72 Hours in Maine: A Travel Guide

Another state has officially been checked off my list, Maine! 

I just got back from a trip to Maine with 3 of my beautiful influencer friends and I had the time of my life. A few months ago my friend Alexis asked me if I wanted to go on a trip somewhere we've never been before, she suggested Maine and to be honest, I was indifferent to the idea of visiting there. I had just never really had the desire to visit, but I never pass up an opportunity to explore new places and so I said yes. I remember growing up my Grandma always talked about Maine so why not check it out, ya know? I had just never heard anyone my age really talk about Maine so I think maybe that's why I overlooked it for 24 years of my life. Now if you are like me and never had Maine on your list of places to visit, CHANGE THAT MINDSET RIGHT NOW. Maine is breathtakingly beautiful, unique, full of history & charm and I am going to prove that in this post. 

Before I dive in, I want to share my travel buddies for this trip incase you want to see what they have to say about Maine. I traveled with Alexis Teichmiller, Chelsea Scott and Elanna .

Day 1: Kennebunkport, Maine

Where We Stayed: Yachtsman Marina and Hotel and it was AMAZING. It's a brand new, renovated old motel in walking distance to downtown Kennebunkport and a bike ride away from the beach. The staff was amazing, the happy hour was amazing, the beds were heavenly. Honestly my favorite place we stayed in Maine. I would definitely go back!

Where We Ate: Since we were only in town for dinner and breakfast, I don't have a lot to tell you but I do have to say, we ate well in Kennebunkport.

For dinner we went to The Boathouse, a 5 minute walk from our hotel and it was glorious. We ordered all the appetizers because we were so hungry from traveling all day. My recommendations are definitely do not pass up on the fries, the seasoning is amazing and you have to try their edamame because it has a little punch to it. For dinner I ordered the turkey club, it came with avocado on it so count me in on that. The ambiance is what makes The Boathouse amazing, so if you're visiting be sure to sit outside on the patio that overlooks the Marina. Check out the picture above for our view. It was clearly horrible (sarcasm intended.)

For brunch we went to Salt and Honey downtown right across the street from The Boathouse. I ordered a blueberry pancake and obviously couldn't pass up breakfast potatoes. Maine blueberries are so delicious, I'm so happy I got to try them in my pancake!

What We Did: After getting settled, we took on the town! Kennebunkport has so many cute shops downtown that we couldn't resist checking out. I wish I would have picked up a souvenir from one of the many shops in the area because their selection was amazing. Also there is the cutest pet store downtown, I tried so hard to find the cutest harness for Miller, unfortunately didn't end up getting one!

Next up we checked out the beaches in the area. I haven't seen the ocean in what feels like forever so I was happy to relax for a little bit and get my toes in the sand.

We enjoyed rosé at the Happy Hour at the Yachtsmen, it was one of the more relaxing parts of the trip and probably one of my favorite moments.

After brunch we took pictures and explored the city a little more before headed to Portland for the next adventure.

Day 2: Portland

Where We Stayed: The Holiday Inn, it was just like any other Holiday Inn you've probably ever stayed at. Not much to say here.

Where We Ate: We were so busy on Friday that we didn't even have time to eat lunch but no worries, we had snacks stocked up for us thanks to Chelsea. It's like she knew how much I loved Cheez It's because she had some waiting for me, true love.

For dinner we wanted to stay downtown so we stumbled into Solo Italiano, a delicious, upscale Italian restaurant (no shit.) I got the lasagna, I honestly can't remember what everyone else got, but I do know everyone was happy as a clam with their choices!

Brunch was the greatest brunch I've had in a long time. Originally we stopped by this popular diner in Portland but no one was really feeling it so I found a cafe called Bayside American Cafe on yelp. My mouth is watering as I type this because it was that good. I ordered one pancake (they were huge) with PB & chocolate chips with an order of bacon and potatoes (obviously.) But our table ordered one of their cinnamon roll pancake and holy cow... my life has changed for good. Order that if you go. Both pancakes were delicious but wow the cinnamon roll pancake.

What We Did: We did a lot in Portland. A lot.

We first had the Lucky Catch Lobster Cruise, you know typical Maine things. It was cool, I'm glad we got to do it because when I think of Maine, obviously I think of lobsters. I don't eat seafood but it was still cool to learn the process. The pictures we got were even cooler!

Next up was the Portland Brew Bus. Cody was so jealous of this because he is a big craft beer enthusiast. Honestly it was fun but definitely something I wish Cody was there for because I know it would've made him so happy. Cheesy. Anyway I brought back some beer from Portland for him.

We woke up super early to head to the Portland Head Light before it go too harsh of lighting. 10/10 would recommend going to see this. I love history so hearing it was the first lighthouse in the United States made me so hyped. All the rocks, all the history, all the water, it's amazing.

Day 3: Camden

Where We Stayed: 16 Bay View this place was so fancy and cute! Definitely different than our Holiday Inn the night before!

Where We Ate: We got appetizers because yet again, we didn't eat lunch that day, this time we headed to Sea Dog Brewing Company. It was alright but I tell ya what, the blueberry wheat ale is LIFE. It's so damn good. Try it, get it at a gas station, do whatever you can to get it.

I've never had Thai food before so I was really excited to try something new at the infamous Long Grain. I love spicy spicy food, more than most people. Yes I realize I said spicy twice, I just love really spicy stuff. I don't even remember what I got, it was some type of rice bowl with chicken and I got it the second to hottest heat level. Delicious.

For brunch we went to the brunch hotspot in Camden called Boynton-McKay Food Co. and I just got the banana bread. I wasn't super hungry after all the carbs the night before but this definitely hit the spot.

What We Did: The drive from Portland to Camden took a little longer than expected because we stopped at a photo opp that was the infamous buoy wall that epitomizes Maine in my opinion. I got a lot of questions about where it was, I honestly have no idea. I'm sorry! It was somewhere between the cities though (which definitely doesn't help.)

We did a lot of relaxing and just chatting. Camden was our last stop so we just wanted to chill after the craziness of Portland where we were nonstop from one tour to another. We sat around and recapped our time together, what we learned about each other and just chatted about life. I loved it! I couldn't have asked for a better crew to take on Maine with.

Thank you so much Maine Tourism Board and Visit Maine for collaborating with us on this trip, we had so much fun. Check out my girls, Alexis, Chelsea and Elana too while you're at it!

Outfits from Maine
Red Dress: Spell Gypsy Collective
Kimono & Pants: Sage the Label
Hat: Lack of Color 
Off Shoulder Romper: Revolve LPA
Denim Jumpsuit: Sage the Label
White Dress: Revolve LPA
White Pant Set: 4SI3NNA (top + bottom)
Shoes: Zara
White Dress: For Love & Lemons (old)
White Slides: Amazon


  1. So I live in Maine and I am so happy that you gave it a chance, I knew you wouldn't regret it. I have been watching you for years so I got super hyped to see you were coming to town knowing that you would portray Maine in the most beautiful way. Thank you for this post and I wish I had gotten the chance to run into you! Love ya!

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