Who doesn't sing "Hollaback Girl" when they see this dress? Anytime I try to spell 'bananas' I sing it to myself. I'm such a hashtag 90s kid and hashtag relatable. I've been meaning to do an entire post on this dress because this dress is everything!
I remember when I first saw this dress on Show Me Your Mumu's instagram, I screenshotted it and would lust over it until the day they put it for sale on their site. As soon as I saw it, I acted quick and within 3 days, it arrived on my doorstep (but not really my doorstep since I live in an apartment...) You might remember this dress from an instagram earlier this summer when I went out to dinner with my friend, Krista. When I wore it downtown, so many people stopped me and asked me where it was from, that's when I knew I had to do an entire blog post on it!

This dress makes me feel like a cool dad. I know you're probably thinking, "what the heck, Sarah?" Let me explain myself. Dad's love their Hawaiian shirts in the summertime and on vacations. This dress reminds me of those shirts, therefore I am a cool dad. Man, I am really selling this dress to y'all, aren't I? Yeah, probably not... Anyway... This print is available in so many other fun designs, even swimwear! If I didn't already own this dress, I'd probably consider buying it in the romper version but I have way too many of the rompers by Mumu in that style. A good problem to have I guess!

Now let me tell you about these shoes. These shoes are what dreams are made of. I originally bought a brown pair of these lace-up booties about a year and a half ago, then I talked them up so much that I even got Caitlin, then Caitlin's friend, then my friends to buy them. Yeah, they are that good. I originally bought them to wear to work (at the time I still worked at Free People) because my co-worker told me they were comfortable. I wore these during the holiday season in the stores (I was in California then clearly) and never once did they hurt my feet. These booties are worth every penny, plus they are available in so many different colors. I really want the nude pair but do I really need a 3rd pair? (Yes, I do.)

These pictures were taken at the Pantheon in Nashville, TN. I featured Centennial Park on my first Nashville travel guide, so if you haven't already checked that out, click here to read it! If you pay close attention to the pictures, my hair is super frizzy because it actually had just finished raining before we took these pictures. Fun fact... I mean, not that fun but still a fun fact. Happy Monday!