A Guide to a Holiday Boho Look + Sneak Peek at My Holiday Decor

Top: Free People || Leggings: Free People || Rug: Anthropologie || Chair: World Market || Blanket: Target || Pillow: (old) Anthropologie || Cabinet: CB2 || Stocking: Hobby Lobby (similar) || Stocking Hanger: HomeGoods (similar)

On Monday I will be posting my holiday decoration haul on my YouTube channel but until then I have this little sneak peek in the picture above of what I'm doing to my apartment for Christmas and also I've been posting about it nonstop on my Instagram so get excited! I am so proud of the direction my decor is taking for the holidays and literally cannot wait to show you all in a tour soon.

I've done my research to find you guys the perfect items to add to your holiday decor this year and have included my advice for helping you achieve the perfect look!

1. Nordstrom, Target || 2. Nordstrom || 3. One Kings Lane || 4. One Kings Lane || 5. Anthropologie || 6. CB2 (I have it in GOLD) || 7. One Kings Lane || 8. Target (I got mine for $5 at Hobby Lobby) || 9. Target

Finding the Perfect Tree
For me this step was easier said than done. I wanted a real fake tree but I have no closet to store it... I wanted a large cactus to wrap lights around but I don't know how to transport a large cactus home from the nursery... See my struggle? I found this fake tree that I love from Target (check it out here!!) but maybe next year. In the meantime I'm using this fake white twig tree that I bought on Amazon prime! I actually love it.

Add Texture Everywhere
I'm a big fan of the layered texture look and am automatically drawn to anything that will add texture to my space. I bought my mini trees by my TV from Home Goods, I love the feathering. I think it would be so cool to add another tree next to them that has a completely different texture or look to it.

Big, chunky knit blankets are everywhere this year so layer your space with all the blankets you can find. The one above is only like $20 from Target but if you go anywhere you can find fuzzy blankets or knit ones to make your space cozy.

Greenery Garland
Unfortunately I don't really have a staircase or anywhere I could appropriately decorate with greenery garland this year but hopefully you all do! Find doorways, staircases, mantels, anywhere is possible to be honest. I love the way New Darlings decorated last year for Christmas, check it out here.

Use Baskets for Tree Skirt
Obviously won't be able to work for real life trees but if you're like me and have a fake tree, try using a basket! I wanted to use this basket from World Market that I have but I ended up going with this one from Target that was only $19 because I could slip the tree light cord through the weaving so I could hide the wires. 

In my opinion, one of the best ways to get the perfect decorations is to make it yourself. Whether you're trying to make your own wreath, garland, tree topper, I think theres some magic in whatever you DIY. Plus who doesn't love to say "I made that" when someone compliments something.

Avoid Overly Trendy
The "boho look" is very "in" right now, so beware of the gaudy, over-the-top things that you'll find in big stores. I think too much of a good thing is a bad thing in some instances and if you buy too much of it, it'll start to look just like everyone elses decorations. Be unique, mix and match, find the perfect thing that you'll want for years to come.

I'm clearly SO excited to show you guys the work that I've been doing to my apartment for the holidays, I've never been so proud of my Christmas decorations in my entire life! Which leads me to my next question, would you rather see a tour video on my YouTube channel of my living room or a blog post on it? Or both? Let me know in the comments and I will be sure to consider your opinions!!


  1. This was such a helpful guide, I can't wait to start decorating!

  2. saw these and thought they were so sarah belle https://www.worldmarket.com/product/ivory-moroccan-wedding-stocking.do?sortby=ourPicks&from=fn