Why I'm Starting Film Photography & Why You Should Too

Film cameras, they are all the rage right now. Not a lot of people I know have them, but I know they are big amongst the "hipsters" of Instagram & other areas of the internet. I've been seeing film on Instagram for the past year and about a month ago, finally decided to give it a go. I went to Walgreens, picked up the cheapest disposables I could find and committed to the 28 (which ended up only being 25) shots.

The main reason why I wanted to start taking film pictures was because I've always been a fan of having pictures in physical form. Every semester in college I would go get my favorite pictures that I had taken on my iPhone printed out then I would make collages to cover my notebooks with. Seeing pictures makes me happy. I understand that I can print pictures off from my iPhone but there's something so candid and special about an actual film photo. You really get one shot, you get the authenticity of that one shot in the film camera, you're not taking 50 shots of the same thing trying to get the *perfect* picture. I loved that about it. 

The aesthetic of a film camera photo is nice too. A film camera will give your photos a grain, but it will also f*ck up some shots to be honest. Luck of the draw. Definitely not something I'd do just for an aesthetic.

Since developing my disposable I decided that I wanted to commit to this fun hobby and invest in an actual film camera. I went online, did some research, compared the final two cameras and finally ordered the (what I hope to be) perfect camera. I wanted one that had the option of flash for festivals and nights out so I went with a cult favorite linked here.

Since I also love thrifting I have been keeping my eyes peeled for old photo books to collect all the pictures in. Growing up my Grandma had 3 photo albums on a console table in her living room. Every Tuesday when I would go over her house I would flip through the albums filled with pictures of the family, weddings, baby pictures and just remember how much happiness that brought me. Cody and I can't wait to have photo albums like that of our own. We want to fill these albums up with those candid, in the moment shots and be able to look back on those special moments. 

I get that this "trend" isn't for everyone. It's expensive. Film isn't cheap to get developed like it was 15 years ago. It takes time, days to weeks, to get developed. You have to decide if the cost is worth it to you. For us, it definitely is. 

So have I convinced you to dabble in the film camera life? Well if my words haven't convinced you yet, I figured I'd share all the shots (atleast the ones worth sharing) from the film we got developed recently from our NYC trip. All links for the outfits will be posted below the groupings of the pictures!

Outfit pictured above: LPA blouse || House of Harlow skirt (size up) || B-low the Belt || Vintage Dior Saddle || Chloe Susanna Boots

ManCity trip to New York City for the FA Cup (we won!) Also damn you blue eyes for making me red eyes in pictures since I was born. Guess that's my Gemini side...

Shooting day around our neighborhood!
Thrifted top (similar on amazon) || grlfrnd denim || B-low the Belt || Chloe C bag || & Other Stories heels

How cute is little Milly!? I die for him. 

So those are my recent pictures we've got developed. Should I continue to do dedicated film posts?! Let me know in the comments below. Much love, y'all!


  1. I'm obsessed with film photography! There's nothing more of an nostalgic feeling than grainy red-eye photos! I want to see more.

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