Everything I've Purchased on Amazon in 2019 (So Far...)

Heard y'all missed my Amazon posts so I am so happy to say I am back & as addicted to Amazon as ever. This week I'm rounding up everything I've purchased off Amazon in the last 4 months of 2019 and bear with me because it's a lot. Since it's a lot of things, I'll go into detail on my favorite things and just list the little things in between. Make all our lives easier. 

Let's talk Amazon.

Okay this is definitely one of my favorite purchases from 2019 thus far on Amazon. For $15 you get this dupe for a LPA bag from Amazon.

Super cheap, under $20 pullover that reminded me of an LPA Revolve sweatshirt that was $220. I do recommend sizing up a size or two in this. I ordered a large and wish I would've gotten an XL honestly.

I mean, if you like houseplants this stuff is the shit. I feel like in the Spring it's easier for plants that you bring home from the nurseries to have pests so this will help get rid of those annoying SOBs.

I can't get enough Ray-Ban's honestly. I am definitely addicted. I had a dupe of this pair from Princess Polly but wanted a Ray-Ban pair simply because I love them. I feel like a pimp in these. I don't know what a pimp feels like but yeah.

Okay my favorite dress by For Love & Lemons ever. I love the print, I love the neckline. I love how one shoulder is off the shoulder while the other one is a sleeve. I love that it's black & white. I love that it's not too short. Overall 10/10 dress. I got a medium.

$7 for a pack of 4 different starfish hair clips, I wore them in Miami and they completed my outfit perfectly. Amazon is my favorite place for hair clips 100%. They are so overpriced everywhere else. If you're going anywhere tropical, you need these!

I love this thing so much! The crimped wave look is so in right now and my hair holds the wave for days after I wave it with my Bed Head Waver. Plus it's cheaper to get it on Amazon as opposed to Target. I don't think its necessary to spend a ton of money on a trendy hair tool like this!

I mean... who doesn't want 20 scrunchies for $12. I wear them daily pretty much. Going to order the velvet set next.

My favorite trendy bag I've purchased in 2019 so far. I love the heart acrylic one but this one is just so fancy! I love the Cult Gaia original tassel silk bag but I couldn't get myself to pay $250 for one. This one was a little over $50 and pretty much the same look as the more expensive one. I recommend the small or large. I got the mini size because it was the only one in stock at the time but wish I had more room!

Wore these all Coachella weekend, too lazy to make my own so I bought a set of 12 for around $12. Can't beat that. Who needs Dior when you've got Amazon?

The most perfect summer tangerine color. This shade of orange is very on trend this year, it's got a little yellow in it and less Tony the Tiger than most orange polishes.

Wore these all Coachella with a lot of my outfits, so cute! Felt so girly in them.

Always check out my Amazon shop page for all the latest Lack of Color hats in stock on Amazon because they always go in and out of stock real quick! My favorite ones are the Rancher hats (along with all the rest of Instagram... *rolls eyes*) but they are the best hats ever! 

My favorite hair clips I've purchased thus far on Amazon. They are so high quality and so much cheaper the ones I saw similar to this on Revolve and Urban Outfitters. 

That's the roundup of literally every purchase I've made on Amazon these past 4 months. Please don't add up the total, I don't wanna know the reality of my addiction. Thank you.

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