36 Hours in Atlanta, Georgia

Two weekends ago, Cody and I took a spontaneous trip to Atlanta, Georgia because we wanted to get away from Nashville for a little. We hadn't traveled together since Seattle, unless you count traveling back home for the holiday season but that's just to Kentucky, so we decided the best place to go within driving distance was Atlanta!

In today's post I am going to be sharing where we stayed, what we did and what we ate during our 36 hours in Atlanta. Enjoy!

Where We Stayed

So here's a funny, little story. Originally I was supposed to be going home for the weekend for my college homecoming but for some reason as the days drew closer, the less I wanted to actually go back to Kentucky. I didn't want to go to Kentucky but I still wanted to do something, when a light when off in Cody's head... Cody still had hotel points from his credit card that would get us a free night in a qualifying hotel anywhere, but heres the catch, they expired in a week. What a coincidence right? We took that as a sign to get out of town so we booked our stay at the AC Hotel by Phipps Plaza in Buckhead

The AC Hotel was honestly amazing and didn't break the bank either for the night we had to pay for. Honestly I'd say it was 100% worth the money because it was clean, the bed was comfy, the staff was nice and the location couldn't have been any better. Anytime I visit Atlanta, I always stay in Buckhead because it's my favorite area since the shopping is amazing. We could walk to Target, Nordstrom, the movies... PINKBERRY. Dangerous. 

What We Did

Unfortunately the weather was really, really bad when we were in Atlanta. It rained 80% of the time, but we didn't let it rain on our parade. 

Since we got in late Friday night (we also lost an hour on the way to ATL because of the time zones) we decided it was probably best that we woke up relatively early Saturday morning to get the most out of our time in Atlanta. Also I checked the weather the night before and saw it wasn't supposed to rain until noon so I wanted to get some blog pictures in. #BLOGISLIFE
We went to Midtown to take some pictures with the rainbow crosswalks. I guess I love a rainbow crosswalk because I took pictures with them in Seattle too. These particular ones are at 10th & Piedmont.

Pro tip for getting the shot: Get a wide angle lens, we rented the Canon 16-35mm lens for the trip since it's so great for travel and it came in handy when I wanted to get a picture of the crosswalk but only had a small area to work with so I didn't get ran over by a car. Also if you want to be really extra, make your "photographer" walk backwards to get the perfect walking shot of you crossing the street.

Next we decided to go to Ponce City Market but on the way I saw another perfect photo opp... the large, old Krispy Kreme sign down the street from Ponce. I bribed Cody to stop by offering to buy him a donut if he took my picture infront of the sign. He obviously took me up on the offer. 

Next stop was Ponce City Market where Cody and I did some window shopping at West Elm *drools* waiting for all the restaurants to open up for lunch. I wish the store was as big as the one in Dumbo Brooklyn because that was #goals. We wandered around the other stores too but didn't buy anything.

After that we went to a brewery to satisfy bae because how could we go to a new city without stopping at a new brewery? The place we went was called Monday Night Brewery, it was pretty cool. There are ties all over the walls but there was no seating because it gets so, so, so, so crowded in there on Saturdays.

Obviously I couldn't come to Atlanta and not hit up Lenox Square Mall to shop at Free People, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Zara. Unfortunately I had no luck shopping but we did get Pinkberry which is  always a win.

Once we wrapped up there, we decided we explored enough for the day and just wanted to catch up on some Olympics before heading to dinner.
The next day we went to brunch downtown then headed to Little Five Points so I could get some Instagrams done before we headed back to Nashville. There was a man on the side of the road selling flowers so Cody bought me a few roses so I'd have a little prop! Little Five Points is a really cool place for pictures, I loved the mural on the side of the post office there. From what I hear, the area also has amazing food. All these pictures were shot in Little Five Points.

On our way to a beer store at Krog Street Market, we saw an old VW van on the side of the road and basically it was screaming my name to take a picture infront of it. I mean, how could I not?! We got the shot right before the rain came pouring down. Since the rain as picking up, we decided it was probably best that we head home earlier incase we hit any rain traffic. So that's all we did during our 36 hours in Atlanta. I think we got a lot done personally! Plus we both had been to Atlanta many times before so we didn't feel the need to do all the museums & basic tourist things! Everyone told me to go to the Coke Museum but I went when I was younger on vacation with my family, I feel like it's a place you only *have* to do once.

Where We Ate

Honestly we really came to Atlanta because it was the closest city to us with a Shake Shack... Yep. We are pathetic. We ate there the night we got in. If you've never been to a Shake Shack, go. Get the cheese fries and your life will change for the better. You're welcome. To be honest we also ate there the next night too because the wait at the BBQ place, Fox Bros, was an hour and a half long and we were starving. Not mad about it.

For lunch at Ponce City, we ate at the Chinese restaurant, Jia and had the most delicious meal. A little words of advice though, if you and your friend want the same thing, share it because it's a lot of food. Cody and I both ordered the General Tso's chicken and I probably ate 1/4 of mine and he only ate 1/2 of his. Come hungry. My mouth is watering as I write this.

For brunch the last day we ate at Atlanta Breakfast Club. This place had amazing reviews so I was really excited for it because all I was craving was bacon and waffles but damn was I disappointed. First off, I hate when athletes get there and expect to be seated immediately and get to cut people in line. That stuff pisses me off. I might understand if it was some fancy place but it's a brunch restaurant and everyone should have to wait their turn for a table. My turkey bacon and side of breakfast potatoes weren't cooked all the way... Annoying. Nothing like the texture of a raw potato! It might have been just the luck of the draw, or in my case, the bad luck of the draw and I got the bad meal but I definitely wouldn't go again!

So that was my time in Atlanta, Georgia! Have you guys ever been?! Leave me recommendations for next time I go :) I'd love to read them!

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  1. If you come again during good weather, the Beltline is a must see and has really cool street art and restaurants throughout

  2. howell mill! has great little restaurants and ice cream and a super cute bridge over a railroad track with cool views of Atlanta, along with a free people and other shopping:)

    1. we actually went there :) I just didn't include it bc we didn't buy anything and it was very brief

  3. PSA: there is a shake shack in Lexington, KY!!! And it’s a one less hour drive than to Atlanta!! Tons of awesome insta worthy murals here too

  4. Next time you come, go to Six Flags Over Georgia & Dave and Busters!!! They're fun and you'll enjoy yourself when you go!!!

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