Fall Wishlist 2017

Yo Fall, I need you to come a little faster, thanks. I'm SO ready for fall, I feel like everyone is especially this year. I haven't had a "fall" in so long since living in LA and not really having seasons there, I remember last year when Caitlin and I went to a pumpkin patch, it was like 90 outside. Lovely. Now that I live in Nashville, I am excited for the different color leaves and to do all things fall related. I have a bunch of fun fall looks planned for the blog but also at the same time, I'm low key itching for the Holiday season... Shhh don't tell anyone.

9. Chloe // 10. Jennifer Haley // 11. Revolve // 12. Kendra Scott // 13. Chloe

No shocker here because I've always been obsessed with sets, jumpsuits and loud prints. Literally always been attracted to loud prints considering in college I was an avid Lilly Pulitzer fan... Maybe that's why I love Show Me Your Mumu so much and just the bohemian style in general because it involves layering different textures and patterns. The thing I want the most on this list is probably the pair of Chloe sunglasses... They are so "carpool mom" in the 70's. No?

I've always wanted one of the seasonal Chloe designed bags, the prints just are so beautiful but I always talk myself out of buying one because everyone always says to stick to plain bags... Not sure if that even applies to me though. This Chloe one is so rad.

What's on your list this fall? I love the Jennifer Haley bag, its under $500 which is amazing for a high quality bag. Leave me a comment below what you want the most this fall, I love hearing about what everyone is lusting over. We are all nosey, let's get off our high horses and admit it.


  1. Love your picks! That wildfox jumper is so cute! I'm lusting over a new pair of grlfriend denim jeans - I feel like jeans are such a staple for the fall! Keep your blogposts coming - I love them!

  2. There's nothing like the fall leaves changing colors

  3. My boyfriend has lived in Nashville for the past 2 years and I visit any chance I get! I loveeeee fall in Tennessee! The colors are amazing and there are so many cool things to do. Go to Gatlinburg if you get the chance. Most gorgeous place I've ever been in the fall time. You should do a meet up soon! I would love to meet when when I come down!

    1. Ive been to Gatlinburg in the fall when I was in college. Don't know if I was sober though LOL

  4. This is perfect! I just moved from Austin Tx...Amarillo Tx, so im finally getting those seasons.

  5. Black cropped (raw edge) flared jeans from madewell. They fit like a dream! And anything rust or mustard colored.

  6. I just moved to Nashville too and I'm looking forward to the different climate change as well. I am for sure looking forward to the big sweater look. It looks fashionable yet, you can totally dress it down.