tasting was a bit weird (though maybe 24 yo me will think it's necessary) the others were cute

  6. So much yes in this.
    I turned 25 this year and I always find it fascinating to reflect on things I've learned.


  7. I turned 24 this year too and it was the fastest year of my life! Love following you Sarah, we've gone on similar journey's since graduation in 2015! Love you positive response to She Who Shall Not Be Named who always posts negatively. xo

  8. ugh yes, I love this post. I'm 22 and feel like a preteen to my mid twenties and it's petrifying.

    you are SLAYING this look.
    xoxo, Shelbie <3

  9. I am 20, and I feel like all these things are true, I am so scared for what the future is to hold once I graduate in two years. What kind of job will I have, where will I live and how I am not doing much currently to prepare myself. It's nice to know that others are in the same situation as me.
    Meg // MySprinkleofPrep.wordpress.com

  10. I loved this post so very much! I'm 21, almost 22, and I really relate to all of this. I'll be a senior in college this fall and I'm freaking out about the future and I feel like everyone else around me is just so calm and collected �� But thank you for this post and for your little bit of insight because we all need it sometimes!

    Love you sarah!

  11. Love this set! Bought it a couple weeks ago but I can't figure out how to wear the bottoms as they are quite see-through in the back even with nude undies! Wondering what you wear with it??