FRICK, I NEED A PRESENT ASAP: Last Minute Amazon Prime Holiday Gift Guide

Guess who's back, back again? I'm back with another Amazon Gift Guide for those of you who are saying endless amount of curse words when I say this to you... Christmas is a week away. Cue curse words now. Yep, we've all been there. But a week out is definitely not too late to pick up stuff online so I've rounded up some unique finds for both the men and women in your life. Enjoy!

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Such a good gift to give someone with a dog because you can creep on your 
Everyone loves Tezza, she blew up in 2018 and this year she released a book. If your girl follows Tezza I'm sure she will enjoy receiving this book that gives a look behind the scenes of her process of Instagram and creating contents.
This is the book that the Lifetime series, You, is based on. If you or any girl (or guy tbh) in your life likes thrillers or suspense, this book is probably the book for you. The show reminded me of Gone Girl and while I haven't read the books, I've heard that the book is actually better than the show. This says a lot because I am obsessed with the show.  
For $15 this would make such a good stocking stuffer! I have one and I am obsessed with it. It's an amazing Celine dupe for the necklace that is everywhere these days. Except it's wayyyyy cheaper.
I mean what girl doesn't love getting a new handbag for Christmas? Plus these ones come with cool guitar straps that make a statement and can attached to different bags to switch things up.
Marc Jacobs Softshot (bag I have)
Marc Jacobs Beauty sent me a PR package about a month ago and inside of it was the new Marc Jacobs Softshot. I have the grey and black one, which I must admit is probably not the color I'd typically go for, but I use it all the time. This bag is so so so spacious. It fits everything I could possibly want to carry around. It's my current bag of choice.
A card case is such an underrated gift. I received a LV card holder as a Christmas gift back in 2015 and I am still using the exact same one. Card case's are the best things ever. No more need for a bulky wallet. Plus I mean, I am obsessed with Marc Jacobs right now so check out all the color options!
My best friend Krista, raves about these towel remover things. I don't know how they work honestly but they are so inexpensive and remove your makeup flawlessly. I don't understand but I suppose we don't need to understand it, just let it happen. Get this for an amazing stocking stuffer!
I've been using the same HotTools curling iron since 2010. Yeah you read that correctly. These curling irons are so inexpensive but they last forever. I typically use either my 1 inch curling iron or a 1.25 inch. Also these ones have an extra long barrel if you have long hair, making your life so much easier. If you know, you know.
For the fitness queen or anyone who is constantly doing things, AirPods are so handy. I am definitely going to get a pair in the new year for when I am at the gym. The more I think about them, the more I justify the purchase.
Okay wow what a great invention, who thought of this?! A stick on wallet with a stick on ring holder on your phone. I don't know if these work well, I'd definitely read the reviews, but to me it seems like a great idea and great alternative to the card holder iPhone cases because these are a little more personalized. 

Also a great purchase for the man in your life. Everyone wants AirPods this year and yes they are authentic on Amazon. 
Does your boyfriend or dad have a beard? If the answer is yes then they probably take their shave game very seriously. Or if he's a hipster who just cares too much about his beard, get him a beard kit, they love that shit.
Every woman likes their man to smell amazing. This cologne has such great ratings and I keep hearing great things about it. Definitely looking into it for my man this year.
Okay maybe I low-key want this and just put it in the men section... judge me.
Like last years gift guide, I had to include these cases in this years as well. Cody uses his iPhone case that has a built in card holder because he doesn't like having to carry around a phone plus a wallet. It's all in one. So handy.
I mean... who wouldn't want a box of socks that are actually presented in a pizza form? The cutest stocking stuffer and funny gift ever. Definitely something I'm getting for Cody. 
A practical but necessary gift for any guy who loves to travel. Get him a nice passport wallet, it'll make his life way easier.
I had no idea these were a thing until I was browsing Amazon trying to think of ideas but this is brilliant. Like those Away suitcases, this backpack has a built in charger so your man never has a dying phone. Guys don't carry around portable chargers like we do, so now they can.
I mean, who doesn't need a nice pair of boots? 
In college my guy friends had one of these at their work for the slow days. And no I am not encouraging playing on the job but every job has their slow days...
Another great stocking stuffer choice because everyone loves the marshmallows from the lucky charms. I hate cereal but will eat Lucky Charms just to eat the marshmallows. I have no shame in my game and neither should you. Get that special someone these so you can eat it.
And lastly, for the Apple obsessed guy who has it all, these charging docks charge AirPods, phones and Apple Watch all the same time. Brilliant. 

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