48 Hours in Chattanooga: A Travel Guide

Cody and I recently took a weekend vacation to Chattanooga, Tennessee, a city about 2 hours southeast of Nashville. I originally booked the trip thinking maybe it would be fall weather at the end of September or maybe the leaves would start changing, but I was definitely wrong. Fall hasn't hit Tennessee yet, maybe soon... I hope. 

Growing up my family and I went on little vacations to Chattanooga and my parents still stop there on roadtrips so I figured it would be a fun place for Cody and I to explore. It's such a cool place. Unfortunately I forgot to pack hiking clothes so we didn't get to do that, but next time... next time for sure.

We got in to Chattanooga Friday night and we were so surprised by how quiet the city was. Definitely a culture shock going from downtown Nashville to downtown Chattanooga. Cody and I are big burger people so we went to Jack Brown's Burger Bar. I got the Greg Brady, the burger topped with Mac & BBQ chips, it was alright, the Mac and cheese didn't add much to the burger. Next time I go, which we have one in Nashville, I'll probably try something different.

The next morning we went to take blog pictures at the pedestrian bridge because it matched my outfit perfectly. Definitely recommend going early in the morning if you're looking to take pictures here too because it's not as busy! After that we went to The Maple Street Biscuit Company and holy cow, it was amazing. Don't let the line deceive you, it moves really fast. We probably only waited 15 minutes and we were pretty far back in line since it was a busy Saturday morning. I got the Sticky Maple and Cody got the Five and Dime, we were both so happy with our choices. And stuffed, definitely stuffed. Wish there was one in Nashville.

Next on our list of places to check out was The Refindery, an antique mall not too far from downtown. I love antique malls but Cody doesn't, however he did say "this is the kind of antique mall I like." So if you're not a big antique mall person, this is the place to go. There are so many unique things here. Unfortunately I'm out of space to decorate so I didn't buy anything, look at me practicing self control. 

Cody and I love checking out breweries in every city we travel to so we checked out this one we found on Yelp with 5 stars called Oddstory. It ended up being the perfect pick because it had beer that I even liked. I'm not a craft beer kinda gal (I think it all tastes soapy) but I do enjoy sours and this place had amazing options! Plus the decor is amazing.

We then walked around the main area of downtown by the Choo Choo's and explored what that area had to offer. Obviously I couldn't pass up an opportunity for a picture infront of the polka dot mural.

All the walking and exploring made us want a little snack so we went across the river to this German pub called Brewhaus where we had the best soft pretzel ever. Why is it the best soft pretzel? Because it had all the sauces. It came with pimento cheese, beer cheese and 3 different types of mustards. I got lost in the sauce.

We then checked into The Dwell Hotel and started snapping pictures immediately. This place is a dream come true. It's absolutely perfect and even cooler in real life. They welcome you with their signature cocktail, which is delicious and chocolate covered Oreos. Yes please. Unlike a lot of places in Chattanooga, they offered complimentary valet, which is always lovely!

The entire place is decorated in a mid-century modern aesthetic, I wanted to steal every piece of furniture because everything just looked so perfect & stylish. We stayed in The Kite Suite! I loved the colors of this suite and they had the coolest 70's chairs. My favorite thing about the suite was the bathtub, I took 2 baths in the 24 hours I was there, I even packed a bath bomb with me from Lush so I got to use that and the bath salts they provide. I want a bath tub like this someday. It was everything I ever dreamed of and more.

Around dinner time we went down to one of the two restaurants/bars in the hotel. We grabbed drinks at Matilda Midnight. I ordered my rosé and Cody had his beer. The menu was just as cool as the ambiance. We ended up ordered a charcuterie board, which Cody has never had before, and snacked on that! For dinner we tried the pork belly Mac. Definitely recommend stopping by here.

A few hours later we decided we needed dessert (obviously) so we went to the place I was recommended a billion times, The Ice Cream Show. I was disappointed, why is this place so hyped up? It was just ice cream with little chunks of whatever you want in it. To me it was like a bad Coldstone. I'd say skip out on this place if you ever visit Chattanooga. I wish we would've went to the Moon Pie General Store and had their ice cream sandwiches, we saw them the next morning and were like "Damn that looks good."

The next morning before checking out, we ate the complimentary breakfast that The Dwell offers to all its guests in the morning. This is no half-assed breakfast, it's an actual full size breakfast with great options. Cody and I both ordered the biscuits and gravy, he ordered the parfait as his side and I got the hashbrowns as always. It was delicious.

On our way out of town, we stopped at the Moon Pie General Store because I had never had one before! I got a bunch of minis so I could try them all... I'm such a tourist, I know. Couldn't help myself. I love marshmallow so this kind of treat was right up my alley.

So that was our trip to Chattanooga! It was quick but it was definitely a fun and relaxing trip with my boyfriend. Have you ever been to Chattanooga? Let me know in the comments or let me know where your favorite weekend trip is! Do you like these posts? Should I continue to do them for my upcoming trips to Seattle and NYC in the next two months. Also thank you The Dwell Hotel for accommodating me, I had a fabulous time.


**The Dwell Hotel is not paying me to do this post, they did however provide a complimentary night at the hotel and I am very thankful for it :) THANK! We plan to return again!**


  1. Next time your in Chattanooga, check out Universal Joint! Its an old gas/ service station turned restaurant. On a nice day they have the garage doors open to the large patio with corn hole! It is also dog friendly!Great beer and food selections as well! Also check out Tony's Pasta Shop in the art district. It is a delicious local restaurant with homemade bread that is to die for! Stir is the place to be for brunch on the Southside! They have amazing drinks and the food is very reasonably priced. They have 2 full time ICE Chefs! Like they're entire job is to cut ice to go perfectly with different cocktails. 10/10 recommend checking it out! Just down the street from there is the Flying Squirrel which is a nicer bar that has amazing drinks made with in-house fused alcohols. If your ever in the area during the summer every Friday night we have a free concert series near the Dwell Hotel. Also, Riverbend is in June every year and it is the epitome of a Chattanooga summer! So neat to see a blogger/ YouTuber I have followed for years in my hometown!

  2. I'm happy to hear you loved your visit to Chatt! I'm a lifestyle blogger here. I actually met you at the rewardStyle NYFW event a couple years ago. I definitely have some better recommendations next time you come. You have to try Milk & Honey in Northshore for ice cream, it's so cute and delicious. Urban Stack has the best burger in town too (I think y'all have one in Nashville!). I agree with Anna ^^ Stir is awesome and so is Feed. Dwell Hotel is SO cute, we stayed there on our wedding night and loved it. If you like Mac n' Chz sandwiches, Blue Plate has the best grilled cheese stuffed with macaroni and cheese + BBQ. & It's a great spot to grab drinks by the river. I would love to grab some rosé next time you're in town! My blog is YesPleaseDaily.com & Instagram is @YesPleaseDaily. XO

  3. Girl I have to agree about the Ice Cream Show. I live in Chatt and never go there, I think people like it for the location! If you ever come to Chatt again, go to Clumpies on Northshore or Milk and Honey (gelato yummmm)!! I haven't been to some of the other places you recommended though, I'm definitely going to have to check them out! If you ever come to Chatt again, DM me on Instagram and I can give you lots of great recommendations!! @lablogueuseblonde

  4. As a chattanooga native, I’d recommend doing to Urban Stack for burgers. It’s from chattanooga I like Jack Browns which is a Nashville chain. A sister company to Urban stack is milk and honey which is far better than the ice cream show. They even own Taco Mamacita which I know you’re a fan of! Next time visit Birmingham,AL since it’s close to Nashville too. We have Sloss music festival and some great breweries!

  5. This makes me want to go to Chattanooga!! I live in Knoxville so it's super close. You should definitely do more posts like this in the future, they are so helpful!

  6. Hi Sarah,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed my beautiful city of Chattanooga! While those are some great places; I have a few more recommendations for you... 1885 in St.Elmo is where you should try next to Brunch at; they have a delicious selection of brunch food at a cheap price, and St.Elmo will make for some cute blog pictures as well. If you want to stick to closer to downtown-- I recommend Beast and Barrel. It's definitely not for the vegans (even though they have some vegan options). There sausage and bacon is delicious, and their biscuits are quite big, and to top it off they have a gorgeous Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar in the back of the restaurant so you can concoct your perfect brunch beverage!
    As far as Ice Cream, True american ice cream.. Clumpies is the way to go. They use butter fat instead of milk fat which constitutes richer flavors-- talk about a line outside on the hot summer days of Chattanooga. If you stick around on a Sunday, you definitely need to check out our Chattanooga Market at the First Tennessee Pavilion. They have tons of vendors for flowers, foods, coffee, and so much more! As far as burgers go; it depends what you fancy. Urban Stack for your fancy burger with the delicious toppings, that can run a little dry, A juicy burger from Tremont Tavern (get some beer while you're here, and request the two person table with the old pac man game, you can play while you wait for your burger), or an all around good burger with delicious bacon at Main Street Meets.
    For drinks, you need to go to The Flying Squirrel- the atmosphere, with the ambiance of the lit canoe and the open doors on a cool night make for the perfect place for drinks. Their garlic fries are a must and they make the best drinks in Chattanooga. Definitely ask the locals the next time you're in town for their favorites, and you'll learn of the best spots! Feel free to ask more questions :) Much love, Emily <3

  7. So glad you enjoyed Chattanooga!! I went to school in Chattanooga and love that city dearly! I have some recommendations for your next visit. For brunch, definitely check out Flying Squirrel, the sweet potato hash is to die for. Also, Stir has a great brunch, they have giant tubs of mimosas and it’s amazing. Burger-wise, I would highly recommend Pickle Barrel, they do a pimento cheese burger that’s heavenly and they have amazing fried pickles!! Milk and Honey is in North Shore, right on the other side of the pedestrian bridge, it’s the best ice cream in Chattanooga! Some other great places to check out are The Terminal, Tremont Tavern (another amazing burger place), Blue Plate is down by the river (the chicken finger wrap is bomb), Community Pie is a pizza place right downtown (pizza is top knotch and they have a great kale salad), Bluegrass Grill is another great breakfast place. The farmers market is always a fun weekend excursion as well, not quite like the Nashville one but still nice to peruse. I definitely suggest hiking next time, Sunset Rock is the typical place to go, honestly it’s not much of hike, it’s more of an inclined walk on rocks haha but it’s pretty! As a Nashville native, Chattanooga is my home away from home and it’s always nice to hear people finding and loving the little gem that is Chattanooga!

  8. Aw glad you enjoyed your time in Chatt! I love it there. I lived there last year and hope to go back one day. Check out Southside social! Such a cool place to eat, drink, bowl and hang out! ��

  9. Where is your polka dot romper/dress from? I love it! Great write up :)

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  12. Chattanooga is such a fun city! My boyfriend is from there and we visited this past June. We didn't have time to see The Dwell Hotel, but I know we will make another trip soon to explore even more of the downtown scene!

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