Goodbye Apartment, Hello House!

sweater dress: free people || blanket: amazon || hair scarf: free people

Here's a little insight for my blog readers that my YouTube fam doesn't quite know yet... Cody and I signed a lease on a house. A freaking house. I'm so excited to be moving out of this 720 sq ft apartment and into a three bedroom house, it is definitely much needed. 

If you don't know the backstory on how we ended up back on the market for apartment hunting, or should I say, house hunting, be sure to check out my latest vlog here where I explain everything. A new vlog will be going up soon explaining why we went with a house instead of the apartment but I think it's pretty self explanatory. 

We are moving to East Nashville! 

Oh my goodness, I am so excited to share this journey with you guys. I absolutely love East Nashville, it was actually the first place Caitlin and I stayed on our first trip to Nashville and I honestly fell in love with the vibes of East Nashville. When I moved here though, I knew I wanted to be in the middle of everything because I knew if I wasn't, I wouldn't meet people. And I am so glad I had made that decision to move to Downtown when I did because it was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. I've loved every second of living in the apartment I live at now, Cody and I just need more space for living!

So I'm not actually going to show you guys the space just yet because I want to do an entire empty house tour when we get the keys in mid March. I think it'll be such a fun way to reveal the space to you guys and also be able to look back on once it's all decorated. This is a place I think Cody and I will be for a few years (or we atleast hope it will be,) we hope that it'll be the last place we have to rent because one day we'd love to buy a house here! But as expected, down payments for a nice starter home are no joke here.. *insert dramatic sigh here because I wish money grew on trees*

Enough rambling, let's talk about home decor!!!

First off, would you guys be interested in me sharing my mood boards with you guys? These aren't professional or anything, just showing what decor inspiration I am using for each room. I've been working on those with my notability app on my iPad Pro, probably my favorite app ever!

I wanted to share some of the things I am purchasing for our house, without giving away too much of the plans for the place! Just a heads up too, at my new house I will finally be able to have my own office/filming room which is GOALS AF. I know, I've lived in apartments alone before so basically then I had my entire space to film but I never had a space that was designated for my work and I think it's awesome that I will be able to separate "work" from my living space. Does that make sense?

No shocker here, of course I gotta use temporary wallpaper in the new place and I'm actually brainstorming if I could potentially take the wallpaper in my bedroom now and somehow transfer it to the bathroom at the house... Hmmm... Here are some of my favorites! Until my wallpaper comes in, I think I might order a tapestry from Amazon thats literally $10 for the background of my videos.

paint dots: livettes || mudcloth: spoonflower || peonies: wallflorashop || tapestry: amazon

leather chairs: world market || metal dining chairs: amazon || cowhide chair: world market

I'm actually dying over these dining chairs that I found on amazon and I couldn't believe the price of them! TWO CHAIRS FOR $100! What kind of nonsense is this?! Unfortunately I haven't decided what the "vibe" of the kitchen is because I honestly don't remember what it entirely looked like aside from pictures so I gotta reevaluate once we get the keys.

And finally I wanted to share some rugs that I'm lusting over right now because I honestly like too many of them and need to make decisions pronto! Rugs are one of my favorite things to add to a room because the wrap the entire room together. It's just the icing on the cake. Naturally all the ones I love were the cost of an arm and a leg but I found some that I'll happily settle for (and that make my wallet happy!) I put them side by side so you guys can see how similar they are.

colorful rug: lulu & georgia || pink rug: world market || shaggy tan rug: anthropologie || anthropologie shaggy dupe: home depot || cross rug: anthropologie || cross rug dupe: home depot

So that's it! That's my long winded post about what is to come. Craziness is what's to come but I can't wait to move! I hope you guys are excited to see the space in a video next week once we get the keys! Have a great week <3


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