Nashville's Urban Cowboy Bed & Breakfast

I've peaked. No really, I think I've peaked on my Instagram game.

Like I honestly don't think I'll ever stay in a cooler, more "me" hotel ever again. My mind is blown. The Urban Cowboy in East Nashville is hands down the best place to stay if you're coming to Nashville. I'm use to staying in Airbnb's but I would say that if you have the plans to visit from out of town, spend your money at the Urban Cowboy. I wanted to stay here for a staycation so I could tell you guys all about it on the blog and I have now become hooked. I have to return again soon and photograph even more of what this B&B has to offer because it's the coolest place ever. Clearly. I know a lot of my readers are really into their strong Insta games, so believe me when I say look no further than the Urban Cowboy.

I'm all about supporting local businesses here in Nashville because I think Nashville is such an amazing hub for talented artists. It honestly blows my mind to think of all the details and work that has gone into the Urban Cowboy where every room is a work of art in itself. Basically what I am saying is this place is a "win" for Nashville.

This southwestern inspired bed & breakfast is based out of an old Queen Anne Victorian mansion with a bunch of different suites in different rooms around the property and yes, it really is a bed & breakfast, as they offer breakfast for their guests in the morning! Upon arriving they greet you with a choice of two things... whiskey or water.

Picture C/O 1767's Blog
The details of Urban Cowboy are what makes this place so awesome and one of the details that you'll notice is the amazing wood work by 1767. I feel like nearly every room at the B&B has a stunning design piece by 1767, which is made out of old reclaimed wood from old Nashville buildings usually but to make it even more special, they used old wood from the mansions walls. Basically what I'm saying is Nashville rocks for having brands like these. My favorite piece is in the foyer of the mansion when you first walk in, I found a picture on 1767's website to share this with you guys because it was rainy and the lighting was not on *fleek* when I was there to photograph it! If you want to see more of their work that is featured in the mansion, read about it here.

P.S. While we are on the subject, just go creep on this post by them too because wow.

Each suite is amazing in its own way, we stayed in the Midnight Rider and it was amazing. Located on the first floor, it's an aesthetically dark room featuring their largest claw foot tub in the mansion. And it's huge. It has a king bed made by 1767 so it's fit for any king and queen. The details in the Midnight Rider are amazing, I could spend hours just looking at the wallpaper that continues onto the ceiling. It was simply amazing. The next time I return, I am hoping to stay in The Watchtower just to switch things up aesthetically from Midnight Rider!

For those who aren't fond of baths, don't worry, most suites have a shower too. I love how the mansion has the Pendleton Woolen Mills towels because I have been anxiously waiting to buy a set for my future bathroom (when Cody and I move into a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment next year.) I've practiced self control for so long. But yet again, the Urban Cowboy kills it with the details.

Right next to the Urban Cowboy mansion is the Public House, a bar and restaurant that will blow your mind. We didn't eat here but we did have drinks. I got this rosé (shocker) cocktail with grapefruit and lime, it was phenomenal and Cody got an IPA from one of his favorite breweries in Nashville. The food menu actually changes daily depending on what they can get their hands on in typical foodie fashion. Can't wait to try it soon.

So which suite would you stay in if you were to visit the Urban Cowboy? I've linked them all here. Honestly you win if you stay in any of them. I'm hooked. 10/10 would recommend (and no, I'm not getting paid to say that.)

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  1. I'm dying over how chic and comfy that blanket is on the bed