Galentines Day Staycation in Nashville

I feel like people focus too often on dreading Valentines Day because they are single, it's like the "trendy" thing to do... Instead of dragging your feet when Valentines Day comes around, turn it into a positive and make the holiday an excuse to celebrate some of the most important people in your lives... your friends!

A few weeks ago my friends over at HeyWanderer and Hunter Premo put together a little staycation for us at the Aertson Hotel in midtown Nashville & we had so much fun! Here is how we celebrated our Galentines weekend!

Where We Stayed

We checked in the Aertson Hotel in midtown and immediately upon entering the hotel, I was impressed with the friendly service and subtle modern touches to the hotel. I am a sucker for a good aesthetic, but like who isn't these days? I've seen so many bloggers stay here before and I loved having a good excuse to finally see what it's all about!

What We Did

If you and your friends are anything like my friends and I then you love taking pictures! We loved having time to take pictures together because often times all are infront of the cameras alone for our blogs. I just love collaborating with other amazing influencers and these ladies are some of my favorite ladies in Nashville!

Day 2 was filled with picture taking. The first photo opp took place before we headed to lunch. How glam is this Sex and the City inspired photo the HeyWanderer gals snapped? I'm actually obsessed.

The second photo opp of the day involved a lot of balloons. After my fingers went semi-numb from tying the ends of balloons closed, we finally had enough balloons to make these pictures possible. It was a lot of balloons. Extra AF.

We also got to check out the spa at the Aertson called Woodhouse Day Spa where I got the massage. I've honestly never had a massage before and now I understand why people become addicted to them. Sign me up for my next one please! I'm ready!

The Spa had this relaxing room where we all sat around and chatted with each other. I love any opportunity I have to talk with my ladies and drink champagne. My kind of day!

What We Ate

My favorite part of the trip involved the food... Shocker. Honestly every meal we had over the course of the 48 hours was heavenly. *Cue angel voices*

You guys, I don't even know where to begin with the Henley. It was beyond my expectations. I thought it was going to be one of those foodie restaurants where I had to pretend to like the food as I ate it and then go pick up McDonalds after but I was so wrong. The Henley was delicious.

Their cocktails are showstoppers. I can't remember what mine was called but it involved tequila which I can never complain about. They also brought us out their punch they made that day in a disco ball. Yes, you read correctly, a disco ball. All of my dreams came true at the Henley is basically what I am saying.

We all shared the chicken and it was so great. I know what you're probably thinking, "wow chicken how original." But you guys, this chicken is mind blowing. They roast the chicken 3 times so it takes a while to prepare but it's worth the wait. I can guarantee that it will be the best chicken you've had in a long time.

Caviar and Bananas
I'm very hard to impress when it comes to salads, I'm extremely picky. I miss Tender Greens in LA and hadn't found the good salads in Nashville till I came to Caviar and Bananas for the first time this summer. Their salad bar is what dreams are made of because they have goat cheese as an option. My favorite thing ever. My mouth is watering as I type this out. We also picked up their delicious chocolates too while we were there and I have to say the best was the dark chocolate. Still thinking about it...

We have a Nada in Cincinnati so when I found out last year that they were planning on opening one in Nashville I was pumped. It's in the same area as the Aertson Hotel so just like the other restaurants, it's a quick skip and a jump away.

The craziest thing happened too while we were eating dinner. The manager greeted us and I told him I've been to a Nada before in Cincinnati and long story short, we ended up discovering that we went to the same exact high school! How wild! He grew up about a mile from where I grew up. Such a small world. I love when that kind of stuff happens.

My recommendation is to not skip out on the street corn because I couldn't get enough. I felt wild and ordered a new meat I hadn't tried before on my taco and it was my favorite. I had one chicken taco and one pork belly. The pork belly was so delicious. Definitely try that if you're not vegetarian of course!

A big thank you to HeyWanderer for sending me some of the pictures to share with you guys! I had technical difficulties with my camera during the trip because my lens shoots so up close and personal, I needed a frame with a wider angle so they helped make this post possible. Thanks Savannah and Casey!!!!


  1. I legit LOL'ed about your thinking Henley was going to be a foodie restaurant and thinking you were gonna have to go to McDonalds afterwards!! Hilarious. And obvs loved this post :)

    1. ITS TRUE. I brought my mcdonalds gift card in my bag........ hehe