Life Lately: An Update.

Hey, it's me, Sarah Belle Elizabeth. I've been a little MIA from YouTube and my blog recently and basically this is my come-back post to tell you guys whats' up and keep y'all in the loop. There are so many things I want to tell you about so I apologize if this is all over the place. Then again when am I not all over the place?

As you guys know, I've been in the process of moving and it has been nuts. It's been an easy move thankfully but no move is ever "fun." I can't complain though! The one thing that has taken the most adjustment is the little things I've relied on an apartment complex to do for so long for me, like trash and signing for packages. Today I spent the entire day waiting around for FedEx just so I could sign for my office wallpaper. Forgot how no-fun that was.

Anyways let's dive in to what this blog post is about!

Some Favorites

dress: free people || bow: free people

This sweater dress has been worn nonstop by me (I'm kinda gross, I know.) I bought it in ivory for Chicago and already own it in yellow from Seattle. Guess this is my go-to travel dress and I didn't even realize it. I think a good sweater dress is an essential for every closet, just as much as a Little Black Dress. Get it here, I am wearing a small!

flats: free people || rug: overstock 

These shoes are my life! I own the sandal version of these in a basic brown color and I never gravitate towards them but after seeing my friend Little Blonde Book wear them in the flat version, I knew I needed to give the flat version a try and I AM OBSESSED. They are a little expensive but worth every penny. I know Target released their version but it's sold out so give the Free People version a shot.

dress: modcloth || rug: etsy

Finally this dress is another favorite of mine and it was actually sent to me by ModCloth. I had no idea I would love it as much as I do but I definitely can't stop wearing it now that it's finally getting warmer outside. I love how bohemian and comfortable it is. Definitely check it out. Shop it here.

& More Favorites

Favorite Show: Can't stop watching Sex and the City on HBO/Amazon Prime. I fall in love with Big everytime I binge the series, this is probably my third or fourth time watching the entire series. It just never gets old to me.

Favorite Snack: Teddy Grahams are my shit right now. I know I am a 5 year old at heart but cmon chocolate Teddy Grahams are so much better then regular chocolate graham crackers. Now that I am an adult, I can buy my own since my parents never let my brother and I get them as kids because they were "overpriced for the same thing as a graham cracker."

Favorite Music: Other than the obvious, The Greatest Showman, I've been listening to Eminem nonstop because Coachella! I've been an Eminem fan since I was a youngster and I am so hyped to finally see him in concert. I'm the most excited to see him and Alt-J. Can't wait!

Favorite Home Addition: My new plants! Oh my goodness, I am obsessed with the new plants that I bought from Hewitt Garden Center in Franklin, TN! I've done an entire blog post about the place I buy my plants before but I just truly adore their business. My favorite thing is probably the new cactus that has been in a bunch of Instagrams already. So freaking cool! Also had to throw in this super hot picture of myself... Duh.

Another Favorite: My Instagram feed honestly has been a favorite of mine recently... is that conceited to say? I hope not because I am just proud of the content that I've been putting out. I look at my feed and I smile because it's something I am 100% proud of and I think thats super important. Also the pink feed has been so fun for me to do. I hope you guys like it too!

What's to Come?

So there are a few things I want to do with the blog as Coachella nears and as I continue decorating my house. What exactly do you guys want to see? I want to do a blog post all about how I did mood boards for each room in the house and how I tried to plan each room with visuals and inspiration. Is that something you guys would want to see? Let me know in the comments or definitely tweet me some ideas!

Cody and I are headed to Coachella in two weeks with Caitlin and her boyfriend, Becker so we can't wait to see them. It'll actually be Cody and Becker's first time meeting each other which is crazy to me. We can't wait to see the bromance unfold. We are also super lucky to be going with the same brand so we will be inseparable all Coachella long. That's right ladies, Team Carah is back in action!

So that's what's been going on with me, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things with the blog and YouTube now that moving is pretty much "done." By done I mean the actual moving between two places is done... Now the fun part is just beginning. Thanks for sticking around. XOXO.


  1. I love that your feed is one of your favorites! You should be proud :)

  2. Please do a post on how you make blog collages on your iPad!