What to Pack for a Lake Day

I'm back from Michigan and all I have to say is WOW, I wish I would've read into what to pack for a lake day. I did not pack accordingly. To be honest, I don't know the last time I went to the lake. I assume the last time was probably when I went to fraternity formals but usually we were too busy drinking beer to even be phased by the lake outside our windows... Sigh, college, how I miss it sometimes... 

Before I get into what I wish I packed for my time at the lake, can we talk about how much I adore this set by Blue Life. Okay, sorry again for wearing another set here on the blog but you might remember this skirt from Bonnaroo, I packed it my lake weekend too! Then wore the top for a day at Faster Horses. I'm just obsessed with the rust color of it, it's practical without being too much. The top and bottom together made the perfect lake day filled with wine.

What I Wish I Packed

1. Bug Spray: How did I forget to pack this? I guess I assumed I was above using bug spray, too old and mature for it... but nope. I regret 500% not wearing or bringing bug spray because I have a handful of bug bites all over my body and they itch like hell. I forgot how awful bug bites were. 
2. Multiple Swimsuits: I only packed one swimsuit thinking I wasn't going outside much but in reality being on a lake, you're probably going to be on the lake more than once. My favorite swimsuits are by Show Me Your Mumu, their one pieces are amazing! But I also found this adorable one from ASOS that is a bargain compared to the Mumu price tag, under $50. 
3. Shitty Flip Flops: Birkenstocks are cute but personally I don't like stepping in goose poop while wearing them. Go buy those Old Navy flip flops we all adored in middle school and bring them with you!
4. Koozies: I mean... obviously. Kinda important to keep something like this around you if you're drinking beer.
5. A Novel: Another basic thing that I forgot to pack with me. There are so many books that I want to read but I never actually do... so this would have been a great time to actually read those books. Since everyone likes getting in the water and I don't, a book would've been nice to fill that time!

What I'm Glad I Packed

6. Toothpaste: Now I didn't use this for anything but brushing my teeth, one of my subscribers tweeted me that to help ease bug bites, to put some toothpaste on it! I wish I would've known this before scratching the hell out of them.
7. Float & Pump: All I want is for my complex to allow floats in the pool and until that happens, I will be lusting over this champagne bottle float. Could it be more me?! I also wouldn't be opposed to becoming a mermaid that floats around on this shell float all day. No one likes blowing up the float on their own, so for like $10 you can buy a float pump. Practical and affordable.
8. Mexican Blanket: Thicker than a towel so it's good to lay on the grass even with the morning dew! I love my blanket, I keep it on my balcony on the rattan set I have outside but it's just so perfect that I want to order another one for my bedroom. The color I ordered is Fiesta. How festive, order it here!
9. Multiple Sunglasses: Preferably multiple cheap pairs just incase something bad happens to one, you always have a backup. Free People always has cute and trendy sunglasses for under $20!
10. Foundation with SPF: Skin cancer isn't a good thing, so try to prevent any forms of aging with SPF!

So there we have it, the 10 things that are essential for your time at the lake. What are your essentials for the lake? I'm still in disbelief over the amount of bug bites I have all over my body... even on my butt. Only I would manage to get bug bites on my butt. Just a day in the life of Sarah Belle, it's so glamorous sounding, isn't it? By the way, I posted a new video on my channel yesterday so be sure to check that out. It's a vlog from my time in Michigan and my boyfriend is in it, so y'all will for sure love it! 


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  2. Hey, I'm the one that suggested the tooth paste for your bug bites πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ˜Š hopefully you didn't scratch them too hard before you found out!

  3. Next time you come to Michigan go to the Great Lakes! You get the lake experience and great Michigan summer while at the same time it feels like the ocean, I'd recommend Lake Huron or Lake Michigan :)

    1. She doesn't like to explore the places she visits. She just settles for calling them the middle of nowhere

    2. You are so freaking salty. Chill dude. You don't have to post this on all her social media. "the middle of nowhere" isn't an insult, it just refers to non-urban areas.

    3. Just calling it like I see it