Friday Five: 8.11.17

AYYYY! Happy Friday! What are you beautiful people getting into this weekend? I am super excited because my adorable boyfriend is coming down for the weekend to visit me which means I get to eat ALL THE FOOD. I'm looking forward to tomorrow the most because Cody and I are shooting some more blog pictures in some cool locations in Nashville. Dating a former wedding photographer is so useful... So anyway, get excited for the instagrams and blog posts soon!

Time for my Friday Five! I know I've been slacking at it but I honestly don't know how much you guys like these or if you even like them at all, so let me know in the comments if these are something you actually like reading :)

1. SheIn

Damnit I can't stop looking at their website online. They have the cutest things on their site and I ordered a bunch of stuff to show you in an upcoming haul on my channel to get ready for vacation! Yes, vacation. Cody and I are headed to Miami *cue Will Smith song* in September and we are so excited to getaway to a city we both haven't been to before. Back to the SheIn stuff I ordered... You all freaked when I posted this outfit on my Instagram and the best part about this is that top I wore is apart of a set that is 33 DOLLARS TOTAL. I know, I am shook too. I am totally packing this set for Miami.

2. Fresca 

Fresca makes me feel like my grandpa, he loved Fresca. Growing up I always thought it was a luxury whenever my dad would bring hone the black cherry Fresca, it was so good! Unfortunately I can't find the black cherry Fresca in any grocery stores here but I can find the original citrus flavor. What are your opinions on Fresca? Hate or love? I feel like it's a hit or miss.

3. IG Flower Wall

If you missed my post 2 posts ago... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Last Friday I DIYed this Instagram-worthy flower wall for my patio. I am obsessed with it. You can read it here! I do want to tell you guys that if you are making one for your patio, to take it down before it rains or is windy. It's not the most durable thing in the world so be careful with it.

4. Blue Life Dupe Jumpsuit

Shop the jumpsuit I am wearing in that IG Flower wall post here! It is a Blue Life look but for 1/2 the price... I wore it twice last weekend alone. I can't believe I am admitting my ratchetness here but yet here I am, telling you all how ratchet I am. I got a medium and it's a little big on me.

5. Dexter

I've re-binge watched my favorite seasons from this series recently while writing blog posts, cleaning my room, doing laundry, etc for background noise and I forgot how much I loved this show! If you haven't watched it yet, watch it on Netflix. It's good. Even my mom liked it! Just the series ending sucks, so I still feel personally victimized by it.

There you have it, my Friday Five! Hope you guys enjoyed it! XOXO!


  1. I personally love the Friday Five! Keep it coming girlfriend

  2. I love the Friday Five! So fun to see what you're loving each week.

  3. I love the Friday 5 thanks for sharing!

  4. Please keep doing Friday Fives! I love seeing your favorite things at the moment!

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  6. I love that you do Friday 5's it gives me new thinks to try out that I may not have thought of. Also since I have been watching you on YouTube for years (wow that sounds creepy) I trust your recommendations, so it's like an awesome yelp review on random things! I've never tried Fresca but now I just might have to.