The $42 Jacket You Need this Winter

jacket: forever 21 || bodysuit: free people || jeans: urban (similar) || boots: free people

Back in December I acquired this Forever 21 jacket and never got around to posting about it except for a few insta stories here and there. Then a few weeks ago my friend Hunter posted an OOTD wearing the exact jacket and she inspired me to style mine again! I'm breaking it back out of the closet again! Yahoo!

The reason I mentioned Hunter is because I thought it would be fun to link her post she did wearing the jacket so you could not only see how I style it in this post, but also how she styled her jacket too! You can check it out here.

This denim jacket is a dupe for a $250 Free People jacket I wanted back in the summertime. Obviously I never mustered up the courage (and money) to buy that jacket, I knew I'd have buyers remorse spending that much money on a denim jacket. Then Forever 21 released this jacket that looked almost identical to that one and I freaked out!

So basically what I'm saying is this jacket isn't a want... it's a need. Kidding... kinda.

As always I'm rocking a "Canadian tuxedo" aka denim on denim, my favorite trend ever. Are you guys sick of it yet? My sweet boyfriend posted a picture of it on his Instagram with the caption "does anyone rock a Canadian tuxedo better than this girl?" How sweet, I didn't even have to pay him to say that!!!! These jeans are from Urban Outfitters but I'm not wild about them because I think they are too stretchy to the point where it's almost unflattering. I found a pair here that look way better and aren't such a weird denim!

What are your thoughts on this denim jacket? Is it a must for you? Let me know in the comments. I'll try not to buy anymore denim jackets for a while... Sorry friends.


  1. Such a cute look. Love the headband!
    Meghan |

  2. What size jacket did buy? I'm usually a small but I'm not sure about the fit of it