5 Things to Do for Galentines Day!

coat: revolve (c/o) || hat: brixton at urban || shoes: urban outfitters || pants: urban outfitters 

I'm back with another Valentines Day post! I can't believe its mid February already, like what the heck? I honestly as of this weekend didn't have any idea what to get Cody for Valentine's Day because I didn't realize it was literally next week. I knew it was coming up but I didn't realize it was on Wednesday! Ahhh! Thank God I did a gift guide incase you guys forgot about Valentine's Day too and everywhere else is over-picked like my Target today.

With Valentine's Day approaching I thought it might be fun to share some things that I did before I had "my Valentine" and that I did with my girlfriends instead! Are you single this Valentines Day or are you in a relationship but still want ideas of what to do with your friends? Well I got you covered.

1. Have an Instagram-Worthy Girls Night In

Let's be honest with each other here, no matter how much you hate to admit it, deep down we all love an awesome Instagram photo opp. Throw an awesome Girls Night In party with your girlfriends and go all out. Go to Party City, buy balloons, all the decorations (soon before they all sell out), order a heart shaped pizza from Papa Johns, buy Pillsbury heart sugar cookies, rent Fifty Shades of Grey and all get matching pink & red PJ's. It would be so cute and fun! I bet if Caitlin and I both hadn't gone home for Valentine's Day last year to visit our men, we totally would've done this.

2. Date Night Out

My senior year of college a bunch of my girlfriends and I went to on a date night together! Honestly one of my favorite Valentines Day plans yet. We started the night off by going to see Fifty Shades of Grey (shocker because I'm low key obsessed) at the nicest theater in our area and then we went to a delicious dinner at BJ's after. We got cocktails, dessert, all the good things in life while simultaneously gossiping about what was going on in our lives. Such a fun time!

3. Secret Cupid?

Basically the same concept as Secret Santa but for Valentines Day. Set a limit of like $15, randomly draw names out of a hat and swap gifts! Go to your local Spencers for some really good gifts LOL. So many inappropriate presents there. Gift exchanges are always fun... especially if you made it into a White Elephant to make it even funnier.

4. Relax The Way You Like To

If you're in college, plan your week so you have your evening free of homework on Valentine's Day and take the time to focus that day on you. You don't need other people to make you happy on that day, do what you like to do to relax. You like to work out? Go treat yourself to Soul Cycle. You like to shop? Go to Target and the mall and get yourself an outfit. You like candy? Go to the grocery or Target the day after Valentines Day and get all the candy.... 

5. Take a Roadtrip

One of the things I love and could not live without is driving. I love to drive, I find it relaxing and I get a lot thinking done in the car. So if you're free on Valentine's Day or the weekend following, take a little road trip to a city nearby, 3 hours away! Take time to explore the city, enjoy traveling alone for once. I personally love traveling alone because I get to make every decision about what I want to do... Granted it's harder to get an Instagram but you take what you can get. Enjoy your little time away!

Those are 5 ideas of things to do with you galentines this year! Make this year your best Valentine's Day yet!

Now I bet you are wondering about this fabulous coat because I would be too if I saw it. This coat is a little bit of a splurge but it's honestly a showstopper hero piece for your wardrobe. I got this coat from Revolve and it's by the brand House of Harlow! I paired it with my new favorite pair of jeans from Urban Outfitters that don't zip up, instead they have this super cool hook & eye detailing up the front. These jeans run true to size, I got my normal size 27 and they are even a little loose!

That's all folks! Hope everyone has the best week ever!

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