Friday Five 9.22.17

Happy Friday! Long time, no Friday Five. What is everyone getting into this weekend? Last weekend I had my family in town and they showed up just as I was taking pictures for last weeks Friday Five so it never saw the light of day. This weekend though Cody and I are headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee to get in the festive fall spirit (even though it doesn't feel like fall here at all because its 90 outside as I write this.) 

Now lets get into the favorites from this week (and past month I guess...)

1. Endless Summer Event

Last week I co-hosted an influencer party with the ladies over at Hey Wanderer. If you don't know who or what Hey Wanderer is, it's a brand and blog by Savannah and Casey, two of my favorite people I've met since moving to Nashville. They are bohemian goals. Their house is a dream (a dream you can stay in on Airbnb... check it out if you're ever visiting Nashville because goals af.) They reached out to me about 3 months ago and asked me if I would want to throw an event with them to get to know the Nashville blogger and influencer scene more, obviously I said yes! They are amazing girls to work with and obviously two amazing friends. So check out their blog here!

Everyone that showed up and that I got to meet was amazing. I'm blown away by how talented and welcoming the influencers are here in Nashville. I love them. Also if you're in the Nashville area and are in the need for a photographer, check out Chelsea because her photography is amazing.

Also, I got a lot of questions about this Free People dress and how the sizing is, I'm actually going to shoot an outfit post with this dress this weekend but in the meantime, I ordered a small but it's still pretty roomie.

2. Holiday Planning

Don't get me wrong, I love fall, but fall colors don't match my aesthetic. Yep. I officially hate myself for saying that but it's true. Not to wish my life away or anything but I am so excited for the holiday season, like the moment halloween is over ill be waiting for holiday decor to hit the stores so I can buy it all. I think I'll be doing a bunch of DIY's and a decorate with me video on my channel so get excited. 

3. Essie's Very Structured

A few months ago when I was visiting my parents, I was looking at my very large and in charge collection of OPI nail polishes. Remember old YouTube when we all had 185793 shades of the same color? Same. Anyway, I came across this mini bottle of an Essie that I fell in love with and took it home with me. Fast forward to this week and I was at Ulta searching high and low for this shade, only to find out it had been discontinued. I ended up walking out with a shade that I thought was similar to the Essie color I once lusted over but as soon as I got home and started painting my nails, I realized it was more of a clay color than a dark copper. Being a girl is so difficult. I ended up finding the right Essie color on eBay, but just a heads up don't buy OPI Yank My Doodle if you want the perfect fall color. 

Side note... isn't it amazing how we as girls can notice when the color we desire is literally a shade or two lighters or darker. Guys will never understand it. It's a first world problem for a former nail polish enthusiast. 

4. $38 Shorts

Remember when October was considered fall? Same. Those were the days. Meanwhile in Nashville, Tennessee it's a scorching 83 degree high. Man, I love those fall days. I JUST WANT TO WEAR FALL CLOTHES. Unfortunately we are still in short weather here but thankfully I have these amazing shorts that I've worn 2 days in a row this week and they are only $38. The best part about them? You can eat as much food as you want and you don't have to worry about unbuttoning your pants at the end of the feast because they are stretchy at the waist. Winning. (PS tbt to when #winning was a thing.)

5. My New Seat Cushions

As I mentioned earlier, my family was in town last weekend and a few weeks ago, I sent my mom a Mexican Falsa Blanket to use as fabric for seat cushions for my rattan patio set outside. She finished them and they look AMAZING. My mom is so good at everything she does, I think she's a superhero. Growing up she was always making me homemade costumes & clothes to match my American Girl Dolls and so when I texted her asking if she could make me seat cushions, I knew she would do an excellent job. And she did. If you want the blanket that she used, I ordered mine on Amazon here. I guess the plus side of having summer weather right now is that I can still enjoy my patio with my new cushions.

I took this picture on my iPhone before the Maren Morris & Sam Hunt concert we went to last night while enjoying some rosé outside, how funny is this 40 of rosé that Cody picked up for me? It's actually so good.

So that wraps up this week's Friday Five, I need to get back into the swing of doing these because I think they are so fun and a little more personal. I'm sure next weeks will be full of Chattanooga stuff from my little mini vacation, so get excited for that. I love you all so much. Have a safe and wonderful weekend, y'all deserve nothing but the best. 


  1. I am with you on the nail polish issue. I hate when colors I love are discontinued and everything is just a few shades off. Jess at Just Jess

  2. this is super random, but I'm a designer for FP and I designed that dress you're wearing in the first photo, it looks great on you! ;) also love that peacock chair!

  3. I'm pretty sure I need those shorts!! Fall in FL won't be coming very soon either and the elastic waistband is helpful for all the Fall food I'll be stuffing my face with!