A Long Weekend in Portland, Oregon: A Travel Guide

For Cody's birthday this year he wanted to go to Portland, Oregon and being my love for Seattle, I was very excited when he chose to head to the Pacific Northwest again. If you haven't read last year's Seattle recap, I'll link it here!

Where We Stayed

Y'all know how much I love Airbnb and as much as I wish I could say I am sponsored by them, I am not, just a big fan because it allows me to book really creative spaces where I can take pictures endlessly in. Since Cody decided he wanted to go to Portland for his birthday so early on, I was able to have a big selection of Airbnb's available and when I saw this plant filled apartment in the Alberta district, I knew I had to book it. I think for 3 nights it ended up costing less than $300 which is a steal in my opinion. As always if you want $40 off your first Airbnb reservation, you can use my link to sign up and I get $20 credit towards my next trip. A win-win. Check out airbnb here!

Here's a direct link to the airbnb we stayed in incase you want to stay in it as well!

Would I stay in that area again? Absolutely. It was maybe 10-15 minutes from downtown but honestly most of our time was spent all around the city.

Would I stay in the airbnb again? 1000000%. It was decorated amazingly. I hope to stay there again sometime. Plus the bed was super comfortable so I suppose that's always good.

Where We Ate

Kung POW!
 I feel like you have to say this restaurants name very aggressively since it's capitalized partially. We love Chinese and Nashville has no good Chinese places so this was our first meal in Portland. My favorite thing was the chicken fried rice Cody and I shared, it was everything I needed. Plus they have Coke products. I turn up for that.

Voodoo Donuts
Obviously Cody (a big fan of donuts) wanted to get Voodoo in the place where it originated so we went there our first morning. I don't really like donuts *gasp* but mine was pretty delicious for a donut. I got the strawberry iced sprinkle one! 

Breakside Brewery
We actually ate here twice. One time I got the macaroni and cheese and then the other time I got the seasonal special which was the ham & cheese sandwich. If they offer that sandwich, GET IT. Also both times we got the soft pretzels because if you know me, you know I adore dijon mustard so obviously by default I love soft pretzels.

Que Pasa Cantina
We had some damn good Mexican here. Unfortunately we came here when it was short staffed but I wouldn't hold that against them because life happens. While it took a while to get our food, it didn't stop us from enjoying our appetizers. We got the chips, guacamole and salsa trio. Cody got the goat cheese and corn quesadilla. One word: delicious. Same word I'd use to describe the jalapeƱo mac I got.

Killer Burger
Honestly one of the best burgers I've had in a long time. We randomly stumbled into here when we were downtown one day and holy freakin yum. Don't go here if you're vegan because they put bacon on every burger but I love bacon so my kind of place. You can make your burger extra spicy with their special sauce, I got it on the side which I recommend doing because 1. it's hot and I don't want y'all to die if you don't like spicy stuff as much as me and 2. because you can dip your fries in it. Also they have a spicy mustard which was heavenly as well. Think McDonalds hot mustard but better. It was KILLER.

Batter Griddle & Drinkery
We went here because it was open at 8 am and we were still on Nashville time so we were up and at em' early in the morning. I got the cinnamon roll pancakes and they were delicious. I think you can find better places to eat in Portland for brunch though.

What We Did

Powell's Bookstore
Duh, we had to. I love used book stores so this was one of our first stops while in Portland. We spent about an hour rummaging though the sections of used books and obviously found my way to the houseplant section. They have so many books, my kind of place!

Visited Local Breweries
Since we were in Portland for Cody's birthday, we had to stop at as many breweries as we could make time for because Cody loves craft beer and Portland is the place for craft beer freaks. He was in his element. We stopped at all the well known ones but I think his favorite was Cascade. Even I had some beers there, they specialize in sours, which I love!

Vintage Shopping
There are so many vintage stores in Portland but my favorite one was Red Fox Vintage. They had a good mixture of curated vintage clothes (so less of a dig for a find) and home decor. Also the Goodwill superstore on SE 6th, it was ginormous and had so much good stuff. Even had a huge selection of vintage cameras which I regret not buying one.

Plant Stores
We hit up Solabee's and Marbotts Nursery which were about a mile from each other. I recommend both of them for sure. Solabee's was definitely more of aesthetic goals and special plants. Definitely a gorgeous store but Marbott's was filled with rare plants. Marbott's was more of a family owned actual nursery with greenhouses and every plant galore. I found variegated string of hearts there and brought some home with me.

The Saturday Market Downtown
We found ourselves wandering around downtown on Saturday morning and saw so many people walking around the river front so we decided to check out what was going on. A freaking adorable market! I loved it. Definitely check it out if you're in town on a Saturday.

What I Wore

dress: revolve || necklaces: miranda frye & child of wild || rings: vintage

dress: free people (cheap dupe here) || boots: dr. martens || hat: lack of color

sweater: revolve (ON SALE 50% OFF) || pants: free people || hat: lack of color || boots: dr. martens

duster: free people || bodysuit: free people || pants: grlfrnd denim || shoes: dr. Martens

So that's the travel guide and recap of what we did while we were in Portland, Oregon.

I LOVED Portland. LOVED IT. I can't wait to visit there again. The architecture, the people, the food, the plants, I would live there if it wasn't so far from my family. Also I find the whole "can't pump your own gas" thing weird.

Have you guys ever been? Let me know in the comments. Or if you're form Portland, feel free to leave recommendations for other people who might be reading this. Love y'all!


  1. I’m heading to Portland this weekend & am so excited you posted this! I’ll definitley be checking out those vintage shops!

  2. I live an hour south of Portland! I moved to the state in July for Graduate school! Your blog was so helpful; I haven’t gotten to explore it much! BUT I’ve been to breakside and they have the best cider!

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