My August & September Amazon Purchases!

AMAZON TIME! What a time to be alive! I love doing these posts because I can talk about the exciting things I've discovered and purchased on Amazon and show you guys the things that aren't exactly the most exciting things ever. 

Let's get to it! 

For Love & Lemons Dress
I always get my For Love & Lemons dresses on Amazon, I don't know why, it's just the easiest for me as opposed to ordering from other sites because I know I'll receive it in 2 days! I've worn this one multiple times on my Instagram recently, to brunch, to the fair, in Los Angeles, running errands, you name it. Such a cute dress, purchase it here.

Literally were $19!!! Yes, $19! (They have raised the price depending on color and size.) And they aren't super high so I feel like I got a steal for these because they were comfortable for being on my feet at a club dancing (and drinking) for 5 hours straight. Save yourself some money and hit up Amazon for last minute heels for events. Swoop them here!

YOU GUYS NEED THESE EARRINGS. This is not a drill. Seriously if you have more than one hole in each ear, get these because they look perfect layered with all the different types of earrings. Plus they aren't going to irritate your ears like Forever 21 stuff will. 

Yep, I did it again. I have the cactus version of this book and wanted the coordinating book for house plants that just was released last month to put on my triangle shelves in my kitchen. Super informative and the graphics are amazing. Order it here!

All my H&M earrings sets get super grimy and gross after a month of wear so I recently purchased this set on Amazon for like $5 more than the H&M pack. Much better quality and don't bother my ears. The backs of these earrings are super secure and I cannot wait for my 3rd hole to heal so I can wear all different sizes in all the holes. How fun.

I bought this 20-20-20 fertilizer to fertilize my monstera plant after the guy who sold me mine at my local nursery that a monstera plant will go crazy when its fertilized aka it'll grow faster. Obviously use this sparingly because there is such thing as over-fertilization.

I love my oil diffuser that I recently purchased on Amazon! ALSO I DO NOT DIFFUSE WHILE MILLER IS AROUND.  I like the color of this one and I like how small it is but still can hold a lot in the tank. Also comes in a lighter wood color.

Pill Pockets
So yeah, my life is really exciting and I've been buying $10 pill pocket bags at PetSmart that's quite the drive for me for my dog to take his allergy medicine... Imagine the excitement when I found them on Prime for $2.50 cheaper and they don't require me to move from my house... AMAZING. This is living.

Wow what an exciting past two months right? That's why I decided to combine the past two months. Hopefully October will be more exciting. Fingers crossed.

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