5 Things I'm Loving on Amazon Prime: April

Fun fact, these white sunglasses are from Amazon Prime because I couldn't find any in store that I loved... best part is they were $10!

It's no mystery here that I am a huge addict to Amazon Prime. Judging by the amount of views my Amazon posts get, y'all are probably on the same addiction struggle with me. It's so convenient to have everything and anything delivered to your front door step (except Baked Hot Cheetos for a hefty price... ugh wtf Amazon?!)

I decided to make a monthly post dedicated to Amazon Prime finds that I get to share with you guys in continuance with my Amazon Prime gift guides and stuff that I typically do here on the blog. Often times there are more practical things that I don't get to show you when I do those posts because they aren't exactly "exciting" if you will, instead they are just everyday items that I love. Honestly these posts will probably be more helpful to you guys in the long run because it's stuff to buy for yourself, your home, your significant other and much more. Let's get to it.

First off, I wanted to start this post out by telling you guys about my new Amazon shop page. Your lives (and mine) just got a lot easier to find whatever the latest Amazon things I'm talking about. Everything is in one place. Anytime I mention something on my YouTube, blog or Instagram, it'll be linked on this shop page here. Bookmark it. Or don't to save your wallet a few tears... oops.

1. My Ray-Bans

You might have seen me wear these a time or two (or daily) on my instastories. I love them. I have them in both the octagonal shapes they offer, one is more defined than the other... as a sunglass addict I obviously needed both.

I like these because they are different than the typical round Ray-Ban's everyone has these days. But you don't have to pay $150 for the look, you can find a pair for like $10 on Amazon Prime just as easy. I recommend the Ray-Ban if you plan on wearing them for a long time because Ray-Ban quality lasts years and years, but if you just want the sunglasses for the "look" I recommend the cheaper dupe on Amazon linked here.

Octagonal Ray-Ban || Less-Defined Octagons || Dupes

2. My Staple Hat

You all might not know this but you can buy Lack of Color hats on Amazon Prime. Yeah. I'm dead. Shook. Poor bank account.

I've been wearing this hat nonstop recently, if you don't believe me, just look at my Instagram. I wear it with everything. I also just purchased the black version once I discovered they were on Prime because obviously if you love something, buy it in every color and let your wallet suffer the consequences. (Since writing this they've sold out of the brown one but the black one is still up!)

Brown Hat || Black Hat

I get so many questions about this daily and it is honestly the best hack I can tell you guys about. Buy a nail polish wall mount rack on Amazon and then use it to store sunglasses or other smaller objects in your closet. I use to have 2 storing my sunglasses and glasses but I've since made my collection smaller so I'm now using one for sunglasses and one in a closet for medicines, envelopes, chargers, all those small things that often get lost. Smart, right? I use command strips to hold it up so it doesn't even damage the walls. 

Lately I've been on the hunt for the perfect decorative and functional garment rack. I have some shitty $20 one from Amazon that I bought last year but honestly it's time for that one to retire because I need something that looks good being out in the open. I found this one on prime for under $50 and it was a no-brainer for me. I love the industrial look of it, I won't be ashamed to have clothes out in the open hanging on this. But it's also great because it has wheels so I can hide it in the closet if need be.

I am not superwoman, I cannot self tan my back and I hate asking Cody to apply self tanner on my back for me. Then one day I looked up "self tanner back applicator" on amazon and discovered this bomb contraption for $13! Brilliant, isn't it?! It's a must for anyone that lives alone or that likes to do things on their own & hate asking for help like me. It's not the easiest thing but it's definitely easier than contorting your body into uncomfortable positions. 

Get yourself a back applicator here.

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