How to Decorate a Bohemian Christmas Tree + Entryway

It's officially the holiday season and I couldn't be happier about it. It's 100% my favorite time of the year. In December Cody and I will actually be celebrating our 2 year anniversary and obviously Christmas at the end of the month. So many things to look forward to.

I wanted to give you guys a closer look at my holiday decor that I've started to set up in my house's living room. It's so cozy and truthfully I am very impressed with myself with how my tree turned out this year. If you haven't seen last years tree and post, I'll link it here for you to check out!

Entryway Decorations

I know how much you guys love when I do entryway shots on my IG of the credenza, so I wanted to specifically do a holiday entryway post. I had no idea it would turn out as good as it did, atleast in my opinion it turned out decent. 

I probably got all these tree tabletop decorations for under $30. A lot of the miniature ones are from Hobby Lobby or Target's dollar section so I couldn't link them for you guys, just check your local store for some!

My favorite essentials for my entryway this holiday season are from Amazon as per usual. My letterboard is less than $20 and can be used season to season, I just switch up the message on it! It's so fun figuring out new things to write on it. I even DIYed my own advent calendar that I also purchased on Amazon. Amazon is my best friend. Check out my instastories (holiday highlight) for more details on what I did to achieve this! I also DIYed my nutcracker from Hobby Lobby. I clearly loved Hobby Lobby this season.

advent calendar || letterboard || credenza || mini peacock chair

The Tree

My Christmas tree is on fleek this year. I can't find this exact Christmas tree online but I am linking an exact dupe of it from Target! Target always has great deals on Christmas trees, I actually got the one thats going up in my room from Target last year.

To get the "boho" Christmas tree look I wanted it to look full and filled with different neutrals and textures. I actually didn't spend too much on ornaments, I had a lot from last year and used those for pops of textures with the features and everything. I've linked a few specific ornaments below but the basic circle ornaments are actually from At Home and Target. Simple as that. I obviously love plants so when I saw the Christmas greenery at Hobby Lobby, I swooped some that people normally put in wreaths and put them into my tree. They look so cool! That's how I got the perfect bohemian Christmas tree this year. Simple as that. I finished it off with my Anthropologie rattan tree topper and matching garland from Target.

So what do you think of my holiday decorations this year? Do you love them? I sure hope you guys love them as much as me. Let me know how you are decorating your tree this year? What's your "theme" because I love seeing so many different ways of decorating?

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