My October & November Amazon Purchases

Guess who's back, back, back again, again.

My Amazon purchases roundup for the months of October and November is finally here! I know you guys love this post so I am so excited to bring it to y'all today. As always don't forget to check out my Amazon Shop Page to get all the things I'm loving and using all rounded up on one shopping list. Makes all our lives easier incase you ever need to reference it, check it out here.

Okay wow, these things are lifesavers I tell ya. $5 and they make a ring you found at a random vintage store basically fit any finger (as long as the ring is too big of course.) You just wrap this little plastic cord around the back side of the ring and it makes it so it fits your finger perfectly. 

My favorite winter shade of nail polish. It's like a dark navy with a hint of gray to it. I've worn this for years and couldn't find it in a store, ended up finding it on Amazon for $1 cheaper than Target.

Another restock but wow these things are truly my favorite wipes ever. I was sent my first batch of face wipes back in June and used them on special occasions when I really didn't want to wash my face (hello I'm lazy) and finally had to bite the bullet to purchase some! I definitely thought they'd be way more expensive but they are $14 a pack and worth every penny. My face feels moisturized and clean after I use one.

So many of you were asking about these boots when I went to New York and said I was going to wear them. I was so desperate for these boots that I ordered a half size smaller than my normal shoe size because I had to have these and they didn't have my size or anything larger. That's why I haven't been wearing them. But I did take a picture that I never posted when I wore them in NYC, so heres that. How wild are these?! SO fun.

Wow being an adult is so fun because you get excited about finding the bargain of 4 water filters for your pitcher for $11. That's a freaking steal in my book.

Another practical purchase of mine. I don't like the look of my necklaces being the same length when I am trying to stack them so these allow them to be different lengths.

For Portland I picked up this cheap teddy coat and it feels just like something I'd buy from Urban Outfitters. I would definitely consider it more of a jacket because it's not the thickest thing in the entire world, but it definitely did the job on the colder nights in Portland this fall. Softer by far than the I.Am.Gia one.

My Cyber Monday impulse purchase that was a whopping $6. Yeah quite the steal. I know they aren't the best essential oils in the world but I really like them for myself. My favorite one in this bundle was the cinnamon one. So yummy for winter. I mix it with a peppermint essential oil.

This is my favorite makeup palette of all time, I hit pan on so many of my shadows in this palette that I've had for years so I decided to buy a new one. If you have blue eyes you need this palette. It honestly is way better than any Urban Decay Naked Palette. Yep, I went there.

I've talked about this stuff many times before but I was running out and I had to get a new one. Worth every penny because it makes your clothes (and anywhere you're washing your clothes) smell amazing. I would definitely gift this to people this holiday season. The bottle looks small when you get it but mine lasted a year of using it on my sheets and sometimes clothes!

As you guys know from my Holiday decor post, I did my own Advent Calendar this year because I love to craft and couldn't find a calendar that wasn't overly cheesy. I loved doing this. It was so fun!

Pic taken with lens

I showed you guys on my Instastory (check my Amazon highlights if you missed it) why this thing is amazing. It gives your phone a high quality wide angle. This isn't like those cheap ones you can get at Urban Outfitters either. It's legit. Gifting this this holiday season as well.

Celine Necklace Dupe (see above)
I love the look of the Celine necklaces but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for something so trendy right now. However I will pay $15 for the wannabe version of it. This thing is mighty too. I definitely recommend it! Just don't bathe with it (obviously.)

That's my roundup for the past two months purchases on Amazon Prime. I hope you guys enjoyed this tradition post. I love doing these for you guys. Let me know in the comments if you have something I should check out on Amazon, I love impulse buying on Amazon so I will probably cave and try whatever y'all recommend. Good thing I'm not impulsive right? Sarcasm intended. 

Everyone has their vice, mine is Amazon.


  1. Loved this blog post ! So many great gift ideas ! Thanks Sarah ☺️

  2. What size did you get in the sherling $30 jacket?