DIY Instagram Flower Wall

My patio was an eye sore for the first 4 months of living in my apartment. There. I said it. The view was impeccable overlooking downtown, but the rest of the 4x6 space... not so much. I was lost, I had no idea what to do with this ginormous plain white wall that couldn't be easily filled because it was so big! Thursday night I was scrolling on Pinterest (go follow me, I'm still addicted) and this flower backdrop wedding picture popped up and I was like "YES, THIS IS WHAT I NEED!" Obviously the wedding picture was with actual flowers and I decided to improvise. The next morning I went straight to Hobby Lobby.


What You Need

-6 or 7 bouquets of various fake flowers (I first looked at how long the stems of the fake flowers were, then counted the amount of flowers in the bouquet then calculated that it would be basically a set of flowers per 7ft strand. If your wall is longer, you will definitely need more! I've seen so many walls with multicolor flowers and it looked so cool but I went the safe route and chose all whites!)
-Cutter Tool (Or 2... I broke mine towards the end from cutting so many flowers... Oops.)
-Hot Glue Gun + Glue
-Heavy Duty Jewelry String
-Patience (This will take a few hours!)

Getting Started

So I did my best to photograph each step, but eventually it just got a little complicated being a one person production. I started by cutting each wire, or stem, off the bouquet with the wire cutter tool. I recommend watching your favorite show or listening to some music while you do this step because it takes a while cutting off like 70+ stems. Cut each one as far down as you can to ensure length! 

One I cut them all, I organized them by putting each flower type in a different pile so I could just pick randomly when deciding flowers for each garland strand! For each garland strand, I used about 7-8 flowers. I would just randomly pick them out of the piles, in no particular fashion, just mixing it up as much as possible because you don't want two strands to be the same.

With the flowers you have picked out for the first strand, you start hot gluing each flower together, stem to middle of the flower. I recommend holding them together until the glue dries because you want to make sure the flowers stick together. It's super easy, just very time consuming! Obviously it's worth it in the end though! Continue putting your garland strand together with various flowers in no particular order! Then repeat this step until you have however many strands you desire! I liked laying mine out as soon as I was done right next to each other to make sure nothing looked too repetitive. 

The next step is where things get pretty tricky. I cut a strand thats about 2 ft longer than the wall width that I was making this garland wall for "just incase" I messed things up. Better safe than sorry. I made a loop hole to use to hang on the thumbtack once we hang it up. Then I started to tie the string around the top flower head to, I always double knotted. I spaced each strand out about 7-8 inches, that was just my preference. It doesn't have to be perfect because once it's hanging up you won't be able to tell if one strand wasn't exactly 7 inches apart from the other. I just eyeballed it. Once you have the knots around each strand then make an end loop for the other thumbtack that will hold it up!

I recommend having someone else help you hang it up because it is a very difficult task as a one person army. But it's not impossible to do it alone, just be patient! That's it though. That's all you have to do to get your own "IG Worthy" Flower wall!

I am obsessed with how this turned out. Obsessed is actually an understatement. Not to toot my own horn, but it looks pretty badass! This DIY cost me about $60 to make and it was worth every penny. It added so much color to my boring white wall on my balcony. I think it'll be so cute to even do one for the Christmas time if you are in a warmer climate with Poinsettias or even just regular garland!

As for the rest of the balcony, well that's still under works but I am excited to show you guys the final product once I am done. I definitely need to get an outdoor rug, a plant, some lights... but it'll all look bomb with this flower wall! I know I will get a lot of questions about this patio set, unfortunately I got mine at an antique mall (for $30!!!!) but I know you can find very similar things on your local craigslist, antique malls or even etsy! If you're interested in this jumpsuit, I have it linked here!

So here's my question for you, do you think you're going to try it out?! If you do, you have to tag me in an IG or tweet so I can see it! Switch it up with different colors and variations, I'm so excited to see what you come up with.



  1. So cute! I'm definitely going to steal this idea for my home :) if I can make a recommendation, I would cut off a flower from the stem and glue it to the very ends so it's not so awkward with just the stem hangin down. Love it though!

  2. Omg this is so so cute! I'm going to make time to try this for my own balcony!


  3. Dying at how cute this turned out. I need your artsy-nesssss

  4. Sarah this is awesome!!! I will definitely be trying this out.

    Felly //

  5. This is such a cute/clever idea! I def want to try it.

  6. I love this so much! You did an awesome job, Sarah! I am going to try this for my balcony. Can't wait to see more DIY posts in the future!

  7. i love this so much!! definitely going to try it sometime :)

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