The Loveless Cafe

Sweater: Free People || Pants: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Free People || Hat: Lack of Colors (similar)

I wish every Nashville weekend would involve The Loveless Cafe but unfortunately I don't think that would be considered healthy. This weekend Cody and I headed to The Loveless Cafe to take pictures for the blog & we discovered one of our new favorite restaurants in Nashville.

The Loveless Cafe is 30 minutes west of downtown Nashville and a little off the beaten path, but in my opinion, a tourist trap that is well worth the venture. Everyone has told me that I just had to go to The Loveless Cafe when I moved to Nashville, I rolled my eyes and always thought yeah okay whatever. Well Cody and I wandered there to take blog pictures this past weekend and decided to eat there too. Honestly probably one of the best decisions we've made because not only did we get these bomb pictures but we also got some of the best southern food we've had since moving to Nashville... And we love our southern food.

Before I dive into the food, let's talk about the main point of this post... the outfit

Last year I bought this sweater from Free People as an "investment" piece for the winter because it was a little out of my normal price range and I've definitely got my wear out of it! This sweater is fabulous. I tried to link my favorite "investment" and Free People sweaters below since this one is older. 

The jeans are my favorite style of jeans right now from Urban Outfitters (I have them in blue and striped too!) These jeans run true to size in all the colors, I wear a 27 and there is still some room. The jeans are under $60 so basically what I am saying, buy these jeans for the fall! You will not regret it.

Now time for the mouthwatering part... the food.

First of all, we started our dinner off right with their biscuits and various homemade jelly spreads. One word: Orgasmic. I love biscuits obviously because I was born and raised in Kentucky, biscuits are served all the time but damn these gave Cracker Barrell a run for it's money. 

Cody asked the waiter for his recommendations because the menu was so large and he ended up ordering whatever he recommended which was the BBQ Pulled Pork plate, glazed sweet potatoes and hashbrown casserole. Honestly their hashbrown casserole was like a hashbrown casserole crossed with Mac & cheese. Hard to explain but definitely what I'm ordering next time I am there for one of my sides. The portions are clearly huge so Cody barely put a dent on his pulled pork but he said it was amazing!

The waiter also mentioned that the fried chicken was amazing, so I ordered the fried chicken tenders with a side of mac and mashed potatoes. Everything I ordered was amazing. I'll probably choose the hashbrown casserole over the mac & cheese or the mashed potatoes though. That speaks volumes for the casserole.

Our entire check with tip was only $35. Basically a steal for the amount of food we got.

So I want to know, have you ever been to the Loveless Cafe on your ventures to Nashville? Or if you haven't, did you just add it to your list because of this blog post? I sure hope so. I'm loving how many of you are tweeting me & commenting on my stuff saying you're visiting Nashville soon and that these types of post are extremely helpful. I love you guys! 


  1. YES I have been to Loveless twice (both times I visited Nashville) and I’m obsessed. My boyfriend and I both looked forward to going back to Loveless when we were in Nash last week, and it was actually the only restaurant we ate at again for our second trip (because there are so many amazing restaurants there and we wanted to try out as many new ones as possible). Loving your Nashville posts and can’t wait to come back there and hopefully use some of your future recommendations :)

  2. Sounds like the perfect comfort food!!!

  3. I was just in Nashville this past weekend and saw this post and decided to check it out! However, the line was over an hour long so we decided not to stay. Is there a certain time of day that you recommend going that won't be so busy??

    1. no matter when you go you're probably gonna have to wait. I went yesterday in the morning and it was a 45 minute wait