Thanksgiving & Holiday Outfit Idea

Dress: Free People || Boots: Free People 

I am 500% in love with this dress from Free People. I saw a random blogger wearing it on my explore page months ago and I was sold since then.. Unfortunately at the time, I didn't have an excuse to purchase it... that was until the holiday season crept up on me. With all the events that come with the holidays, I knew I needed an easy dress that I could just throw on and look fab, but also wasn't constricting & couldn't be styled multiple ways.

For whatever reason, this Free People dress gives me major 'Robin Hood' vibes in the coolest way possible. Maybe it's the fact that I styled it with lace up boots also from Free People, but regardless, I love it.

I sized up to a size medium and I am so happy I did because this dress runs super short! I'm 5'8'' so I knew I needed as much fabric as I can get. Definitely happy with a medium.

Because the dress is a low-key statement piece, it's glam without being too in your face, I wanted to keep the focus on the dress so I just paired it with a pair of booties from Free People. Next time that I wear this when I'm feeling saucy or have a special occasion, I am going to throw on my knee high snake boots that I got a few seasons ago by Sam Edelman, you can find a similar pair here.

Are you as obsessed with this dress as I am? Or have you picked out your holiday dresses yet? Let me know in the comments below if you made it to the end of this post and are ACTUALLY reading this.

P.S. These pictures were taken on Broadway in Nashville, TN at 8 am so if you ever want pictures like this, you need to go during the week, bright & early in the AM!


  1. I have never seen Broadway so empty! I love that you're standing in front of Nudie's though, when we go to Nashville we always venture down to Broadway at least once and Nudie's is always a must stop!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  2. Love this dress! I am 5'8 too, size 16. I got the large and it is short, but I paired it with a pair of KUTs flairs, embroidered cowboy boots, and big curly hair to give it some western flair. Love your blog! Been following forever!

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