24 Things I Learned at 24

It's my birthday and I'm back at it again with the same post I did last year... this time with one more thing I learned since I am a year older now. #math.

Today, June 9th, I am 25, a quarter of a century. A very bittersweet birthday to me because it's my first birthday that I'm not excited to turn a year older aka the first birthday of the rest of my life. I'm getting old. All the fun party years are in the past (or so it feels) and the rest of the birthdays are just dreaded. I love my birthday though no matter what because who doesn't love the feeling of it being your birthday? Center of attention? Me? Never. (Sarcasm intended.)

Another year older and not a year wiser... Still mentally 23.

24 things I've learned at the humble age of 24, lets go.

1. WebMD is the downfall of my mental state. I literally think I'm going insane because when I look up one symptom I am whole-heartedly convinced I have said sickness. Doing myself a favor and not drawing conclusions before I literally go insane.

2. Pregaming is going extinct or atleast few and far between. Where are all my party people at? Is it not cool anymore to get drunk before you go to the bar? No because everyone has jobs and can afford to drink at the bar or simply doesn't go hard when they go out. Crazy concept.

3. Hangovers really do get worse as you get older... Unless you eat McDonalds when you're drunk then you're saved basically. 

4. The song "Africa" by Toto still will never get old. Atleast it hasn't in my 24th year.

5. Set goals and work your ass off to achieve them. Good things don't continuously come to those who sit with their thumbs up their ass.  Yes, some things come to those who might not deserve it in your eyes but better things come to you when you work your ass off for your goals.

6. Ask because the worst thing people can say is no.

7. A girl can never have too many little white dresses. I never wear black dresses, I guess it's not really my style, definitely more of a white dress gal. Find your thing, I guess white dresses are mine!

8. Go on friend dates with people you normally wouldn't see yourself hanging out with regularly. Honestly some of my best friendships I've developed are with people I didn't expect myself to "click" with. Just because you have different life paths or are different ages doesn't mean you won't have a connection!

9. Don't just drink lemon water. Turns out lemons actually can dehydrate you. Oops.

10. You're old enough to have people you use to date or "hang out" with get married. Yep. I don't know how I am old enough to have guys I went out with to be married but here I am. Thriving 25 year old creeping on weddings on Facebook because I'm nosey.

11. You start to notice yourself doing things your parents do. Whenever I tell a joke and start to laugh, I laugh exactly like my mom. Creeps me out.

12. The whole "try-it-till-you-like-it" thing doesn't work on every food... aka Brussel Sprouts. No matter how many times I try and how many different ways they are prepared, I won't like it. Same with arugula. Disgusting. Haters come at me.

13. There are very few things in life better than Sex and the City reruns and theres also pretty much not a bad time to watch reruns. Except when an episode where Aleksandr Petrovsky is on because he's the most useless character and biggest disappointment! Team Mr. Big for life!

14. Which leads me to... the older you get, the more you can relate to everything Carrie Bradshaw is saying. It becomes more than a show and the things she says sometimes hit home to you. It's odd but I don't hate it. Turn me into Carrie Bradshaw, please.

15. It's better to cheer on your friends than compete with your friends. Be the cheerleader you hope to have, celebrate their victories and cheer them on. Don't make it about you.

16. No one is above Bravo TV. I thought I was for years but then I got sucked into the Real Housewives franchise and theres no turning back now.

17. Trader Joes Spicy Cheese Crispies > Hot Cheetos. Gotta be conscious about what we are putting into our bodies but at the same time, not that conscious where I can't enjoy the good stuff in life.

18. Being in weddings = expensive. I feel like no one ever says anything but can I just get an amen?! Obviously what goes around comes around, people will have to pay to be in yours but for the time being, damn they are expensive!

19. The older I get and the more I travel to new places, the more I love my home and my city. Obviously I appreciate the cities and I love traveling but it's so great to know you're exactly where you're supposed to be in life. I love Nashville, Nashville is that place for me.

20. Vodka shots are a definite no-go these days. Still can fuxxx with Jell-O shots but definitely put vodka shots right next to fireball in my long list of 'cannot do.'

21. Don't let people get to you when they confuse your ability to stand up for yourself for you being insecure. You know you're not insecure and just a Bethenny Frankel personality, some people can't take the heat.

22. Get everything important in writing. Trust me on this one. You want proof of everything. Get yourself a big ole file.

23. Target discontinued my favorite sticky boobs and I still haven't found "the one." I feel like I can't enter 25 without the one thing I had figured out in life and that was my Target sticky boobs. Way to go Target.

24. Buy your size and not the size you think you are (aka the size you tell yourself you are because you're in denial.) Clothes look way better when you accept your body and just love the body you have! Wear the right clothes. You will thank yourself!

So those are my random 24 things I learned at 24, I can't believe how fast this year went by, I'm sure I'll say the same thing next year when I'm turning 26. *shutters at the thought of turning 26*

Thank you all so much for your support this last year, I'm so proud of how much I've grown in blogging, in my career, mentality and just pretty much every aspect of my life. You guys play such a big role in my daily life and I honestly cannot thank you enough. I love you guys!!!



  1. happy birthday lovely!!!! ☺️

    btw.... my dad is 56 and still pregames so maybe there’s hope??? Lololol ��

  2. Love this! I am a year older than you and laughed at so many of these things.

  3. The sex and the city ones are everything ❤️I’ve watched since I started HS but didn’t really start to understand it until my 20’s. Now it’s my bible basically

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