It's that time of the year... the Show Me Your Mumu 50% off sale. Now that I don't live in Los Angeles, I can no longer attend the Mumu Sample Sales (brb as I go cry to myself and host a pity party of 1) but I can hit up their online sale! Granted the prices aren't as crazy as they are at the sample sales, but I can still get down with it!!! And since I wear a lot of Show Me Your Mumu and you guys love it as much as me, I figured I would do an entire post rounding up my favorite pieces that are on sale and show you some amazing deals! Just enter "SUMMER50" at checkout and you will receive 50% off select items here!

I've had this set since last September and it's one of my favorite and staple Mumu pieces to date. I was originally going to do an entire blog post on this outfit but I couldn't have asked for a more fitting time to post it than during the 50% off sale. They don't have this color combo anymore but they do have the red version still and it's 50% off! I love the red but I ended up picking up a dress in the red instead! I mean how many sets does a girl need (don't answer that question or you will enable me to go buy the red set too...) 

The fun doesn't end there! Theres also the sleeveless version of my favorite jumpsuit that I wore to Remi's birthday and NYE this year on sale! Last time I checked there was only a large left but act quick! They also have a lot of staples available for sale too so get them while you can! Nothing beats my favorite Mumu white tops with denim high waisted jeans, it's my go-to!

And FINALLY! My picks that I bought/have in my cart right now! Who says I can't make multiple orders? GUILTY! What are you guys looking to buy during the 50% off sale? Don't forget the code is "SUMMER50."Let me know in the comments below!! HAVE A GREAT MONDAY!

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  1. Sarah, you are WORKING that striped jumpsuit! Keep doing your thing :)
    xo, Lauren |