How to Get Yourself Out of a Funk

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Yesterday I was in a funk. *Cue pity party of one*

I think one of the most commonly asked questions I get is "How do you deal with competition and comparison in the 'influencer' industry?" Someone is always getting the brand deals I dream of, has more followers, wears a size 0, the list goes on and on. And most of the time I tell people I am super lucky to have grown up on YouTube because I learn to block out those thoughts but everyone struggles with a funk sometimes. It's inevitable with the day and age to not compare yourself to others even if you're super confident in yourself.

Whenever I am in a funk, I let myself be in that funk. It's like I'm actively letting myself walk down this path of actively letting myself feel this way... That is until I recognize it and want a change. I guess that's the biggest step in getting out of funks because you're not going to change if you don't actually want to change. It's easy to just let yourself be lazy, have a pity party, continue comparing yourself to others, but it's healthier for you to snap out of it.

Once I recognize the fact that something needs to change I do some of the following (or maybe all of them if I am feeling wild that day.)

Get Ready for the Day

I find that whenever I am in a funk, I'm often times just laying around, hair not brushed, makeupless, comfy clothes I slept in the night before. Not exactly in a #feelingmyself fashion. Forcing yourself to get ready for the day, take a shower, putting makeup on, will change how you view yourself from the outside. Now I'm not saying you have to look put together to feel good about yourself, I'm saying it won't hurt in the grand scheme. Only good can really come from it!

Take Yourself on a Date

Usually I do this after I have gotten ready but sometimes that's definitely not the case. I love to take myself out on dates, I think its so nice to pick where you truly want to eat and sit down, think, eat good food, enjoy time by yourself. Reflect. Don't just go to a drive thru, sit down and enjoy your time with yourself and treat yourself to good food. AKA dine in at Chickfila instead of going through the drive-thru... kidding... kinda.


Even before I launched this blog last year, writing was my way of getting myself out of a funk. To me there is something so relaxing to writing down exactly what you're feeling and if that's not what you want to write, write down something, make lists, have fun with it. I love taking my mind of things by making to-do lists or just lists that I'll probably never look at again because just the calligraphy of it all relaxes me.


I know cleaning sounds lame but damn does it feel good to put on a happy playlist on Spotify and just clean! Trust me, it's great and those mood boosting playlists really help.


I love crafting because when I am crafting it's all I want to focus on. I don't really care about what music is playing and if I am running out of gummy bears to stress eat, I just care about creating something awesome. Theres something so rewarding about completing a DIY and being like ta-da! Escape your over-analyzing mind and focus on a craft for a little while.

Call a Loved One

Whenever I am in a funk, I don't want to be around anyone but at the same time, I want someone around me. Man I love being a girl, we are such pleasant creatures. Anyway, if Cody is around, he just lightens my mood so being around him automatically helps my mood but also he is always great at reminding me of my potential even when I fail to see it. And if all else fails, call your mom. No one thinks your shit doesn't stink more than your mom so when you fail to see your greatness, your parents are always there to remind you.

Log Off Social Media

Notice how none of these ways of getting out of a funk involves getting on social media? That's because when you want to get out of a funk you shouldn't be on it. I compare myself too often and sometimes I just need to put my scrolling thumbs to rest for a few hours. Try it, it's actually so great.

What are your ways of getting out of a funk? I know exercising is a big one for a lot of people, I just go through phases of being obsessed with working out and right now is not one of those times unfortunately for me. These are the things I thought of during my funk yesterday that I thought would be fun to share with you guys, after all everyone has those days as Hannah Montana would say.


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