How-to: Rock Denim-On-Denim

Shirt: Forever 21 || Jeans: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Free People || Belt: Gucci || Bag: LV || Sunglasses: Rayban

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am no stranger to a good ole "Canadian tuxedo" aka denim on denim. Honestly it's been my go-to for about a year now. I think it's the perfect outfit when running errands, going to dinner with your friends or really any other casual occasion. The one thing you need though to "rock" the look... confidence!

Whenever I try to wear denim-on-denim outfits, I try to wear denims that compliment each other. I'd say most of the time my denims are around the same shade. It's trendy but denim is timeless. To spruce things up, I add details like a cute belt, this one is by Gucci, but I also am a big fan of B-Low the Belt belts. 

Right now my favorite pair of jeans are these ones from Urban Outfitters, they fit perfectly, run true to size (I got a size 27) and are pretty inexpensive for a nice pair of jeans (only running $59!) I always wear a pair of booties with these jeans, I like how the cropped denim looks with a pair of booties that hit around the same area as the jeans. You've probably noticed that I am a big fan of this pair of booties, I have them in both black and brown because they are so comfortable. Free People is not only my favorite place to buy clothes, but also my favorite place to buy shoes. They make the best shoes!

Remember this bag? This bag goes all the way back to 2015 and it's my favorite Louis Vuitton to date. Over the time I've acquired a lot of handbags but I've also sold a lot of handbags to... this one will never be sold. The Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack is my favorite bag and honestly probably one of LV's best bags to make to date. It can be worn crossbody or as an actual backpack, I've never worn it as a backpack but I know many people that have. This shape of bag has me lusting over the Chloe Faye backpacks... Might bite the bullet here soon... 

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