Miami Travel Guide: Wynwood Walls

I'd have to say while during my 48 hours in Miami, my favorite time was probably spent at the Wynwood Walls because it was amazing. So much art, so many stores, restaurants galore, breweries... basically everything your heart could desire. It's clearly becoming the "hipster haven" and I'm into it. If you're going to Miami, you have to make time for Wynwood, especially if you're a basic Instagram betch like me. 

Get ready for a picture heavy post. It's intense. Grab some popcorn and make sure your laptop is plugged in.

First Outfit 

We first started out in the actual Wynwood Wall area that is fenced in, that's where you will find the most iconic and popular colorful wall that everyone posts on Instagram. Definitely a must see. I wore my favorite top that I wore to Bonnaroo (dupe found here for 1/4 the price) and my favorite shorts from Princess Polly!

Second Outfit

By this time my sticky boobs were sweating off (hence the partially saggy boobs #trendy) because it was so humid on this day but we were determined to find all the best walls for this post. These walls are just found on the streets of Wynwood while we were walking from brewery to brewery (where Cody would drink some beer and I would change to my next outfit.) This romper is so cute, it's from Show Me Your Mumu!

Third Outfit

By the time the third outfit came around, we were losing daylight and were getting hangry so we found the black and white wall (where I awkwardly changed infront of by slipping the dress on top of my romper, some would say I'm talented) and took a few pictures. I love this wall. This was probably my favorite look because as you guys know, I love this Show Me Your Mumu dress way too much (it's on sale now!)

I also so this wall but was too lazy to pose infront of it so Cody took over. He's such a good blogger.

So that was our time at the Wynwood Walls. What was your favorite wall I took a picture infront of? Or have you been there? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. Can't wait to return someday. Still praying for Miami and the rest of Florida getting their feet back on the ground! 


  1. gotta say, these pics are amazing, but cody is slaying it. lol, loved them all!

  2. holy shit the banana dress outfit is SO ugly. What were you thinking pairing ANY of those items together? Same with the pink outfit. Major, major yikes.

    1. missed you jade! glad to have you back reading everything i post <3333

    2. It's called personal style. I'm sure there are pieces in your wardrobe that others might consider ugly but that's what makes you confident and Sarah is killing it. Thriving and living her best life. ❤️

  3. Personally, I think the banana dress is cute. I’d never have the balls to wear it but Sarah looks great in it. You go Sarah Belle!

  4. I love finding cool walls to take pictures with. Hopefully someday I can visit Miami and go tot he walls! Great post!

  5. Sooo tempted to buy that banana dress!

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