Making Rattan Furniture Cool Again

As you guys know, I am a big rattan guy. BIG RATTAN GUY. Rattan is everywhere these days and I am not mad about it one bit. I know its definitely an acquired taste but I love it, my boyfriend loves it, I mean thats all we need. My mom and dad, not the biggest fans, claiming they've "already done the 70's." So it's really a hit or miss kind of thing. I know this is a fad but I don't care, can't stop, won't stop with the peacock chairs! There are so many ways you can implement rattan furniture and decor into your space without going full bohemian Golden Girls and I am here to show you all the best rattan furniture since according to you guys, I am the pro.

Rattan adds texture, color and just warmth to the space you're decorating. Does that make sense? I feel like I'm near a beach when I look at it. I knew I wanted to add rattan to my space for a while now  considering I had been lusting over peacock chairs for about a year and a half before actually buying one, however when I saw this home tour on Apartment Therapy (my favorite site) I knew I wanted to add more to my space! I loved how I felt looking at this persons space, it was inviting, 70's without being too in your face, just perfect in my eyes. This is my favorite home tour I've ever seen honestly. They did rattan "right."

Obviously you can overdo a space with rattan accents and furniture, you don't want it to look like something out of a Tommy Bahama ad or a "90's beach condo" vibe. I've found some amazing rattan pieces to share with you guys today as well as giving you some ideas on where to find your own rattan piece you might not know you need!

1. The Rattan Bed: Anthropologie & Urban

Back in March when I was deciding what bed I wanted to invest in for my new apartment, I debated on getting this one because I saw it featured on a blog. It's so perfect, the only draw back is obviously the price. When I first thought "rattan bed" I was thinking like the awful headboards we had growing up in beach condos, but this Anthropologie one adds the chic and bohemian spin on that. It's so cozy looking and I want someone to get it so I can live vicariously though them.

Urban Outfitters also has an adorable queen size bed for like half the price, so if you like the idea of a rattan bed but don't love the price tag of the Anthro one, Urban Outfitters has you covered.

2. Peacock Chairs: Local Antique Malls & Etsy

Y'all know my love for peacock chairs, they are so freaking cool to me. While my friends might think they are "too Game of Thrones" for them, I think they are too fabulous to not own at least one... which is why I have two. I'm obsessed. It adds such an awesome focal point to a room and I love styling the chairs with a bunch of different blankets and pillows to add a lot more texture to a space.

The best advice I can give you though is to check your local antique malls or FB marketplaces. My friend found a peacock chair on the FB marketplace being sold near her for $10... an unreal deal obviously. Antique boutiques know they are "trendy" these days and are marking up the prices close to $400, so be careful and patient when shopping for one. I found an amazing one at an antique mall in Ohio recently in perfect condition for $100, which was cheaper than both of the ones I own now.

P.S. Will someone in the Chicago area PLEASE for the love of God, buy this peacock chair I found on etsy?! Thanks.

3. Patio Furniture: IKEA

IKEA has been low key killing it with the rattan game recently. If I had more room, I would've purchased my patio furniture from IKEA, it's like $200 for an entire patio set, what a steal in my opinion. My friend McKenna has this on her patio and her patio is flawless!

4. Planters: Goodwill, Antique Malls & Etsy

Mini peacock chairs are so freaking cute, I can't handle how cute they look with a cactus or succulent on top of them. If you are willing to be patient and really look at an antique mall, you'll more than likely find one of these adorable miniature planters for your space at nearly any antique store. I'm constantly getting tweets from you guys saying you're finding them for like $2 at your local goodwills, so definitely check there as well as I found a set of 3 for $15 at an antique mall. If you're impatient (like me most of the time) your safest bet is to go on eBay or etsy to find one for about $25 with shipping.

5. Lamps: World Market & Urban

Both World Market and Urban Outfitters has the cutest bohemian style floor lamps and lamp shades for a good price point. I feel like lamps are often underrated but WE NEED LIGHT PEOPLE! It's always my least favorite thing to buy when moving but obviously it's essential and when you find the right one, it really pulls a space together.

6. Wall Decor: Everywhere

From baskets being hung on walls, to Targets rattan tiles to rattan circle mirrors, rattan wall decor is probably the easiest, most accessible way to add this trend to your space today. I feel like if you go on any big decor place and type in "rattan" something will come up. Even Target. It's so great. Right now I am all about the little baskets people are putting on their walls.

7. Shelving: Antique Malls

Every antique mall ever has some type of shelving unit and I didn't realize that before buying a $200 cabinet on Etsy. (*kicks self in butt*) You can find cabinets and those tall, rattan bookcases at literally every antique mall for around $60. To me that is a steal and such a fun way to incorporate more color to a space because you can style the bookcase so many ways.

Clearly I need a bigger apartment so I can fill it with some of my favorite 70's pieces, but in the meantime I am posting this so you guys can fill your space with rattan furniture. There are so many amazing pieces that you can find online or in stores like an antique mall, its great. Definitely check it all out. Are you into rattan this year? If so, let me know what you're lusting over right now!

In the meantime, have you checked out my newest video revealing my BIG, EXCITING NEWS?!

♡ Sarah Belle


  1. It all looks super cute! You have a great eye for interior design!

  2. Love everything rattan! I was the one that tweeted you about my mini peacock chairs. I post a lot of my finds on my Instagram @mayamoskalick

  3. your home is literal interior goals!

  4. Good will & antique malls are the way to go! I found most of my dorm items from antique malls and it was super cheap! Especially adding anthropologie blankets and accessories to the cheap furniture adds character, making it look more expensive than it is.

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