My June & July Amazon Prime Purchases

I'm back with another Amazon monthly post, my personal favorite! Y'all know I am addicted to Amazon Prime, no secret here, so I am rounding up all the purchases I've made in June and July on Amazon Prime. Be sure to check out my Amazon shop page for everything else under the sun.

1. Sunglass Chain Strap

I went to a music festival called Panorama in NYC this weekend and oh how this chain came in handy! Not only is it super fashion forward, kinda hate myself for saying that, but it's also very practical. With my tape in extensions I can't wear my sunglasses on top of my head like I use to, so it was nice being able to have my sunglasses hanging from around my neck. Plus it's only $7.

2. Shopping Bag

I actually love this bag. It looks so little and pathetic when it comes in the mail but it's so useful! I squish it into a little ball & carry it around in my bag when I go shopping. I brought it with me to both flea markets I've been to in the last month. Definitely worth the $8 pricetag. And it's cute. Win-win.

3. Mini Furry Rugs

I put these on my peacock chairs, they are $15 each. Unfortunately they don't have them at IKEA for super cheap anymore. RIP the dream.

4. My Wildfox obsession continues...

As many of you guys know, I live in my Wildfox clothes. Seriously. I can't think of anything more comfortable than my Wildfox sets. Best part is you can get them on Prime now too!

Get my zebra set here (sweatshirt + shorts)
Computer Cowgirl sweatshirt here

5. Planter Hanger

I can't believe this was only $20, a literal steal. I have this hanging in my office right now and it brings me so much joy! It's such a statement so keep that in mind when you order it, it's definitely not like any normal plant hanger, it's a cool plant hanger.

6. Mini books for my shelves

Some of you may know this but I am such a nonfiction book nerd. I've read one fiction book in the past 3 years... one. Fiction is a waste of time to me, I want to be learning stuff so ever since I was young, I've gravitated towards nonfiction books. So these mini books are more than just decoration, I actually read them and reference them when I am identifying my plants. I've seen this mini cactus book everywhere, so on Amazon Prime Day I knew I had to swoop it.

I also got this "How to Not Kill Your Houseplants" book, it's also super helpful! If you're just getting into houseplants, definitely look into this book. Or just google. I don't know, I like having this around!

7. Jumpsuit

Faithfull the Brand is one of my favorite brands, I've collected a few of their items over the past few years and one of those things was my new jumpsuit. I wore this in LA and adore it. I'm wearing a medium.

8. Lack of Color Spencer Hat

I wore this in New York City this past weekend, I love the size. I think the larger version of this hat is more "Italy or laying by the pool" type hat. I'm wearing it in the first picture on this blog post.

9. Earrings

I bought these Virgin Mary earrings for Panorama but I didn't get them in time, how cute are they though?! They come in so many different colors.

I also needed sterling silver hoops for my new holes, so I also got these ones too.

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