Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales You'll Actually Want to Shop



Reformation never goes full on sale... but on Cyber Monday they definitely do. 30% off EVERYTHING. Can you believe it? I can't. I picked some of my favorites below to make it easier to navigate the site!

Urban Outfitters

UPDATE: Their Cyber Monday sale is as follows, $50 off $150, $25 off $100 and $10 off $50. So amazing!! Now is the time to pick up things if you hadn't picked up any for Black Friday because thats a steal.

Every year I take advantage of the Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday sale that Urban does because it's always BOGO 50% off and it's my favorite place to shop for shirts for Cody. He's so easy to shop for there! And I mean it's nice too if you want to do some shopping for yourself.

Even the home stuff is on sale, yep. I am pretty excited about it too. My plant hangers hanging in my office are BOGO 50% off meaning you can get 2 for $75 when it's normally over $100.

Also I've been lusting over this pullover, you'll definitely want to be adding this to your Christmas List.

Been waiting to find the perfect holiday dress? Well they've got a lot of Free People exclusives 50% off and one of them in particular is my dream holiday dress under $200 with the sale! Quite the steal for a Free People exclusive.

UPDATE: For Cyber Monday they added more deals to the Free People exclusives sale but also are doing 30% off the sale! We love a sale on sale.

UPDATE: Another sale I never fail to get a bunch of stuff from is Anthropologie. They always do 30% off everything for Black Friday which is music to my ears. This year for Cyber Monday they are continuing the 30% off everything sale but adding free shipping over 100 too! I get my holiday decorations at this time usually!

Every year I like to get people the Anthropologie monogrammed mugs and fill them with little trinkets. Such a good little gift to give neighbors, friends, coworkers or really anyone who loves coffee or tea.

Another good gift idea is the Anthropologie soap and lotion kit for Capri Blue. Everyone who knows the scent of Capri Blue, knows its the most amazing scent in the entire world.

Another place I love looking for clothes for Cody on is ASOS, fun fact is it's where I buy all his jeans since he's a long leg dude. For Cyber Monday they are doing 25% off everything. Don't forget to use code EPIC25.

UPDATE: I freakin love Amazon Cyber Monday deals every year. Every year I get sucked in to buying a new external charging battery and it's always so handy because every year they manage to get smaller and smaller. Linking my favorite deals here:

A great deal on a Toshiba TV, you save $50 on a nice sized TV!

Super deal on my external battery that I am buying. Seriously these things will change your life when you travel.

UPDATE: Im a huge Revolve fan and Revolve never has sales. Period. Maybe once a year for one day only but other than that, nothing. So when I saw they were actually doing something for Cyber Monday I got so hyped! Take an additional 20% off final sale!

My robe that you've seen me wear is actually in the sale, its marked down to less than $40 now!

UPDATE: Now this ladies and gentleman is the Cyber Monday deal of the century... basically more than 50% off my favorite Dyson vacuum. My Dyson is my best friend tbh, if you don't have one yet, you need one. Seriously. A cordless vacuum will change your adulthood life in magical ways. Check it out here.

UPDATE: 30% off everything at Forever 21 too. I die for cheap sweaters and guess what? They have a dupe for my free people sweater dress I wore in Portland. Check that one out here.

They are doing a huge designer sale right now on a lot of the trendiest things this past season. Right now they have a Chloe bag that I have been lusting over for literally a year (I've been watching YouTube videos and looking up reviews literally the past year on it) and it's 25% off. The color is so practical too!

They even have the Saint Laurent Sheepskin bag's on sale made out of the teddy fabric. So trendy but so cute. Ugh if only money grew on trees.

Fendi boots are what you're lusting for this season? Don't worry, they've got ya covered here too. All on sale now.

Been dying for some sock shoes? They've got the logo Balenciaga sock shoes on sale here too. Like what?! These never go on sale.

Chloe is doing a huge sale on their website too! YIKES RIP MY BANK ACCOUNT. My favorite Susanna boots are on sale, you can get them for almost 50% off in certain colors. Check out their sale section here because stuff will go fast.

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