This Spotify Playlist Will Boost Your Mood Instantly

Set: Free People || Clogs: Jeffrey Campbell (similar) || Hair Clip: Free People

The way I stumbled across this playlist is kinda embarrassing but as always, I have to share it with you guys. Growing up my dad and I would always watch That 70's Show after school while my mom was still at work (she hated my brother and I watching it but we turned out alright... I think.) I was always obsessed with that episode when Jackie and Fez discoed together, I printed off an image of them dancing at my Grandma's house so I could hang it up in my room... Embarrassing, I know. I hoped high school dances were going to be like that someday, unfortunately they weren't. Anyway the music was always catchy and I listen to it off and on. 

Last week I was antique shopping and I wanted to send a snapchat to my friends in between antique malls before hunting down some 70's antiques. I typed in "Disco" and ended up here... With the best playlist ever. The 70's dance music is so happy and upbeat, it puts me in the best mood when I listen to it. Don't stop till you get enough. *pun intended* I hope you guys enjoy this playlist as much as I do!

As for this outfit, well I have been obviously obsessed with sets this year. This one I had to have from Free People because I just felt like it was 70's wallpaper transferred to a fabric and put together into a shirt and flowy pants. How cute would the top look with some high waisted flare jeans or even the bottoms with a flowy ivory top?! Much more versatile than expected. I love it. Shop the look here!


  1. ok love that set! i didn't even realize it had sheer bottoms but i love it even more! also i have those jc's in black that i bought like 6 years ago & they're still holding up so well. by far the comfiest wedges i own!

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