5 True Crime Podcasts You NEED to Listen to in 2019


Wow I sucked at the beginning of the year at blogging. It's the 13th and I am just now getting around to my first blog post of the year, yikes. But don't worry, my preventative botox post should be the next post so get excited for that! Now on to what this post is about...

I love true crime podcasts. The most basic statement I've probably posted so far on my blog because everyone is in love with true crime podcasts these days, right? Don't care. 

Even my father is obsessed with true crime podcasts... Yep you read that right. Must be where I get it from. I just love the detail and hearing about things I wouldn't necessarily read on my Yahoo homepage. I'm into it.

Would you guys want a guest blog post about True Crime podcasts by my dad? I am very into these podcasts but my dad is next level. He listens to them all the time and I think it would be interesting to get another persons perspective that doesn't listen to podcasts just because they are popular, he finds so many unique ones. Let me know, he's an amazing writer too so I am sure he would totally do it.

Anyway, here is my roundup of my top 5 podcasts I listened to (or started) in 2018 that you should give a listen to this year! Enjoy!

1. Cold

This is dark. To be honest, every podcast that I am talking about is dark because its true crime but this one is super, super dark. I recommended it to my dad and he made it through only two episodes before texting me and saying he couldn't handle it, so listeners beware.

This podcast is about the disappearance of Susan Powell in Utah and her husbands involvement in the ongoing investigation. I literally wait for it to be posted every week and the second I get the notification on my phone that a new podcast has been posted, I am listening. It's that good. There's a reason this one is 5 stars on iTunes, just saying!

2. Broken Harts

This one is currently ongoing as well so I've been waiting for updates constantly every week. I actually heard about this one through another podcast commercial, instantly I went and downloaded it.

If you follow the news, you probably know about the Hart family because in March of last year, the adoptive moms of 6 children drove their family off a cliff in California. This is the podcast that investigates the background and really dives into the past and present issues that have come up. It's just to interesting because it was something I followed when it was everywhere in the news. Definitely worth a listen!

3. Happy Face

I heard about this one through my friend, Olivia, she's a true crime fanatic as well so I knew it was going to be a good one. This one a true crime podcast that just doesn't even seem like it can be real, but obviously it is. It's about the killer, Happy Face. (I realize that sounds very obvious now) but overall it's a simple and interesting listen.

4. Accused

Big shoutout to my father for recommending this one to me. The Accused podcast (I'm currently listening to the 1st season) is about a murder case that happened in Oxford, Ohio (which is about an hour from where I grew up in Kentucky) covered by reporters from the Cincinnati Enquire. I really enjoy this one because it took place in a familiar area to me so that always makes things more interesting. It's keeping me on my toes through and I've been listening to it in the sauna everyday at the gym.

5. Cults

Okay, I just love cults so much. How basic was that last sentence? I don't care because cults are truly fascinating. I'll be honest, if you don't like facts after facts, you're not going to like this podcast because it's mainly regurgitation of facts. I personally like that. I don't lean towards reenactment type podcasts, I think those can be cheesy, so the fact that this is just all 100% nonfiction, I love that. They cover cults I've never heard of before and so this one is always fun to download for plane rides or car rides, makes the time pass.

So a lot of you are probably wondering why Dr. Death and Dirty John didn't make the list....
while these podcasts were interesting and entertaining, they aren't really my kind of podcasts when it comes to true crime. I want facts on facts on facts. When I read, I choose to read nonfiction books, so when I listen to podcasts like those, they seem to me too much like fiction, which is why a lot of people like them I'm sure. Just wanted to give that little disclaimer because I know those podcasts are very popular right now.

So now that you know the type of true crime podcasts I gravitate towards, I want to turn the microphone to y'all. Are there any amazing podcasts that I didn't mention in my top 5 above? I would  love to hear about them in the comments below and I am sure others will want to hear your thoughts too. Let's share our favorites so they can be someone else's favorite one day too.



  1. MY FAVORITE MURDER! (you’ve probably already listened but it’s the best)
    But- Up and Vanished and True Crime Garage are also excellent.

    1. for some reason I can't get into my favorite murder. I keep trying but just cant! I've listened to a few Up and Vanished, gonna check out true crime garage rn!

    2. That makes sense if you’re more into the facts on facts podcasts. Definitely not for everyone. But thank you for the new recommendations!

  2. Atlanta Monster is so good, and the second season is about the zodiac killer. It’s new, so only 4 episodes are out. Serial is also really good.

  3. Crime Junkie and Up and Vanished are my top two but I can’t wait to check our your recommendations!

  4. Just finished Bear Brook, it was fantastic! Super interesting and the guys voice doesn’t annoy me lol

  5. I just saw the comment above where you can't get into My Favorite Murder and that makes me SO sad. Karen and Georgia are the bees knees. Maybe fast forward into deeper into more current episodes and try there? It took me a few to get used to it!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  6. Thank you for the Cold recommendation! I binged it this past weekend, it's SO GOOD!!! Uncover S1 is about NXIVM, the MLM cult, and is super interesting - S2 is pretty boring. I'm big on facts too! Some others I've listened to: In The Dark, Serial (season 1 is the only one I loved), Someone Knows Something, The RFK Tapes, and The Teachers Pet!!

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  8. True Crime Recaps is a fun & fast listen! One host only, so no banter (which I find annoying) but it's still super sassy and funny. And episodes are usually less than 30 minutes, which is great for those of us with a short attention span! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/true-crime-recaps/id1458291303

  9. You totally need to listen to Crime Junkie! It's two girls who tell different stories each week, but the way the main girl speaks is very fascinating!

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