I'm Now Bermuda's #1 Fan. Here's Why

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To say I am having a withdraw from the beautiful, clear water beaches of Bermuda would be an understatement. Last year I remember following along on stories when Revolve went to Bermuda for their annual Revolve Summer trip and just being transfixed by the fact that such a beautiful place existed so close to the East Coast. The thought that a clear water paradise was only a 2 hour flight from Atlanta (and only 1.5 hours from Manhattan) blew my mind and I knew someday I had to go.

Thankfully that someday came sooner than I could've ever expected.

This past month I had the pleasure of staying at The Hamilton Princess in Bermuda for a quick long weekend trip. It was everything I dreamed of AND MORE. Honestly this blog post isn't going to do the experience justice, it was that great. I hope to return someday soon. Thank you so much Hamilton Princess for hosting me during my stay!

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The Hotel 

We stayed at the Hamilton Princess located "downtown" Hamilton in Bermuda. It's this beautiful pink palace, it's hard to miss. When Cody was asking where we were staying a few days before the trip because he was researching the hotels trying to guess where we'd be staying and when I told him his response was, "that's the place everyone was recommending to stay in Bermuda." It's iconic. It's located in the center of Bermuda, super close to shopping, restaurants and right on a Bay dock.

One thing that is really important to note is this is not a hotel right on the beach. Yes, you're right on the water but the Beach Club (that every and ONLY Hamilton Princess guests has access to) is a 20 minute bus ride away.

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The Amenities 

My favorite part about staying at the Hamilton Princess was the access to their amazing pools. On the property they have 2 pools, one is an infinity pool and the other is an adult only pool. Both have staff working on site incase you want to buy a drink or even enjoy a burger by the pool. I'm such a pool gal, so it was important to me to be able to have one day to relax by the pool and just read my book. Lucky me, I got to do this pretty much every day we were there.

When I asked Cody what his favorite part about the Hamilton Princess, he said he loved the art that they had displayed throughout the property. Cody is a "hype-beast" and loves streetwear just as much as the next guy. All weekend long he was freaking out over the giant Kaws.

As I continue to write this I continuously want to label other things as my "favorite thing." I literally can't stop beaming when I am writing about my experience because I truly loved every second of our trip. The Hamilton Princess set us up in the the Fairmont Gold wing, specifically our room was a Fairmont Gold Harbor View room, and if you end up booking a trip here, I recommend booking a Fairmont Gold room because of all the perks. They offer a lovely breakfast every morning in the Lounge, along with a complimentary afternoon tea and desserts. The best part... canned Diet Coke at my disposal. A dream. Nothing like being in a different country and always knowing you had a nice Diet Coke waiting for you.

Now let's talk about the Hamilton Princess Beach Club. I was not aware when we were planning our adventures that the Beach Club not only had this private little beach club that I saw on Instagram but actually had an entirely private beach too. One side where the beach restaurant and restrooms are is a little more kid friendly with a small ripple tide coming in, the other side was the full beach experience and still had access to a bar. It was amazing. Amazing! The first day there we spent our time at the actual beach club side where we enjoyed a lunch (avocado toast, I was a happy girl.) The next day we spent the day at their private beach on the other side. Truly an amazing experience. And the sand... So. Freaking. Soft. The ocean was CLEAR. My first time ever seeing clear ocean water. I need to go back.

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The Restaurant

On our last night we got to check out what the hotel's restaurant Marcus had to offer. I finally got to try a rum swizzle. Delicious. It was on my bucket list for Bermuda to try one out so I am so happy I finally got to check that off. To say we indulged ourselves on our last night would be an understatement because we ate everything on our plates. My favorite thing from the menu was the jalapeƱo cornbread, it was this delicious cornbread with a little kick from the jalapeƱos, topped with pepper jelly and goat cheese. If you guys don't know this about me, I love goat cheese. Obsessively. It's my favorite kind of cheese. And definitely don't skip out on the dessert. So delicious, the cheesecake won't disappoint.

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What Else We Did

The highlight of my trip was renting a Current Vehicles from this little shack in the parking lot of the Hamilton Princess. Cody and I are both tall humans so it was a tight squeeze, but it was so worth it. We rented one of the electric car called a Twizy, technically it's an electric car but it reminded me of a scooter with more protection. It was so much fun. Worth the $100 for the 24 hours we had it. When you rent the car they have you download this app that is like a google maps that shows all the charging stations and gives you directions without using data (whoever thought of this is a genius.) It reminded me of a teamwork building exercise because Cody really had to listen to me giving directions and I had to make sure I was giving him the right directions.

We first took the Twizy to St. George's, which was about a 30 minute drive away and we walked around to explore while we charged up the Twizy. St. George's was so different than Hamilton so I loved getting to see that part of Bermuda. From there we went to Tobacco Bay to shoot at sunset, where we got the most amazing shots ever. It's probably my favorite shoot Cody and I have done together yet. While the restaurant is closed by the time sunset rolled around, there were barely anyone to get in our shots so we had complete freedom to do whatever we wanted.

I honestly can't say enough good things about renting that little electric car. It was so nice seeing Bermuda from something that wasn't a cab or the Jitney, since I was the one giving directions while Cody was driving I really had to focus on the surroundings and it made me really take in all of Bermuda's beauty.

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We also made time to stop by Horseshoe Bay Beach on Saturday before heading to the Princess Beach Club, it was pretty but overall we liked the private beach at the Beach Club more. More intimate and less busy!

We had the best time ever at the Hamilton Princess in Bermuda and actually cannot wait to go back someday. I really hope you enjoyed reading about our trip! If you are interesting in learning more about the Hamilton Princess, I'll link it here! Thank you so much for hosting us during our stay.

**This blog post is not sponsored, I did however receive a comped hotel room in exchange for coverage on my accounts. All opinions are my own!**

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your Bermuda trip! I am headed there this month and I am so excited to explore the island. I can't wait to swim in the ocean and walk along the beach! If I wasn't going on a cruise ship, I would totally stay at The Hamilton Princess resort! It looks magical.

    xo Amanda || Affordable by Amanda