Fall Transitional Look! + Get to Know Me! Answering Your Questions

Earlier last week, I asked you guys on Instagram to ask me any question you wanted to have answered about me, Nashville, life, etc and damn, did you guys ask some great questions! I decided to split the Q&A into two posts, one about my life and the other about Nashville since you guys had so many questions about Nashville. While I'm still working on my Nashville guide, I'd at least have a few of your FAQ's about Nashville answered. In this post, I am featuring the pictures from a shoot I did with Emily (IG: photogriffi) such a sweet and talented lady based out of Arkansas and Nashville!

This outfit is one of my favorite outfits to date! It's super casual but super trendy. Also might I add that I am obsessed with this sweater, you NEED this sweater for this upcoming back to school season. It's absolutely perfect, under $60 (which is amazing for a sweater) and it comes in ivory and black. And as always, I'm loving my B-low the Belt belt (lol feels funny to write that out... belt belt) this one especially is very cool because it has gold hardware!

Shop the outfit here:

Q: Would you ever consider doing a podcast with Caitlin? -kadenleyy

Actually it's funny that this question was asked because this is definitely something Caitlin and I have discussed before. We've definitely tossed around the idea and we would absolutely love to do it for you guys because we know how invested you guys are in #TeamCarah! The only problem is we are 2000 miles away from each other and finding studios in both LA and Nashville could be difficult. Honestly we also just have 0 idea what really goes into making podcasts. Maybe someday though! I hope!

Q: Did you get lip fillers? If so how much? -marissalynn_94

I've been getting my lips filled ever since July of last year and honestly it's been one of my best decisions I've made for my confidence! I love my lips now. Love is an understatement honestly. I'm so confident with them. I honestly don't know the exact amount that is in my lips right now because your body breaks it down slower every time you get them filled. I'd say I probably have a whole syringe in my lips right now though.

Q: Your favorite home decor item that just makes your apartment? -lacey.mcgee

My cow skull above my bed. It's hands down the most perfect thing in my apartment. I bought it (well technically I made Krista buy it for me because I was too scared to ask for a cheaper price) at the Nashville Flea Market at the Fairgrounds.

Q: How has starting your blog changed you/your life? -bayliebacon

This is a great question! It's honestly changed my life so much in so little amount of time. I find that I am more excited and motivated than ever because I am really fulfilling a creative outlet that I've never been able to share with you guys before. I love writing. I'd also say that I'm probably more annoying than ever though because I made a blog. I feel like I'm making my friends and boyfriend take so many pictures of me because I'm like "I have to blog this!" I know they don't mind, I just always feel bad asking. It's also really fun because my boyfriend takes all my blog photos, so it's been a fun learning experience with each other teaching each other new things.

Q: What did living in LA teach you? -yanetvillanueva

The biggest thing living in LA taught me was how to "grow up." I moved out there just so immature and sheltered. I had life challenge me in so many ways when I lived out in LA that I really had to learn to be independent and not so freakin stupid all the time. I love LA for teaching me all of this. I miss LA all the time but I am very happy where I am.

Q: Are you an introvert or extravert?  -camila_rodriguez_

I embody like 99% of the characteristics that Gemini's have so extravert. I love people. I'm the life of the party and I'm not saying that as a "everyone likes me" kind of way but more of a "I'm fun" kind of way.

Q: What to you is the scariest part of living alone? -taylor_watson

Doorbells. I hate doorbells. Thankfully I don't have a doorbell at my apartment now but my ones in LA both had them and let me tell you, everytime the doorbell would ring, my heart would drop. I can't explain it really, I'm just scared of doorbells.

Q: What is one weird thing that we don't know about you yet? -callyholcombe

When I was little I would go to restaurants and just ask for mustard sandwiches. I really loved mustard but my parent's wouldn't allow me to eat just bread and mustard so they made me have mustard and cheese sandwiches. Fast forward 20 years and I am still obsessed with mustard. My favorite is the stone ground Kroger mustard. Try it. It's life changing.


  1. Seriously love this Q&A! Also that sweater is bomb!

  2. I've been watching you for years! So happy that you started blogging!!

  3. Love your blog! Do you remember the style name of your IKEA mirror? I'm making a trip there this weekend and have been looking for something similar!

  4. You have convinced me to buy yet another sweater that I do not need. Another great read, gf! :)


  5. Love you Sarah, been watching since the beginning in the blue room at your parents house. You are such an inspiration.

    xoxo, Kacey


  6. So fun! Always interesting to see what outfits you pull together—your style is def more boho than mine, but it's nice to live vicariously and get the occasional piece to mix up my wardrobe. (Except that Free People red suede dress. Ya girl can NOT track it down in that color anywhere)

  7. Love your outfit<3
    It looks super fashionable! xx


  8. Cutest white sweater and jorts combo!

    Entering your YouTube planner giveaway - @missmollylen on iG :)

  9. So excited to hear you are a fellow mustard lover! When I was little I would eat it out of the little packets.