If you're new here, welcome! And while you're here, there's one thing you should know about me... I have 0 shame. Zero. Zip. Zilch. I don't try to be relatable, I live my life and share the good times and the bad times. I don't try to be something I'm not (although I'm sure some haters would beg to differ) and I get that not everyone likes me. I have a resting bitch face, I curse a lot, I throw up after a night of drinking Bacardi, yet I still drink Bacardi. When I grocery shop, I'm probably not wearing a bra, honestly I'm probably not wearing a bra 75% of the time. These are the things you wouldn't know from reading my blog or scrolling on my Instagram. I'm a person just like you. I compare myself to others, I think "maybe if I lost 10lbs and still wore a size 26, people would like my pictures more." But then reality slaps me in the face and I'm like, oh yeah, I am human. I'm not afraid to laugh at myself and I know for a fact that not every picture I take is "Instagram worthy." I read these blogs and I get envious of these beautiful girls with amazing hair and wonder what their secret is and forget that they probably have a blooper reel somewhere too. Not everything you see on the internet is as "flawless" as it appears. The bloggers you follow are people too, they have so many pictures they take that never make it onto their blogs because it's not perfect. I'm pretty proud to say that I'm not perfect. So it's about time I share what goes into these pictures you see on my blog, the good, the bad and the horrifyingly hilarious. Here's my blog... unfiltered. Cheers!

Sometimes nature gets the best of me.

Sometimes I have professional photobombs.

Sometimes the lighting is awful.

But most of the time I'm just really awkward.

So there are some bloopers from the past few months and I hope this is something you like enough for me to continue every few months. I think it's important to laugh at yourself and to not take this whole social media thing too seriously. We are people. We all take pictures at not the most flattering angles sometimes and our skin isn't airbrushed in real life. So that's my blog unfiltered... well except for one of those pictures does have a filter on it because I lost the unedited file. Hope you all still love me. Now go drink some Bacardi for me! Kidding... kinda.

❤ Sarah Belle


  1. I love this because it is so real! Thank you sarah for being you!



  2. Such a fun and real post! Love it!

    Desirae | Thelonestardarling.com

  3. Love this post and the corresponding video!!

    Lily x | lilycollings.com

  4. I love how perfect this is. Even if you think there not. You go girl and keep it up.

  5. I really enjoyed this and the video, love how real you are! Thank you for this! And girl, you stay looking gorgeous all the time!
    Janeve :)| jxneveee.blogspot.ca

  6. I love this post and the video! :)
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. These pictures are gold and I loved everything about this.

  8. Sarah! I have watched you since the Tiffany Blue walls and J. Crew necklace days. I always watched your back to school videos and always wanted my own Lily Pulitzer agenda. I'm going into my junior year of college and this year I finally got my own Lily agenda! I'm so excited. You are such an inspiration

  9. Hi Where did you get that set from!? the tube top with the matching skirt?? so gorgeous